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Assalamualaikum and hola-hola everyone out there... :) How are you?It's been 4 days I didn't post anything on my blog..Well,I don't have any idea on that day...4 days ago,I went somewhere which I can find some peace out there...Hahaha..Actually,It's not peace at all but more crowded..Why I say like this?Because I went to Midvalley Megamall..Muahaha on night...At the same time,students are going back to their hometown which they using KTM komuter...This picture show them which going back to hometown

1st View
2nd View
Last View

Before I go midvalley, me and my friend,arjuna went to cinema to watch Johnny English Reborn which Rowan Atkinson was starring on this movie...

haha..I don't how to say,but this kinda funny... :D I don't have any regret when watch this movie..My laughter didn't stop until end of movie...muahaha..What crazy am I... XD

After watching movie,arjuna head back to hostel and I'm still going to town for wasting my time searching white T-shirt with pocket ..I went to KLCC,then searching at Parkson and Isetan but no blank t-shirt in there...Lastly,I go back to LRT station...Before that,I went sightseeing outside KLCC which have fountains and I snap Petronas Twin Tower..hehe

This is inside KLCC
Mercedez Benz :)

Fountain :)

Twin Tower :D
After that,I went to midvalley which that time already night...huhu..I wait KTM for half an hour...Grr..So damn...When I arrive at Midvalley,I went to metrojaya which department store like parkson and I searching for blank T-shirt then fail again..huhu...What bad day...hahaha..

At 10pm,I went back to hostel and my all friend very noisy because I go back hostel late...muahaha...I like when I go back on midnight...I don't know why... :D

I think that's all for this morning,I hope you all enjoy what I story to you all here...Wait for my next post,I don't know when but what I've to confirm is I've an idea to write story...hehe..Well guys and girls,see you on my next post.. ;)


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Assalamualaikum and hola - hola boys and girls out there....I know some of you haven't sleep right?haha..It's ok..For those of you who have class tomorrow(today),make sure you should get enough sleep tonight...And for those who don't have it,make sure don't push yourself to stay midnight because it will make you look old I think..hahaha,that's what my friend told me last week.... :D

Just now,I tell you about what happen on 16 september and now I'll tell you about what I learn in Basic Drawing Subject.. :) Well,as you know that you should have some skill for drawing..If you can draw straight line,it's ok..It's also type of drawing...Last wednesday,we start drawing perspective object which has been call 1,2 and 3 point perspective drawing or being call vanishing point...Before start drawing,you should have horizontal line and vertical line..With this two lines,you object become balance and nice.. :)

Like this image..I take this image from google for an example because I forgot to capture what I learn last wednesday...So look carefully for different each point.. :)

1 Vanishing Point

This is 1 vanishing point..To me,it's so difficult to understand..To many stupid question I ask the lecture..huhu..Until lecture come to me and give me example skills drawing.. :3

2 Vanishing Point
This 2nd skills is a bit difficult to draw because you need to overlap the straight from vanishing point 1 (left) and vanishing point 2 (right)...When the line is overlap,so you can get base and in the end is shape of box..

3 Vanishing Point
To me,this is the difficult (not so difficult) thing you must draw...Your hand need to smooth and softly..haha..because this matter you should have your own skill then mix lecture skills...hehe...
If you do that,I guarantee you can be professional drawing... :D

That's what we learn about basic drawing last wednesday,I don't what kind of drawing will be today but I hope I can catch up what lecture tell us about drawing skills... ;)

So I think that's all for today,I'll continue post tonight if I have an idea and topic...If I don't,so there's no post on my blog tonight...hehehe... :D


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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone..How are you all out there?I hope your healthy is more better than yesterday...It's been 6 days I didn't update my blog..well,my friend using my laptop..Fuh! I thought they do some work or find article,but they online and play game... -_-' but I just pretend that I don't know...Firstly,I just watching what they do when using my laptop..Second is I will scold them if my laptop got problem... :D Hoho,Serve you... :P

Today my topic is about "sony walkman show" which on 16 september..I and my friend went Bukit Bintang and my friend intention is find shoes and me want to see walkman show..hahaha..On that day,we went around bukit bintang from 1st floor until 3rd floor...Then,we went ground floor and lower ground...On that lower ground,we already found shoe shop and my friend has choose 1 shoes,then we waiting for the size from other same shop...While we waiting,I went to center of the bukit bintang to see the Sony Walkman show..Then I take some picture there...This is the picture... :)

the stage :D

Walkman logo

yeah.. :D

Water resistant

It's girl day XD

Did you see that?hahaha...I take this picture because I want to share to you all about my activity on this day..hahaha....After this session,I go back to my friend who disappointed already because the shoes that he choose don't have size..pity for him..
At the end,we went back to Wangsa Maju and search his shoes at Jaya Jusco..He find that shoes and buy it...hahaha...It's wasting our time at Bukit Bintang... -_-'

I think that's all for today..Next post will be soon,I hope so..hehe..Well,this 3 weeks..,my friend at sabah got SPM trial exam..Goodluck ya guys out there... :)
That's all....wait for my next post.. :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola are you doing?I know some of you tired right?haha..why?Because today is malaysian day which means they march at Dataran Merdeka...hahaha...I hope you all can fully rest tonight and have nice sleep... :D

Well as you know,today is holiday and we don't have any class...So,I don't have any activity..Just stay at apartment and doing nothing...haha..At morning,I wake up early but just texting my friend,"good morning"..Then,I continue my dreaming..hahaha..

Today,I don't have so much story in this post..Just wanna say "Happy Malaysian Day"..Hahaha..I really2x want to watch people marching just now,but too bad..If I go at afternoon,I'll miss my Friday's salat..huhu..
At evening,me and my friend go town...I don't want to tell you here because I'll post the next title after this..hehe..

So,I wish everyone here at malaysia..."HAPPY MALAYSIAN DAY" everyone..I hope our country will be more advance and make more reality.. :D

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. :D As usually,I already at KL..and I would like to share with you all about what happen last week on sunday and this week story...So,read properly and use your imagination :)

Last sunday,when I arrive here at KL,my aunt fetch me at airport and stay at their house fora while..On 5.40 p.m (malaysian time),We go open house which her husband's friend,then about 6.50 p.m we go out from his friend's house and send me to hostel..On the way to KL,we saw 3 light which from National Stadium..After that,we went there before sent me to hostel..When we arrive,apparently volkswagen auto-show.. :D There's so many people there,I feel like it's interesting events because everyone went to see that...So many people queue and we also join because it's free... :D I will show you the picture I take from that hall..Firstly,I'm sorry because low quality camera..huhu..My other phone low battery already which the camera 12.1 mp..So,I use the old one which camera 2.0 mp only..huhu.. :( Anyway guys and girls,I hope you all satisfied with this picture.. :)

Volkswagen logo

Logo again


Their play games

engine part

Presentation time XD

above us :O

Behind us


Yeah..!!Did you see that?haha..Low quality right?huhu..It's ok..As long I can share to you all here...hehe...Unfortunately,I can't take picture of the car..huhu...My old phone also low battery..Haih,Why this kind of thing happen to me when got any show? :/ But it's ok...just like I said just now,"
As long I can share to you all here"...hehe

Well,that's what happen last week..About this week,on monday,our first subject is Malaysian Studies and I don't know why I feel bored plus sleepy for that class.. :3 Maybe lecturer talking too much than explanation..But seems like I got senior here,so I need some advice for this subject and how's the project of this subject... :)

Yesterday is the second subject which name is "reading,vocabulary and grammar"..Hahaha..Why?Yeah,it's like english subject but college style..Do you know what I mean?I mean like they give you 1 words and search that words on Internet..More presentation and review.. :3
But the lecturer teach us for 3 weeks only..huhu...Because she continue her study to master..Good for her right?..hehe.. :)

Today is the third subject which is "Drawing Studies"..I hope I can draw it.. >.<  Grr,I hope it's only introduction and I'm not ready yet..hahaha..I want to see if there's got girl on our class today..hehe..My class on 2p.m..So,maybe I'll goin' on 12pm...haha..Wish me luck guys and girls.. :D

That's all for today post,I'll post what happen and something happen to me coming soon..Just keep visiting my blog ya.. :)

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone..:)
Seems like today was my last day in KK,what I want to share here is about my activity today at town just now....As you know my last post got mention about someone birthday right...haha..Just now,I already give to her and I think she's happy with it..That's I feel it... :3 I hope she's happy what I give to her.. ^^

After that,I'm heading to Cp which place that everyone always stay there..I feel like cp is not the best place...I wish I could tear down that building...hahaha... xD When I'm at cp,I go around ground floor and feel like want to go to Suria Sabah,but don't have citybus go there...So,I cancel that plan and go mcD plus I buy yoyo... :D

Yoyo Cafe

I think it was last I drink Ice cocoa mix with coconut cube,after that I will drink mineral water... XD
Then,I go cps bowl..I want to play 1 game but unfortunately all lane full and everyone play there... :( I want to play for last game but I don't have chance...huhu..pity for me.. :3

Did you see that?Full house already.. :3 I don't have chance to play today...huhu..Then,I ask at counter and they said,"can you wait for another minute?It's already full..", and I was the one who blurr... -_-'

I make decision for not play there,then I went back to terminal in order to wait for my friend who wants to meet me..But it's pity,they already go back to their house..hahaha....

Then,I take bus to Putatan and the bus stop near Taman Jumbo...I see my friend and his girlfriend,then my friend invite me to come his open house..I go there around 5 o'clock and we chit-chat lor..Talk about study and everything we share... :D

I think that's all I need to share here...Waiting for my next post tomorrow which means I already at Kuala Lumpur..haha.. :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...Seems like today is my last day at Kota Kinabalu and Tomorrow I will go back to Kuala Lumpur..Huhu..I feel like I don't want leave my town,wanna extend my holiday for 1 more week...hahaha...Actually,I want to tell you about what happened on 8 september which on last thursday..hehe..

Okay,where should I start?hahaha..On last wednesdays,my friend suddenly chatting with me and ask me to meet him before I go back to KL..Then, we goin' out and have fun...Haha..What kind of fun?Firstly,we go to Centre Point (cp) and walk from ground floor to 8th floor..After That,I would like to go Suria Sabah and then we go there with CityBus..When we arrive there,we walk from ground floor to 2nd floor only..hahaha..Why?Because that time,we planning go 1Borneo but didn't make it because my time was not enough.. :3 Before we leave,we buy coconut cube and Ice blended at Yoyo cafe... :D

Coconut Cube

Love fruit Ice blended

We didn't go 1Borneo and but stop by Cp and play bowling there...We still have time right,then Play bowling mah...haha..My friend don't want play because he was too shy...haha..I think so... XD Since he shy,I was the one who play 4 games in 2 hours.. D;
Aiyo,too tired oh me that time... -_-' But I'm bit happy because my mark not below all wanna see.. ;) Then I show you.. :D

1st game

2nd game

3rd game

4th game (last)
Seems like the last game was extreme power but not enough.. :3 I need more practice but now I'm on study...huhu..I feel like want to sleep in that cps bowl.. XD

Well,as I told you just now..I go town with my friend..who is it?His name is Yazid,study at Yayasan Sabah College... :) he's the one of my friend which still keep in touch and another one but that one always busy with his work... D; Wanna see Yazid Face,let's see babe... XD

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Yeah..That's him... :D
To him,"sorry bro,I have to upload ur picture here...hehe,See you on next generation ya..Goodluck for your study and study smart.. ;)"

Well everyone,I think that's all for that date..hehe..We just have fun and you know,we haven't meet since he already study at Yayasan Sabah College... :3
It's ok,I'll meet him and my all friend at Top of the World.. ;)

That's all.. (^_^)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone..How are you all today?Seems like already 8th september,3 days left..huhu...I'm gonna miss Kota Kinabalu and all my friends here.. :'(
Well,there's someone I gonna miss so much..Who is it?Oh?I'm not gonna tell you because this is privacy things..haha.Yeah,everyone needs privacy right? :p

Back to the topic,seems like my title is in japanese language and the meaning is "Happy Birthday"...Actually,today is someone's birthday and I think she's special to me..Haha,I don't have a chance to meet "her" this week...Huhu..So,I'm gonna give her gift to my nephew and ask him to give her's brother.. ;)
I need to see her this week because next time I can't meet her already..Why??Because I already at KL that time,plus I don't know when will I back to KK... :3

 I think I should be patient for this time..I won't give up in this small matter and life must goes on..Chaiyo3x ^_^

To "her"
"Happy 18th Birthday.. :D I hope you happy out there and always success..I always pray for your health and safety even I'm at KL...Actually,I want to give you a gift but since you can't get out from home..So,maybe I keep this present until we meet in the future or I give to my nephew then ask him to give you :) Good luck at Uitm on November and take care... ;)"

That's all for today..I hope she will read this and view my blog.. :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
I should have done that
I should have ignored it
like something i couldn't see
I shouldn't have looked at you at all
I should have run away
I hould have acted like i didn't hear it
like something I couldn't hear.
I shouldn't have listened to love at all

Without a word , you let me know love
Without a word, you give me love
You made me even hold your breath but you ran away like this
Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love tossed me away
what should I say next?
my lips were surprised
it came without a word

Why does it hurts so much?
Why does it hurts continuously ?
Except for the fact that i can't see you anymore
And that you are not here anymore
Otherwise, it's the same as before.

Without a word , you let me know love
Without a word, you give me love
You made me even hold of your breath but you ran away like this
Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love tossed me away
What should I say next?
my lips were surprised
Without a word, tears fall
Without a word, my heart breaks down.

Without a word, i waited for love
Without a word, love hurts me
I zoned out. I become a fool because I cry looking at the sky
Without a word, firewell finds me
Without a word, the end comes to me
I think my heart was surprised to send you away without any preperations
It came without a word.

Without a word, it comes and leaves
Like the fever before
Maybe all I need to do is endure the hurt for a while
Because in the end, only scars are left.

.::Lyrics of Life::.