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Assalamualaikum and Hola hola everyone.. :) Seems like today is Hari Raya,I still update this blog..Haha,actually I'm boring now and I can't sleep... :3
So,my idea is update this blog,after that my eyes will sleepy...Well,today's topic is about sketching..Huh?Like what?Heh,I mean sketching like this picture...

Sample Sketch

That was sample only,what about me?Am I sketching myself?hahaha...Let's see if it's true.. xD

Me in sketch

So,how is it guys?Nice or lame?ahahaha...So,look carefully which one is real sketch aite?
I need to tell you all one thing.."Nothing is Impossible",That what I need to tell you..hehe..So,use you brain to think that... ^^
Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all muslim..Forgive me if I've something that make you mad or angry at me..0-0 ok..hehe
After Raya,I'll post something ya..I think it's about Raya...Wait for that... :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...Yesterday is last day of ramadhan,so,today will be Raya celebration and everyone will be happy.. :D
My topic today is about Raya which is today and my 2nd semester for this year..Well,we use to move on and not go back..You can't repeat what you're doing in the past..As somebody says,past is past and we need to move on..Actually,I'm bit jealous because some of my friend got interview for UiTM..Grr..Me?which is want study at my own place,in sabah..But,unfortunately,I go KL and study there which I left my friends,family and someone I care.. :3
My subject for 2nd semester like tough,i think so..because I don't like Malaysian Study,same like history subject..So,I hope I can handle this problem and keep move on to be designer... ;)

2nd semester subject

By the way, I can say this only..,"Take care everyone,I'll go first for study..I'll make sure,I come back with smile and diploma/degree certificate"...

That's about my semester and university story...Now I'll tell you about yesterday's activity...
Well,as you know about everyone has been last minute shopping last week,I don't why..Maybe they don't have enough money and salary late delivery to their account bank..Last week and yesterday,city has been busy like hell..Haih..I don't how to say about that,even fasting also they make city crowded... :3

Busy City

1 more thing is,I already got licence but I have not using that car..I want to,but seems like near raya,I've to postpone..Insya-Allah,maybe next week I'll use that car..I try my best.. :D Wish me luck guys
By the way, this 1st raya we will get open house because my parents didn't get offday for their work..So,for those who want to come to my house,just come ya..Everyone is welcome by me.. :D

That's all for today,I hope everyone will enjoy your day with Raya Celebration... ^^


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone,How are you all today?Seems like is near Eid ul-Fitr,so I need to update this blog before September..Wah,I can't believe,It's been 2 weeks I'm at Sabah.. :3
Well,my topic is about my place and about raya card that I've made by myself using Photoshop..As I can say,if you could imagin something beauty and nice,you can create by using photoshop..Like me,I'm create Raya Card in this hot day...Grr..
When I'm at KL,the wheather always cloudy and at evening rain will fall... (-_-)..Today I hope Sunny up there will low his heat and smile like this...

Smile Like Baby.. aww XD

Cute right?hahaha...I hope the sun will like this,but unfortunately,it's not.. :3
About Raya Card,I already create 3-4 card,but I think it's not nice at all,just simple card..Maybe for professional editor like my friend at KL,maybe he say it's easy to them create this card..I don't care,what I do is my best to edit that card..Who cares? XD

Today my post don't have much story,but I just want share my creativity and kill my boring...hoho..Well,ladies and gentleman,I'll present to you Raya Card by AlekWalker@NorAzri


Well,up there is my creativity of Raya Card..How is it?Lame or Nice?Well,just leave your message there..So,I can feedback your comment later..
So,That's all guys for today,I hope I can post more before september..Grr.I mean before Raya,haha..after Raya,I post everything about Raya activities.. :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...I mean readers..haha..How are you all today?I hope you all be fine out there...Haih,I feel blank when I see my blog..I wonder why..haha..Well,I just don't know what should I say in this blog..Before this,my friends already update their blog day by day...I feel jealous because they have ideas to write something in their blog... :3

Then,seems like I feel bored right now, I put this post "Untiltled".,meaning to say that I can say anything here right now..hahaha..
For your information,I already here at Sabah,my hometown which I born here..3 weeks,too long..haha..well,it's for who didn't take exam right..No exam??why?Our batch just take 1 subject only...It's PC Competency,we don't have exam but presentation..haha..Using powerpoint and present in front lecture.. :D

Anyway, my friends from labuan already arrive last night..i thought "she" don't come back to her hometown..Grr..Now she already at home,I wonder what was she doing right now... XD

About this week,I already meet "her" which person that want meet me before I go study..haha..I meet her last tuesday after she finish her work at Novotel,just 30 minutes..I hope it's more than that..But I think it was my fault because late go out from home.. :3 I'm Sorry... :)

Today I will go out with my nephew...haha..Yesterday,I should go with them but my mother don't want because she cooked something delicious last night..So,I cancel that..Now,tonight will be on going..haha..I'm here at Sabah,miss my friend at KL which one of them don't go hometown because no promotion flight ticket..Huhu..feel pity for him.. D:

Btw, today's menu is GCB burger..haha..I think so,if I don't get that burger,maybe I take Big Mac..haha,this 2 burger enough for me than else..haha..I think so... XD and this week I already play Need For Speed : shift 2 Unleased & Dynasty Warrior Gundam 3

Overall,this game awesome but that shift 2 a bit difficult to play because style to handle that car just like in real life..About that gundam,I already know basic that game, i mean their combo..hehe..So it's ok for me to handle that game...This week,I feel like don't want to play for  this time...I don't know why,I feel uncomfortable.. -,-

Well guys,I think that all I want to share to you out there...I don't have much idea right now..Maybe someday I'll post something that everyone interest with that...Oh, I almost forgot...Actually I already finish watching Korean Drama which title name Heartstring/You've fallen for me...hehe..

Starring by Jung Yong hwa and Park Shin hye..They're too sweet in that drama.. :3 For them,I enjoy your drama and next time please make another drama again.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone..How are you all doing out there?I hope you fine there and happy..I know some of you frust because something happen to them and somebody happy because they relationship going very well or near Hari Raya..Yeah..4 weeks from now...

Well,as you know that I already present my work to lecturer this week on monday and someone told me that i'm good at animation.. -_-' then everyone praise me..Hey,it's simple animation ok..It's not 3D animation..haih..people nowadays,cannot see a beautiful things like 3D movement.. -_-'

As my post last week..I already have friend here right..Now,i'll show you my new friend also..haha..

Stand beside nana also my friend
This one also..Red one is Dhika..his name

Dhika,(people i didn't ask),nana and Mad nor (behind nana)

I forgot name the pink one.. -_-' you see,there all my friend with different course...hhaha...They good friend,for this time only I think..haha..

Back to the topic...haha..Tomorrow I'll go back to sabah,my sweet home..hehe..My flight will be on 15.55 pm and Insya-Allah arrive at 18.30pm.. :D
I hope everything is fine when I'm on flight and I can wake up early tomorrow..huhu..Otherwise,I will not sleep until I go KLIA..hahaha..Let's see tonight..hehe..

To my senior and my friends,good luck for you exam ok..Study smart guys..See you guys at 2nd semester... :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... :D
How are you all today?Fine right?Make sure check your healthy because you know weather now is complicated..Especially at KL..Fuh...Damn weather.. -_-'
Well,it's been 4 weeks I'm at KL..Then,next week I'll be back to KK,my sweet place and hometown...haha..Before I go back,I must do presentation...Everyone will get question mark that what I will present today right?As you know,I'm from Sabah,but I don't take that state...why??Because some of my already take that place...Argh..Why they didn't take their own state??Haih...It's ok..I must be patient... :)

Since that thing happen,I wish that I want to present about Japan,but if they ask me what they don't understand...Maybe I'm the one who will confuse..haha..So,easy story...I take Sarawak place...hahaha...I don't know why Sarawak is on my mind on that day...Maybe it's near to Sabah right...haha...

After I search about Sarawak,alhamdulillah...I can ready my presentation in 3 days only..haha...But I just slowly do that..If I done in the first place..maybe I'll be boring on class...After that,my presentation is ready to present infront of my all friend in that class...

Lastly,I hope my presentation going well and I can describe about what I do...please everyone..Pray for me..I'm sure I'll pray for u all after this...hehe... :D
I'll keep that as promises.. ;)

Well,that's all for today's post...haha..Actually I don't what to do this midnight..haha..Feel boring.. D:
Everyone who keep visit my blog,waiting for my next post after my presentation finish...haha..

Nor Azri @ Alek
Asslamualaikum and hola hola are you?I'm fine here..haha...Wow,seems like I don't have time to update this blog...Haih..Schedule not full but my laptop has borrowed by my friend for him do his assignment...Haih,what can I do is just let him use mine...
Well,I don't want to share here..If I share here,maybe someone or anybody doesn't like right?So,I just can keep this problem but I already told my parents about this...Now,let's back to the topic.."New friends,new journey and new experience"?In this statement,do you understand  what I mean?Somebody who understand,ok then..If not,I can explain here in blog... ;)

New Friends : 
At KLMU on orientation time,I got few friends which I start conversation to them and told our name one by one..After orientation,we go to Lab and register subjek then we got PC Competency which we learn about Microsoft word,excel and powerpoint...
Ok,I will skip that...In 3 weeks,I got 2 student male from Sabah which stay here for work and stay with their stepfather house...Their name is Arjuna and Adam..haha...

Arjuna and Adam
 and then,in class I got 2 female student from Sabah and 1 more male student which friends of Adam...Their name is Nurlia and Nana..Other one is Awal..haha..I thought his name Awal Ashari..Actually his is Awaludin..muahaha..

From left to right (Awal,Lia,Nana,Arjuna and Adam)

Yeah..That's them..haha...Which I usually with them when we in class... :D
Every of them which sporting and help each other...hehe..They are my friend for this first semester...Second semester,maybe I got another friends like them...I hope so..hehe
Actually I got one other friend which my roomate..haha..He's handsome guy..hoho..But he already got fiance.... :)

Yeah,that is it...haha..He's so energetic person,funny and happy go lucky...I think so...hahaha..But seriously he's good person and helping person... :)
For those who want to know him,contact me on formspring..hahaha

New Journey : 
New journey huh?hahaha...In this subject,it's not like I go travel anywhere...This which mean I go class from my hostel to KLMU...Well,if we want catch time,we take LRT which near at our hostel which is Wangsa Maju LRT station..

Wangsa Maju Station

Masjid Jamek View 1

Masjid Jamek View 2

Then,we go to Masjid Jamek which we change station from Kelana Jaya Line to Ampang Line..After we arrive at Sultan Ismail Station,we walk should walk first from that station to KLMU...haha..Tired ow.. -_-'

New Experience : 
I don't know what kind experience I have in this 3 weeks...What I have is how to design worksheet at Microsoft words,excel and powerpoint...That's all...Then,I fasting here without family,but with my roomate..I just consider them like my brother... :D
Oh?Finally I got what my first experiece here in KL...I have to less shopping here..If I'm at Sabah,I always go out on saturday and sunday and then buy something...hahahaha
But here in KL,I start to save cost here...1 more things here is I've to explore what kind of job graphic design is in this world..

That's all for today story...I hope you all enjoy what I post here now..hehe..To my friend at Sabah,happy fasting ya..Don't try give up on something..Move on babe.. ;)

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola are you out there?Seems like before..Everybody is fine right..?Yeah,good to hear that..If somebody don't feeling well,rest more ok...Don't play outside..Now wheather too complicated...Me now at KL..Fuh..I think everyone know about condition at KL now..Haih..I've to be patient person...

Sigh emoticon

I don't know why I have to be like friend keep borrow my laptop for their own problem..what about me??They didn't know how I feel when they borrow for 4 hours... -_-'
 Actually I don't scold them,you know that I which is type of person who just give them 1 shot only..No mercy...But I keep inside my heart...I want to look what there expression.. -_-'

Ok,now let's back to the topic..Just ignore what I say just now...It's just my expression..I don't know to who else I want to express beside parents...haih...Ok,forget it.. :)
Seems like we already on August..Which mean is Muslim is going to fasting....
Wee..... :D

I'm so happy for that...why?haha..I can't reduce my weight.. ;)
Moreover,I can go for terawih at night...What I don't like is,going to lecture...haih...Still on LRT,but if go back to hostel,we will take bus rapidKL..hehe..Save cost..

 In this ramadan,I buy my food with own money...Not from my parent's money..huhu...So,which mean I must decrease from buying things that not important...hehe..I like that..So, I can collect money slowly....

Beside that,I miss my friend at Sabah...huhu..Wait for me guys,I will back on 15th august which on monday...Flight on 15.55pm/3.55pm in plane firefly..hehe..Please bring me red carpet ok...hahaha

So,guy at Kota Kinabalu...Wait for me yar... ;)