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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone..How are you all today? I'm feel 50% fine today,because I've a lot of allegation in my life in this 2011..I wonder what's gonna happen in 2012 later,I hope it's better than 2011...hehe...Today is 31st december and I post this as usually like last year...hehe..Actually,I don't so much topic today,no idea yet....So,maybe I just can talk about what I do on 2 day ago.... ;)

2 days ago,we here at hostel don't have water supply and me take bath using mineral water..I feel like orang asli because we didn't take bath properly..Some of my friend didn't take bath,they just using lotion to make them feel bit better...But still not comfortable to me...I have to take bath to make my body fresh...If not,huhuhu...I feel so uncomfortable....Grr... :3

Yesterday,I'm not so busy but I miss friday know,I feel so lazy...muahaha...So many satans in my body..At night,I went to restaurant for eating fried rice chicken with omelete...It's been long time I didn't eat fried rice...hee...Actually,I really want to buy some jacket from online but I don't have much more money..That money is for year 2012..In order to ignore that,I just keep make origami... :D

Today is the last day for 2011,I remember what my special one say,"buy something for you food supply and don't ever waste you money.."... :) So,I follow what she say and I hope that we can be together until married.. Amin ya rabbal alamin.. :D and also have water already but got someone help me to open that water,actually we didn't pay yet..hahaha.. #Evil laugh
On afternoon,I went to jusco and searching for Westlife - Greatest Hitz for my special one and I didn't get it..I'll try to search in wangsa walk or everyone for her,also I ate new burger in Mcdonald..hehe..Prosperity Chicken Burger...hehehe...It's delicious but bit spicy..ngee...

Chicken Prosperity meal :D

I have new year motivated on 2012...hehehe...Wanna know what is it?Well,this motivated which one I want to achieve and keep for year 2012 because this is part on my life...I will list all my determination ya.. ;)

1. Study hard & smart
2. wanna loss weight and slim
3. save money
4. faithful to loved ones
5. Control my naughty :D

So,what do you think?hehehe...Please pray for me ya,so I can go on with these determination...Well,I think that's all for tonight post..I hope I can get through for 2012...Hey 2012,please be nice to me and I'll be nice to you too...My examination on 5.6 and 10 january....Wish me luck guys..

By the way,Happy New Year :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...How are you all today?I hope you all will be fine and still got soul to make happy today...hehe..I wonder you will feel weird why I say like that right...Because today is my special day..Not so special but it's so meaningful to me..hehe..I think you all will suprise if I told you now...hohoho...Let me story first... :D

Actually we all at hostel don't have water supply,so sad right..huhuhu...I wonder why this thing happen to us...So pity right?Well,glad to my friend who live here at KL,because they got house here..But people like us who live far from KL like Sabah and Sarawak,how?? I don't want to say anything,I just can sit and silent myself,if I say something,I afraid they will mad to me... :)

Ok guys,let's forget about it.....ehehe..Actually today is my special day like I said up there because this date where I was born,celebrate and happy with family & friends... :D So,let's make it clear here...Today is my BIRTHDAY...Muahahaha....Yeah,it's my birthday..Now I'm 18 years old already..yuuuhuu...hehehe...

It's me.. :D

That's all.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...Today I'm going to post about Christmas even I'm muslim guy but actually I feel boring in hostel..So,I don't know what should I do..I want to study but don't have mood now..I don't know why,maybe because holiday mood right..hahaha..Malaysian Studies,subject that I want to struggle right now...haha..Why?because this is subject I don't like but I need to least B-..I don't want to get D or E because I don't my pass repeat again..So,I need to work hard for this subject...Wish me luck guys.. :)

Well,today is christmas eve day which non-muslim celebrate it..But not all of them,I think so...maybe it just my lame intuition...hahaha...i don't have any idea to create my own design for christmas card....Last year,I have a lot of idea but this is year kinda lame..haha..It was because I have a lot of assignment,no relaxation and more stress like my previous post last week..hahaha

3 days before christmas,me and my friends,alan and elvianna a.k.a Nana...hehe...Three of us going to Times square...Actually me and alan brought nana went to KL town because she never been there before...We brought her to Times Square first and at the same time I was searching my shoes...Why?because shoes already got hole there...haha..I got one but don't have size..huhu...So,I buy same design but different colour...If my dad know about this,I'll be dead...Wargh...!! :3

Alan and Nana

Nana holding doll :)

Front Times Square

This is what happen on Times square 3 days ago..haha...I think she was happy on that day....For the first time she's been there and she so excited...haha..everything she want to take picture..every single things...haha..Sorry nana,I secretly talking about you..hehe

Next,we head to Pavillion KL...In that Pavillion,there's someting they made on center of the shopping complex..Something like park..haha..I think so..I don't know but there's a lot of people there...If you don't believe,I can show you the picture I take that time.hehe..

There's a lot of people.. :3

Two of them again... xD

Me with hello kitty :D

Nana with Domo.. :D

As you see above,we are at Pavillion on that time...hehe..Plus we going Tokyo Street which place full with things from japan..Actually our aim is to brought Nana to KLCC but we end up at KLCC at 22.10pm...Wow,nearly midnight..haha...Long journey baby...ngee..Alan already exhaust and my leg hurt because of the shoes got hole there..Urgh.. >.<

I think with these picture above,you all already know right how enjoy we are that time..hahaha..Laugh a lot..Like crazy and tourist...hehe..Me and Nana from Sabah...Only Alan currently at KL but I already went to these place before Nana...hehe.....

So,for the end of my post today...I wish to all non-muslim a Merry Christmas and happy new year...hehehe...I hope you all out there will be fun and enjoy like us..hehe..For those who visit my blog,thank you so much for keep visiting here... :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... :D How are you all today?I hope that you all be fine out there...First of all,I'm really2x sorry..Why?because it's been more than 1 weeks I didn't update my blog..So,for those who always visit my blog...thank you so much for keep visiting here... :D Actually,I really want to share to you all what kind of trouble I got on 2 weeks ago but I will talk all about it after this post..Insya-Allah.. :)

Well guys and girls,actually I don't have anything much to say in this post because I just want to show you my own design and my calendar..hahaha..Calendar??Yeap..Calendar..hehe..I know some of you will confuse what kind of calendar I will design right...hahaha...It's not creative at all but kinda smart..I think..hehe..I got this idea from magazine which got artist on that poster,then below him is calendar 2012...After I saw that,I got an idea in my brain...Do you all want to know what kind of idea I think?Let's see it now.. ;)

My Calendar 2012

So,what do you all think?Nice or weird?Smart or bad?hehehe...All answer is in your hand... :) This idea came from URTV magazine which artist malaysia in that magazine...First I saw this,I feel like weird because it's something that promote ourself on calendar..ahaha...What a negative thinking I am..hehe..

Everyone out there..hehe..I don't have anything to say in this post...I just want to share my own calendar to you all...ehehe...My head is fully with Final Examination...Grr..Final exam start on 3rd until 11th January 2012....I hope I can answer all question,especially on Malaysian Studies and Contemporary Business..hehe....Grammar 1 is just think about what I learn with Mr.Thomas...hehe..My lecturer... :3

Wish me luck ya..Arigato Gozaimasu :)


Nor Azri @ Alek

Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...How are you all doing out there?I hope you all will be fine because don't be like me...Why?It was because I'm really stress plus frust with so many problem till I don't have concentration on my life...I think everybody will know sooner or later of what happen to me with next post ya..

Now,I don't have mood to update this blog because...Just like I said just now,stress with my assignment (addition) and everything in my life...Maybe some of you concern about me..Thanks for that...I will try my best to calm and stay cool like I told you in few post before... ;)

Thanks everyone.. :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...Seems like it's already december plus december is last month for 2011...So,after this month,all of us will say goodbye to year 2011..But now,it's too early for that...We must follow step first,no need to jump because that's the rule of our world right??hehe...By the way,how are you all everyone?I think all of you should be fine and always healthy,but I think so because now is winter season..Eh?Winter??hahah...No,it's raining season..hehe...Some of my friends here,got flu because of raining now...I hope everyone stay healthy ya.. :)

Last week before december,me and my friend,Arjuna,go to bowling..Well,Arjuna request a challenge to beat me for 2 games...We play and laugh until people next lane smile to us..hahaha...We only 2 people is kinda like 5 people because we so noisy...hehe..On 1st game,I won and beat Arjuna but only different 4 point only...Hahaha...Arjuna getting serious to play,then he ask me to add 1 more game..hehe..Well,I think he waste his strength to beat...Why??because it's same answer,but my mark become higher than 1st game..hehe..

1st game

2nd game is it?I'm not professional right??hehe...Yeah,I'm not that level yet..I'm just amature boy...That time I wasn't so serious battle with Arjuna,because that day I was thinking about my drawing assignment.. :/ Oh yeah! I'm just draw mouth this 2 days,it's not that difficult but bit lazzy for me to do..hehe..I think it will be done on wednesday....Wish me luck guys.. ^^,

On 30th november,we got rematch and I was serious that time..haha..I feel it's weird if I play serious with my friend..Yeah,coz we just fooling around right and waste our time than doing assignment...Muahahaha...For you information,on that game,I am the one who got "Turkey"..Turkey??Yeap,because I got 3 strike that time on 1st game..hehe..I don't why,maybe it just my lucky day...haha...On 2nd game,I getting tired to throw the ball...huhu..Yeah,my energy was for the 1st game and 2nd game was not really power at all...This is my weakness on bowling,I can play powerfully on 1st,but after the 1st,I'll be weak...huhu.. :/

1st game

2nd game

That's it..My bowling game with my friend,Arjuna..But on 30th november,we bring Adam along with us...haha..Well,it just coincidence because he just got back from class...hahaha...Of course he's feel tired... :D Moreover,I teach him how to play bowling and show him the technique...hehe..Sometimes I feel like tutor for bowling... xD

By the way,I can't believe it's already december....The time is running too fast now if you doesn't care about it...why?Because I'm the only one who doing now..haha...I want to meet my friend but I feel like time became slow...So,I just don't care for it..but in my heart,still wait for her to come and meet me...hehe..If She can come here,if not...I just waiting for next year,on january because I'm holiday time..ehehe

On this month,all christian/khadazan-dusun will celebrate Merry Christmas right...Yeah,maybe we got an holiday for 3 days I think...haha..I'm not sure about it,maybe we just got the information from our student portal...Maybe Richard (Friend from sarawak) will go back...I think so..sometimes I feel pity for him because can't go back on 1 weeks holiday 4 weeks ago..huhu

I think that's all for today ya everyone..I feel so sleepy now plus I don't have any more idea to share with you all here...I hope for the next post,it will be more interesting to share and talk ya...Oh?I almost forgot to tell you all...Actually,on this december I got special date,it was my day...If you want to know about,then ask me bebeh...haha.... :p