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Assalamualaikum and hola hola reader out there...Last night,I post about kungfu panda 2 right...
Now I want to tell you about my activity from 28 may until now...huhu... ~_~'
You know what,my family and I go to tawau for holiday..I thought the road will smooth but unfortunately it's not...Grr...The road is not smooth at all...Haih...I ask my father why,because he say too many lorry go there and here...I know it's saturday,but at least you have offday too... :3

I wonder what happen to my father's car hit by small rock there...Everyone say, from kk to tawau it's take for 9 hours right...But not right now..Now, I think you should use 4wd car because too many hole and small rock...But at the end,we're arrived safely at tawau... :)

When we arrive at tawau,we go eat first at restaurant,I already forgot their name...Muahahaha..After that,we go check in at Hotel King Park,Tawau

KingPark Hotel,Tawau

Then,tomorrow we sent my grandma to my uncle's house and she slept there for 1 day only...Huhu..pity ow my grandma because she only got 1 chance to sleep there..At evening,suddenly rain fall...Grr and I'm forgot to brought my sweater..Nah,arrive at hotel,then got fever... :(
Haiya,i feel so regret ow...Damn it... >.<

The next day on afternoon,we take grandma from uncle's house and stop by at my cousin's stall at Taman semarak...We eat curry puff and Prawn Fritters there..Finally we start our journey to sandakan at 3 pm...Once we arrive,we go to Sim Sim market and eat seafood there..

At Sim sim market

After we eat,we go check in at Hotel Ramai... :)

Hotel Ramai,Sandakan

We sleep there for 1 day...Tomorrow morning,we breakfast nasi kuning and fried mee..Then,prepared for departure from that hotel...Before we leave sandakan,we search for tortoise egg..Haiya..we don't get it because it's expensive...I don't why,maybe tourist from KL come there and search for that egg..

Lastly, we continue to go KK at 11am and arrived at 5.30pm...Huu~..Thanks god..We're arrived safely.. :D
That's all for our journey from 28 may until 31 may... :)

Thank you
Nor Azri @ Alek
Kung Fu Panda 2 : Thr Kaboom of Doom

Assalamualaikum and hola-hola reader...! :)
How are you doing out there?Fine?Thank you..!Hahaha...I'm the one who answer it..Ngehehe...Seems like school holiday on going now...You have to watch this movie because it's best,fantastic and funny...hahaha..If you want to know more about this,then watch..You all still have a time to watch..

If you all want to know,my niece ask me to watch this movie with him...Meaning to say,I already watch for 2 times... -_-'
hahaha, it's ok la..I don't know what type will he watch..2D or 3D... :D
But I don't if their spend me or not..Haih,If not,i'll force myself to spend my money...Grrr...

For those who didn't watch this movie,Better go cinema and take this movie...2D for RM8 and 3D for RM16..haiya..too expensive ow... :(

Overall,i'm happy because of what?I don't know....haha...Later I tell you ya...
So long everyone..tomorrow our journey still on going..haha..Now my family and I at Sandakan..For Tawau to Kota Kinabalu..But since journey still long way..We're rest at sandakan.. :D
That's all..ehehe.. :)

Thank you..
-Nor Azri-
Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola readers...How are you guys out there?Fine?Thank you..ahahaha...
Seems like everyday rain always fall on evening,haih..It's hard to dry our laundry at home...Ah?home?Yeah..I'm home now....Yesterdays I'm still at Kuala Lumpur,and my flight was at 19.10pm....
Before I go to KLIA,I stay at my aunt's house at Nilai,

Nilai Map

On morning,We went to mcD for breakfast..hehe..I already full that time..but I just ate what they order... xD
After that,go home and then,toilet call me...hahaha...

I ate breakfast menu

On 15.30pm,my cousin from KL come to my aunt's house..They come because their back from Nilai 3 and coincidence come to us...They just stay around 20 minutes and then,go back to their hometown..

On 16.20pm,I take bath and ready for go to airport KLIA...We arrive like 17.00pm I think...Our flight is 19.10pm on night...huhu...We just book Firefly tiket...weee... :D


Firefly Airline

In flight,I just meet my friend from Maktab Sabah..Fuh,it's has been long time..He's transfer already at beaufort..I thought so,because he suddenly missing in action...hahaha..I don't care,as long as he happy..enough..muahaha....
We talk more and more until we arrive at KKIA..Fuh,i didn't felt time was already 2 hours we talk... (-_-)


We just arrive and he going back to sent his brother to his mum's house..Me and big brother has been greeted by our father..hehe...Then,we arrive at home on 19.40pm.. :D

That's all I want share today about yesterday... :)
Wait for my next post and make sure you enjoy when you read it..

Thank you.. :D
Nor Azri @ Alek
Hol-hola readers...Yesterday I was tell you about my journey,i mean my holiday..I think it's not holiday,but just visit KLMU and accompany my big brother..that's all...

Today...!Wah,seems like my tittle mention "today"...I have to tell you about story for this day..Hahaha..
Well,as you see now i'm in KL..Just now, my big brother wake up early for his interview and i'm still lie on bed..haha..i wake up on 9 something..and take bath on and half hour ow..hehe..
Then,I prepared myself go sight seeing..First place I went is Mid valley megamall..

Mid Valley Megamall

In that mall,I walk at the centre atrium and saw Jack Sparrow(replica) and his friend...haha..So funny ow,his cheek so chubby...ngahaha....After that,I snap them with my camera..Thank god I brought my camera from home..hehe..
Then,I feel hungry and go to mcD,take Big mac(one set)...Fuh,diretly full in my stomach...Alhamdulillah... :)
I just went around there like 2 hours maybe and wait for my big brother for 30 minutes...My big brother feel hungry and he ate at food court..Too expensive oh that "Nasi Campur"... :O

Then,we go to Times Square look for ps3 game...

Berjaya Times Square

 After search for games,we go back and wasting money...ngahaha..Actually I forgot what I want to big brother feel tired,our next destination is Bukit bintang

BB Plaza@Bukit Bintang

In that place,I search for glasses with no glass...which means only frame...Then big brother went to buy comic for him to read...haha..seems like he feel bored....Then,we take away mcD and go back to hotel..Our hotel is The Coronade Hotel.. :)

This hotel feel comfortable..but less for plug's so hard to charge laptop here.... :3
After we arrive here,I was remember point going to Times Square is search for youtube sandals...Argh...I go back from 1st floor until 5th floor...huhu..I can't find it..At last,I saw bundle on center of the shopping's was there..thanks god...hehehe,I buy it.. :)
and rest is searching for our additional food supply and drinks.. :D

That's all from me..So,wait for my next post ya...
Thank you.
-Nor Azri-
Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola do you feel today?I'm fine..HAHA...Make sure you healthy and happy..Don't forget to smilea and don't show fake smile.. :D

Today my topic is about my activity for 4 days..For your information,I'm currently at KL a.k.a Kuala Lumpur..I know everyone want to know what purpose for me to go here?Ok,i'll tell you..

1st . Visiting KLMU

KLMU Campus

I know for you all it's weird why their campus like this...actually this is for temporary because on 2015/2016,they got new hostel which has been build now...we can say it's on progressing..
this one ya...

New campus and hostel for KLMU on 2015/2016

That's for the 1st..

2nd is accompany my big brother for interview on Malaysia Airline (I think) ...About interview,it's tomorrow morning..he will go on 6 am from hotel..I wonder he can get up on morning..HAHA..
Whatever happen,I'll try my best to wake up early..Since this july I'll go Kolej..Hmm,I hope so... :)

That's all for tomorrow...the day after tomorrow,maybe it's result for my big brother interview..So I hope he will do his best...If he pass,he will go back and I'll go somewhere again..hahaha..that's what role am I.. :D

Then,this saturday i'll go back to KK which 21st May..My friend already got Matrix for registration...Me??I'll go on july intake...Everybody ask me why I want July intake...Actually I want to spend more time with family and grandmother at home..I know someday I seldom go home..except for holiday like 2 weeks,1 or 2 month...

That's all for today....I hope you all happy out there and for student who still in middle exam,Good Luck guys..Do what you can..If you fall,try to get up..don't give up ya...

Thank you..See you on the next post... (^_^)

-Nor Azri-
Nor Azri @ Alek
Teacher's day Card by me

Assalamualaikum and hola-hola you all...How are you doing out there?Fine?Alhamdulillah...Hehehe
Well,today on 12.00am I want to wish something to all my teacher...Happy Teacher's day..!!!
Thanks for being my guide and mentor since 2006 until 2010...

Then,I'll never forget my teacher who teach me Islamic study, mathematic, malaysian language and mpv...I don't how to say..but I'm really happy when study with them... :D

I hope all teacher at maktab sabah will be a good teacher and mentor to their student...I'm here always pray for everyone.. :) special thanks to my former teacher for teach me history...Eventhought my history bad,but I'm still appreciate for what she taught me...thank you.. :)

From your Student, Nor Azri :)
Nor Azri @ Alek
assalamualaikum and hola hola readers..
how are you doing?fine?Thank you..hahaha..Looks like I'm the one who answer it...
Actually i'm not fine right now...Why?Flu attack's been 1 week I sick..Fuh...damn it... (-_-)

Cut it off,that's not what I want to share here..What I want to share is about my hangout by myself to watch movie "fast five"..

Fast Five

Yeah!That's is it...After I watch this until the end,there's got continue because Dom's girlfriend still alive..I can't wait for this...hahaha..But When I flash back about the 3rd movie of "The Fast and The Furious : Tokyo Drift"..That's movie on 2006...
Still don't remember??Ok,you look this picture and i'll make sure you remember it...

The Fast and The Furious : Tokyo Drift

What I want to tell here is last part of this movie..After Han (Sung Kang) died during race with Sean (Lucas Black) and Takashi (Brian Tee) a.k.a DK (Drift King),Sean and Takashi race again right..Then Takashi lose and accident by himself...When Sean stay on their member,I mean other racer..His friend told him that someone want to race with him,his friend say that man know Han..Sean accept the request...
That "man" refers to Dom who acting in previous movie,"The Fast and The Furious" and "2 Fast 2 Furious"..After they began race,the movie end...
And What I want to clear about this, about Han...He's still alive on "The Fast and The Furious 4" and "Fast 5"...
Meaning to say, there's still more story behind this movie until Dom goin' to Tokyo and race with Sean..

Heh! We still have question mark about this continuous movie..I'll keep watching this movie until they meet Sean in Tokyo...

So,That's all I want to tell about it...
(I know it's suck...But I don't care..It's blog ya,thank you)
Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola all reader..
Last time I told you about my activity with my friend,right?But now,I don't have any story this week..Just want to promote Justin bieber new album song and you can download from here... :)
Here we go...

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never (THE REMIXES)

Track :
1. Never Say Never (feat. Jaden Smith)
2. That Should Be Me (feat. Rascal Flatts)
3. Somebody To Love Remix (feat. Usher)
4. Up (feat. Chris Brown)
5. Overboard (Live) (feat. Miley Cyrus)
6. Runaway Love (Kanye West Remix) (feat. Raekwon)
7. Born To Be Somebody

Link :

Password :

For girls (not all),I hope you enjoy and for boys..I know you didn't like JB,maybe just his song..haha..Especially to dislike JB,don't angry to me..I just want to promote ok.. :)
Oh! One more thing,if the link does not working..It's not my fault..The owner,his fault..not me.. :p

Thank you..
Nor Azri @ Alek
Mother's day Card

Assalamualaikum and hola hola all reader... :D
Seems like I'm happy today..Why??I got present for my lovely mumy..Huh!?Present?For what??
Hahaha,you all still haven't notice this date..This date 8 May 2011 which Mother's day celebrate on this day...
Did you all see my picture up there?It's Mother's day cards

To all mother in this world,happy mother's day...Make sure stay healthy and be happy with your children...Congratulation if you got an gift from your child... :)
For those who lost his/her mother,don't be sad..I know you might be sad because the one who gave you birth not on your side..Don't worry, you still got aunt,step-mother or grandmother who take care you..Just imagine them are you lovely mother..Thanks to them because take care you with all cost... :)

I'll say once again..
Nor Azri @ Alek
helo reader.. *sob sob*
I'm sorry because I don't have mood today to post on blog..But to release my tension,I have post this too..Maybe with this,my stress go away...huhu..
What I want to share here is about "ipta"..You know, I didn't get "ipta" just now..What??You don't believe me!!?
Ok fine..Now you look this...


You all see that...They say, "Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa anda TIDAK BERJAYA dalam pemohonan kemasukan ke IPTA bagi Sesi Akademik 2011/2012"...
What the hell?If I know this from start,I don't fill the form and won't buy bsn ID number... Grrr...


When we think back, maybe it's our destiny at IPTA..Maybe somewhere,everywhere and anywhere our destiny will get near us....I don't what am I talking about now..haha...Feel free to understand.. :D

To all my friend who get IPTA,continue your journey as young university and who apply form 6,welcome to new school and be a badge student.. .hahaha...
For those who didn't get IPTA and don't want go form 6,I know you have other interested course out there...Just don't waste your time,stay at home and eat...If you do like that,your healthy not stable...better exercise.. :D

For all who got IPTA..Congratulation guys.. :D
Nor Azri @ Alek
Hola readers....
"yesterday" huh?That's not what you all think..It's not a song,it was me and my friend hang out..Haha..Funny right?Err.. :p

Well,We goin' out because watch movie..Yeah,movie..everybody ask,what movie?? Aha..! Thor...You all know what "thor" is?If you don't know..Check on google and type Marvel character..On research I told you,you will out what is thor.. :D

Just now,I give you a clue to know what is Thor..But now, if you lazy to check on google..I will share to you what was movie we watch yesterday..


This movie is still new, last week on premiere..Well..About this movie,I could say it's cool and fantastic but a bit boring for intro of the movie..Yeah,because we don't know and suddenly hero come out from lame.. XD
Me and my friend hang out yesterday for planning watching "fast five" but that movie on screen on night.. (-_-)
So,if you all wanna know about this movie..Better watch ya, because it's still new..haha...

After we watch movie,we all separated..somebody go warisan square and somebody go loo around..and what about me??Of course got 8 floor and play bowling...ahak..
Then, I text my friend if he want to watch me play bowling or not..In 25 minutes,he come with his girlfriend..haha
Before he play, he ask his girlfriend to take a picture which he carried bowling..
there is it..

My friend posing before he play bowling.. :D

In the end of the game..I lose with only 1 point...hahaha
totally I'm loser with this bowling..hahah
well guys,that's all for today..
wait for my next post

-Nor Azri-
Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola readers out there...
Ogenki desu ka?Oh,japanese languange again...Meaning is "how are you?"..hehe.. :)
Well,let's start the report..err,I mean story.. XD

The day before monday is Sunday right?That day, something comes to my mind...what is it?I feel like I want to change my style...Long ago,I'm using earphone to listening mp3 and what I tell you here, I want to use headphone..It's just only one day I make a short decision..hohoho...
which headphone?what brand?Everyone ask me...ahaha...just kidding..

This is what I mean
this headphone called PIIQ..I don't know whether PQ or P.I.I.Q...Haha
I choose "second" product...Got nice sound with Bass..I think it's MegaBass
Honestly, I don't care about it...What I want is good quality sound and got style.. :D

Tadaa.. :D

That's mine..Already at home... xD
But......Less than 24 hours...My friend chatting with me..
My friend ask me,"did you buy this headphone?"
I say, "yes!why?"
My friend, "why you didn't buy Beats by Dre/Dr Dre?"
I say, " huh?Is that headphone too?"
My friend, "yes..!"

Just a minute,I blurr..haha..After that,I go check on google and click the URL of that headphone..Well,it's not what I think..What a expensive headphone I saw on that night..Each headphone price RM1000+..
No wonder because an artist using these headphone.

Beats by Dr Dre

Justbeats Solo

Even Justin Bieber also got his own headphone sponsored by Dr Dre..I wish I got my own headphone too...LoL..What the hell... XD
This is the one I need to share to you all..All girls out there..If you got more money,buy "Justbeats Solo" by Dr Dre on store. :D

Well,waiting for next post from me...

-Nor Azri- 

Nor Azri @ Alek
Hola hola why I am speaking japan here...hahaha
"mina-san" refers to "everyone"...
hehehe...remember that.... ;)

Just now, my post had mention about matriculation right.?
28 april on 12.00 a.m, matriculation result has been announce on 27 april about 28 is the matriculation result out...
Some of my friend fail about matriculation's intake may and some of it got intake..They will report themselve on 23rd May 2011...Congratulation for those who got matriculation and for those who fail,don't give up..There's many Uni/college out there..So,it's up to you to choose the better one...

For my precious friend,I hope you make a right decision to choose matrics..I don't what's on your mind now but whatever we take,whatever we fight..just don't give up..You should have high spirit to wake up back..Just don't always set you mind, "give up,give up,give up" know...If you like that,maybe I should call you "sucker"..Oh?Sorry for bad words...hehe

Well,that's all for 1st may today...make sure you should have right decision to take the course..."sacrifice yourself for the future and family"..hmph,is that right?If wrong,tell me ok...just tell me on formspring (^_^)

Thank you and Good Luck
-Nor Azri-
Nor Azri @ Alek I told you yesterday..I might be post for part 2..Am I right?
Now, let's see for another picture that I edit on 2011..Yeah..go for it Nor Azri.. :D

How is it?Cool right?ngahahaha..this one was only my imagination and see tutorial from Internet...That's sphere is 3D but I change it into 2D...From the first time I do,in my mind "blank" n feel so difficult to do..Then,my heart ask me to keep trying edit and imagine this photo..

Another one is Kyuubi 4th tail..

Kyuubi 4th tail
Seems like this one is better than another picture..Well,this one really easy to do...Just using "pen tool" and some of tool..hehe..(don't want to tell,discover by yourself) ;)
Actually,I want to edit  the 6th tail version..but seems bit difficult...I mean pose for picture..hehe..That's have a canon ball and body surrounding by tails...=_='


Hey, you know what..I do this by step ok..First I edit "rasengan" and then "rasen-shuriken"...hehe..Cool right?but face seems so serious like I'm real do the rasengan...ngahahahaha
Next is.....Before that,for those who love JB especially for girls..I'm sorry if I follow the poster of JB...Those who hate JB,don't hate me because I need more imagination...
This is it.......jeng jeng jeng...

Alek Walker Poster :D
Yeah...This one what I mean it...But the background actually is black and white..But since this my design..I change it into colour...

Well,that's for this topic...End of part 2...Oh,I almost forgot....It's already May..My god..Matriculation study start on 23 may...Wanna know more..waiting for next post..

-Nor Azri-