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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone..I hope all of you out there feel more better than me because now I'm on exam time..So,meaning to say,I should study more and more to become designer... :D I wonder how's wheather at Kota Kinabalu right now, maybe it's same happen to Kuala Lumpur like now..Raining with scary thunder...I'm bit scared because we live at 11th floor.. D;

Anyway, today I got examination of Malaysian Studies subject and at first time I went in the class,I feel so nervous..I went in and got the paper.When I read question,I feel like came back to my own middle school..haha..Why?Because the question that their give to us it just like question from form 1,2 and 3...haha..Overall,I can answer all question with my own words,especially on section B and C..hehe..

After malaysian Studies examination just now, me and my friend stay for 15 minutes infront of KLMU with empty chat...muahaha..I wonder is it correct or not with "empty chat"... :3 In addition, my friend which we call her Nana..Her friends went to KFC and me who give her suggestion to join her friend too..Then,we all decide to go kfc except Adam...huhu..I don't know why Adam went to Rawang, maybe he got something to do there...hurm.. o.O
When we were in KFC,I looked at my watch and it's on 1.45 pm (malaysian time),I feel like to try lunch I take the set C of the lunch

Set C lunch of KFC

Arjuna only take cheezy wedges and fried fries..Nana take the Set A lunch of KFC...hahaha...Well,when we on KFC,all of my friend in KFC too..Sometime I feel like reunion of my middle school..huhuhu..Actually,I want to share picture of them on this entry,haha..It just like a memory of KLMU..Muahaha

Friends :D

Yeah..! This is my friend with different course..ehehe..I wonder why that one wear sunglasses...hahaha..Maybe his eye is hurt anyway...hehe..This pic has been taken on afternoon after we finish examination of malaysian studies..hehe..Then,tomorrow we got 2nd paper..Me and Arjuna got Contemporary Business paper..I don't know about others.... :) Well,wish us luck visitors...hhe

Anyway,just now on facebook..I heard something about my hometown,Kota Kinabalu..Hurm..There's something explode area which near KKIA and infront of Shell station..Huu~
That incident tell us between Train and Lorry which bring oil then they collide front Shell station... -_-'
If you don't believe,I can show you picture of that incident..When I look at it,very scare that fire and black smoke...Euww.. :3

Front view

View from airport

There's the picture right..Now,I'll show you the video of the tragedy... ;)

So,how is it?Scary right..uhuhu..I wonder why this thing happen when I'm at KL now..I wish that never happen again and I hope when I go back this saturday,nothing happen to my country,Sabah.. :)

Well guys,I think that all for today..Tomorrow I will another entry because it will be 1st of november right..haha.So,wait for it guys.. ;) See you guys tomorrow and Take Care ya.. ^_^

(P/s : I can't guarantee that I can post new entry tomorrow..hehe)


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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone....I wonder what everyone is doing out there know why?I'm feel bored right now..I don't know what should I do,if i'm going study now,maybe not effect or you can say,what I read is not keep in my mind...huhu
Other things is my drawing test has been postpone on next friday..I hope it will be test just now,but seems like lecture forgot to bring the item for us to draw it.. :3 Today I should do my drawing but I feel lazy right now plus sleepy.. -_-'

Bored Face
In my situation right now same to this picture,with daydreaming face...Well,I don't know what should I say now..I already blank and no idea to post here..Whatever I do,I'll try to make an idea for posting something here..So,everyone can enjoy reading my blog.. :D

Beside that, 1 tv series in my head just now..Guess what babe?It's smallville...huhu..I know it's long time Tv series but I'm still miss to watch..Sometimes tv3 is lame because they need licence to publish that series movie..Do you know why I'm interest in smallville?Because I've been watch since season 1,so I already their story from beginning..hehehe..

This picture show you the opening of the smallville right?,if someone already watch the smallville..maybe they know already right...ehehe..Seems like I don't have any idea to say here,so I like to post the box of smallville from season 1 to 10.. :D

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

So,smallville have 10th season and 10th season that he has been called superman on last episode... :D With this picture,I hope you all find these DVD box to watch this movie ya.. :D

Allright everyone,that's all for today,I hope I can post more,more and more..But My idea is too limited..So,I've to stop here babe...Just waitng for my next post ya.. ;)


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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone..Tonight is quite moment because there's nobody playing fireworks,so maybe we can sleep peacefully...hahaha..I wonder what should I share here to all of you...I have no idea,but this idea make you all interest,I hope so..hehe...Did you believe I can sketch people?Maybe this question play on my friend from middle school last year because the one they know about me is lame from past..hahaha...If you want to know,I can sketch people..Do you want example?Then I give you this.. :)

Sketching 1

Well,maybe some of you don't believe it because this picture a bit editing right?I edit this because the original background kinda lame..ahaha..So,I do like this and sent to person who in that sketch.. :D
It's my friend which she study at labuan now..Matriculation Labuan...I miss her so much.. :3

Next one also my friend,but I consider her as sister..Now she already form 4,still long way to go...I don't know why she so obsessed about love...That's why I say,kids nowadays advance than us.. ;3 Seriously she's cute person,but not my type..hohoho... xD

Sketching 2

This is it babe...Well,it's real right..haha..There's so many sketching I already here..Do you all want more?haha..If you also not satisfied,I can show you the real one ya..haha..But a bit shy because my friend capture my pic when I didn't wear any cloths..haha....

real sketch bebeh

Thanks to my friend who capture this pic

So,did you all believe it or not?hahaha...Some of my friend don't believe but this is reality ok..haha....It's take more time to sketch this..huhu..My hand also cramp sometime when do sketch...I'm not really good at sketching but this is call like hobby.... :D

I think that's all ya..Actually,I don't have any idea to post on my blog..So,I decide to share this kind of activity at my hostel..hehehe...Well everyone,wait for next post on saturday or sunday,Insya-Allah... :)

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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... :) I wonder if all of you out there have good healthy,now I'm the one which not so healthy because I've flu and cough...huhu..As I mention last post,weather is too complicated and my friend in my room,haih..he's like to smoke everyday...I don't like that,but he's already addict with cigarette..Now!? I'm the one who sick..Grr.. :3 #DamnIt

Well guys,let's ignore about that for now...I want to share about l.o.v.e here... :) Actually, I don't know why I choose this topic on my blog..Maybe I was the one who in love and being love by someone..Oh?If you all want to know,shall we start?hahaha.. :D

Hurm..Where should I start it? xD Actually,it's been while I kept this feeling but my heart seems told me not to express my feeling to "her"..Last 2 weeks,she already "In relationship" in facebook,in my mind was it's not real..It just lovey-dovey...then last 3 days,my big brother told me that she was "single"..I was talking to myself, "what??single already?Hmm,it's weird.."..I'm not satisfied with it,and I decide to check her facebook,and she says that she want to focus on her study...Well,that's good but seems like she give someone chance to approach her...hmm,i don't know more detail but I just give my sense only..

Sense of love

As my big brother says to me,she probably like me but she want to me start first...Well, about this topic that "who start first",sometime I don't feel like to be one who say that love...I afraid the things repeat to me again..huhu..

In order to calm me down,in malay says,"Jodoh itu di tangan Allah S.W.T..",what I should do now,is give some effort..Am I right?For now,I need focus for my study and become designer for 8 years later
But one more thing,I use to be gentle to all girls who chatting with me..All services are the same,except boys...muahaha. #EvilLaugh 

I think that's all for this post,all I say just now is from my heart..True Heart..Well,now so many challengers out there that I want to fight for future,especially for designer like me (in future) will be reborn soon.. :D

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... :D How are you?I know wheather not so good nowadays...Maybe the season right...I hope we have sakura season in Malaysia... xD
Well,guys and girls out there...I wonder I always think about "her"..It's seems like a curse,don't believe?It's ok,no problem..haha..But truly think about "her",plus "her" face like chinese right.. At my place here is near TAR college which got chinese girl and their face sometimes same like "her"..Maybe this test for me,I try to calm down myself.. Chaiyok3x ! ^^

Back to the topic....Title is "Finally" means we including my friend waiting for this thing..It's been 3 month,we ask the staff from student helpdesk and they answer is "machine is not working",so many reason..haih..I thought we got student card on end of the year...hahaha..Actually,that card already have but they want to give to student which on intake september... o.O Lame !

My Student Card :D
Hahaha...How is it guys?handsome? face look oily... :3 Maybe I should make new passport pic for student card but this one also good one...hee.. :D Tomorrow I go check landyard for this card...hehe

This week my family come from sabah,as you know they come for my big brother convocation and visiting me is extra point...haha..I miss them so much.. :3 Oh ya,one more thing is..My study weeks seems busy right now because mid term exam is around the corner...huhu..I wonder how's the exam...But only 3 subject..hehe..why?Because drawing subject don't have exam but only test our skill on class next friday...hehe...I hope we all got simple object next week... :D

That's all for today,I hope you all enjoy read it..If boring,just close this blog and search another blog that you like it... :)


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Assalamualaikum and hola - hola everyone... :D It's been awhile I didn't update blog ya,I wonder how are those out there...hehe..Well,actually I don't have any idea to share idea here...I have an idea,but I don't know how to elaborate the words.. -_-'

This week on thursday,my family was came here to KL and I escape my class on Friday which have to collect our drawing paper... :3 Plus today I don't go class too..Why??Because I dislike "his" class,it's boring...He make me sleepy..In order to fresh my face,I put left earphone to my ear and listening the song... :D

Well,I'm sure you all want to know why I don't go to class on friday right??Actually my family has plan to go Ipoh,Perak which my big brother got convocation near there..My brother's convocation are at Tronoh..His college name was University Technology Petronas..About their place,not bad..there's many green plant there..Not like here,so many fog here... :3


Oh?I haven't told you right about how we go to Ipoh right..hehe..Actually we take Train which named KTM at KL Sentral..We departure at evening and arrive at night...huhu..On that day,I'm sooo tired..I don't know why,I just sitting and look outside.. -_-'


And then,my big brother,mother and Grandmother got a sit there..I saw them leave with that train..I told my father and he was shock... :O In the end,me and my father follow them behind..Then We got catch them out..hehe..
Well then,on that daddy and mommy was inside the hall,but just at outside and watch on screen... :3
My back was hurt that time..huhu..pity me...After that convocation,we go back to train station and go back to Hotel Plaza,Kuala Lumpur..

Next day,I won't go to class..Why?Just like I said,it's boring class... :3 then my family leave first...After that,it's me..Waiting bus for 1 hour.. D: So damn! Grr..
In the end,I go to take my student card and go for bus...When I arrive at Wangsa Maju station,I go to my hostel...Rest for 1 hour an half,then we go out...hahaha..So lame... :3 

Well,that's for today everyone..I hope that I can post everything here..So I can share my story to all of you... :D See you guy next post ya..


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The Blackbird, Fly is in short a Twin-Reflex 35mm Plastic Camera. It is unique for several reasons.

1) It’s a successor to a classic! It seems the Blackbird, Fly is considered the Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) version of the classic Holga, which is in turn a successor to the Diana, both of which have a real cult following. Some call the Holga a “toy” camera, which is of course a bit of a misnomer. Many have relied on it to take beautiful photographs. Yet the Holga is also known for its unpredictability, as every one is just a little different. Most have light leaks, and those leaks are not going to be the same between any two Holgas. This unpredictability contributes to much of their charm, and was taken to the extreme by some photographers as it became a popular camera for “shooting from the hip”. Many Holga mods have also become very popular.
2) It’s a TLR! The Blackbird, Fly, is a Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera, meaning that there are two objective lenses: One for taking the photograph, and one for the waist-level viewfinder. Behind the viewfinder lens is a mirror at a 45-degree angle (hence the term “reflex”), which reflects upwards through a matter focusing screen surrounded by a hood/enclosure used to block some light and reduce reflection on the screen. This creates an image on the screen identical to what will be captured on film through the photographic lens.
3) It uses 35mm film! Most TLR cameras use 120 format film. Although 120 film is very cool, it can be much harder to find and even harder to get developed. With 35mm film you can just drop it off at the nearest 1-hour photo!
4) 3 formats! You can shoot in 3 formats (using provided masks): normal 35mm (24mm x 36mm), square format (24mm x 24mm), and large square format (36mm x 36mm).
5) It’s VERY reasonable! Many TLRs are hundreds of dollars, and although some of them are worth it, the Blackbird, Fly is just $119. It’s an amazing TLR for hobbyists to creative professionals to everyone in between.
6) Colors, colors, colors! Seriously, how many cameras have multiple color options?
Check out the photos below that were taken with the Blackbird, Fly.
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Blackbird camera limited edition (DCD edition)

Apertures: f/7 (cloudy) and f/11 (sun)
Shutter speeds: 1/125 and B (Bulb mode — to let in as much light as you want)
Lens: Wide-angle 33mm lens
Focus: Visual distance estimates 0.8, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 10, ∞
Additional features: Yes, you can take multiple exposures!, attach optional flash


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Assalamualaikum and hola-hola everyone.. :D It's been while I didn't update right since 2nd october right..Well,i don't have any idea and no time to serve internet..I don't know why,seems like I got stress here,even I laugh too much... -_-' 

Last sunday,I feel so bored and don't know what to do..I don't have mood for doing assignment..Then,John cena's cap crossed my mind and I already see the price of the cap..At same day,I go KL sentral but before I buy that thing,I go mcD first..When I arrive at mcD,I wonder what should I eat,then I saw quarter pounder double with cheese..After that,I take that burger and price is RM15.90. o.O Wow,I suprise that time..

When I eat and finish that burger,I feel so full in my stomach..I don't know why,maybe it's my first time eat that burger... :3 With ginger and weird sauce...hahaha...This is quarter pounder double with cheese...

It's so big right?But Big Mac Also big,because it's got 3 layer of meat and cheese..hehe..I just want to try what is the different..Well,new menu for that time..hahaha
After that,I go to GME store which at KL sentral too..I go there,I saw John cena's T shirt with red colour..I don't want to buy,because I already have purple and yellow...heehe,so I decide to buy that cap with price RM59.90... :O

Well,I almost got complete john cena's fashion..What left is wristband and pants only..hehe..I hope I can find those 2 things and become John Cena Malaysia...hahaha...

I think that's just want to say,I don't mood today...Because I feel tired of Ptptn...Grr..Lame.. -_-' Tired of waiting...huhuhu...Waiting for my next post ya guys and girls out there... ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola-hola everyone..Here I come again with new story and new journey for this month..haha...Seems like I miss 1st october to update this blog..haha..Well,yesterday I don't have much story but today I bet I'll tell you about yesterday..hehe..I wonder why time travel too fast..huhu..I feel like it's been 4 weeks already I'm at KL now... :3 I miss my family there.. -_-'

Actually yesterday I want to go somewhere but I don't know where..haha...weird right? :) Then,my friend,Tun..Ask me to help him for ready the open house at ground floor here..Since I don't have to anything even I feel lazy to do assignment,then I go help him and wash my eyes...hahaha...When I look carefully,they didn't ask me anything or helping them at all,so I decide go to my room and online..

After that,richard,my friend same hostel ask me to play bowling..hehehe,it's been while I didn't play bowling right..haha...So I'm going then,I ask my friend,arjuna to join us too...hehe..So 3 of us go wangsa walk and waiting for our turn to play because it's weekend then too many people or family members play there...huhu...When my out turn has been call out,first we play one game..then richard not happy with his score..He ask me to add 1 more game then same answer he lose too..haha..then ask me add 1 game then he win at last..hahaha

Azri was me,arjun refers to arjuna and jaz refers to richard (1st game)

2nd game

3rd game,Richard the winner at last.. xD

If you all noticed,me and arjuna score become decrease and richard was the who increase his mark...haha..I hope next time I can get high score..hehe.. :D

Well,seems like it's october already..our mid term exam on 29 october..huhu..I hope I can get this exam and high score for all subject..amin... :) I hope everyone can pray for my success ya..It's my first time on this mid term exam,so maybe I'm bit confuse..But I hope it's not..hehe

I think that's all for today..waiting for my next post ya..I want to go out for a while because I got something to buy..hehe..see you guys and girls next post ya.. ;)