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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... ;D How are you? Miss me right?haha..It's been while I didn't update my blog..It was due to lack of ideas,so I don't have any point or any topic to share with you all here...hehehe..Plus I have 4 assignment this week..Last week got 3,and this week add equal to 4..ahaha....Then I already done 2 assignment,Introduction to graphic design and Element of design....

Well,introduction to graphic design assignment is about division of design such as graphic design,product desgin and environmental design...Each type of design,must give 5 example...So,I tried to find all 5 example for each design..So,I stay at night and check on magazine..huhu..Finally,I got 5 example and then I try to continue my element of design assignment but my eyes already heavy...huhu..So I end up with sleeping.. ^^,

Now my assignment 2 more left..huhu..It's "English for specific purpose" and "Computer Application in Art & Design"...1st subject is about doing journal and preparing for drama session..huhu..As you know,I don't have any talent in acting plus I'm kinda nervous when acting infront of many people... >.< But I try my best for this drama..wish me luck guys...hee.. 2nd is about my favourite subject because it involve photoshop,in a word "editing"... :) Actually,beside photoshop I want to learn more about Illustrator because on this subject,we have to mastered this software..In order to master,I downloaded the "adobe illustrator" but only portable version..Not the installation version... :) So,with this 2 subject I have to study smart and make quick understanding about that..wish me luck ya.. ^^

For your information, yesterday I went to mid valley shopping mall for searching inspiration and going It fair...I don't my intention going there,just my eye wash there...hehe

Mid Valley ^^

Malaysia IT Fair 2012 at Mid Valley

Before I go mid valley,I'm going to Wangsa Walk mall for paying half of my bill phone because it's less then 20% already...I don't want my parents knew about my calling with my cousin at tawau,adopted sister at Kota Kinabalu (KK) and friends...Well,some of them lazy to reply sms and I ended up by calling them.. (-_-) While I on the way to Wangsa Walk mall,my earphone got problem on right side and I try to calm down by hearing left side only... >.<

When I arrive at Mid Valley, I take a look on that Malaysia It Fair but nothing special in there because no attraction at my eyes..hahaha...Yeah,I feel something lame there...I don't know what is it...Actually,my mood has been ruined yesterday because of my earphone..Argh..!!

After I went to IT Fair,I'm searching for new cheap earphone sony branded...hahaha..Well,I'm chooser person of kind thing like this..haha...And then,I ended up choosing "Sony Earphone MDR-E9" because that thing which cheap with me...hehe..

Sony Earphone MDR-E9

That's the colour of new earphone but I don't when we put earbud on that earphone because I afraid earbud lost and sound will be lame..haha...So,this time I'll try my best for not lost my earbud....haha..Sound weird.. :D

After that,I went Mcdonald for something to eat because I don't have any breakfast and lunch..haha...After friday prayer,I straight walk eating before that..hahaha...that's lack of me.. :) In that McDonald,I take Double McChicken

DOUBLE McChicken
So,how is it guys?big right?hahaha..I think Mega Mac is more bigger than this..But,this one is enough for me because I trying to control myself from eating to much..hehehe...After that,I went back and waiting for 3rd train...hahahah...Why?it was because of too many people are went back to their hometown and back from work...I arrive at hostel around 8.30pm last night...hee..Long hourney.. ^^

I think that's all I just want to share with you all here because it's been 2 weeks I didn't update this blog..Well,too many assignment and no idea for post on blog...Plus "she" always sulk with me,I don't what is my fault...I thought she's mature already,but she need to learn more again..still long way to go baby.. :)

So guys,just wait for my next post soon ok?Keep visiting and don't forget to follow my blog...Have a nice day ya... ^^


Nor Azri @ Alek
When a man really fall in love with and faithful to her lover with a sincere attitude change can be seen clearly. The heart man be hard for this, suddenly become as soft as cotton. Even the silly man willing to sacrifice and do anything to her lover. Hearts as hard as any man he would shed tears when his heart pierced. But women do not take advantage of the sacrifices made ​​for you the man.

If you realize your boyfriend is always hard to do something for you to be happy, I'm not mistaken you prefer real life partner. This situation makes it clear blatant truth. He was not the kind of person who consorts with you just the fun of it or to take advantage, but on the basis of real love. How lucky you.

Additionally, if your male friend, always a good time and entertaining, it's a sign he wants a serious relationship from you. Of course, in a relationship we want something sweet and memorable memories. It is no wonder men always want such an atmosphere of warmth every time side by side with those who considered special in his life. It, it is obligatory to make the hearts of loved ones is always fun and entertaining.

Do you consider a strong male friends babbling if every time he tries to give you advice. Remember, remember the advice means. He will always remember who he loved so relationship with smoothly without any problems. It's a sign he is very loving relationship between you. So, open, listening to his advice.

Jealous! An attitude of most disliked by most people in love. However, if observed, jealousy is actually a sign of a very loved you and did not want to change your minds. Does not mean he wants to restrain liberty, but he tried to take care of every such things as her lover in every inch. If you stick by him, do not blame him jealous jealous as long as not blind!

If it's love, all kinds would you consider including the fear of loss. Likewise, if your male friend said she always think and worry about the outcome of your relationship. This means he is always thinking about your relationship and how to save it from ending just like that. If possible, let the leader dignity, worth new!

You will have a situation where your male friends are always angry and suspicious every time you talk or meet the other man before him. Do not worry. Does not mean he wants to dominate the course of his life, but worried if you start defected especially after seeing the men could be their closest challengers. This marks his love so deeply about you .. 

There is also a man who quickly feel sensitive and easily upset if what he had said not to mind, especially from people who he loved. Whom you indifferent. This can cause jealousy flare, then if you can become loyal listeners when side by side with others. Sure he felt he was not useful to you.

But the fact is so funny when your boyfriend behave just like small children just to get attention from you. The pampering and want him to love her more than anyone else treat once you love. If he sulk heart, never try to persuade him. Do you think it spoiled it was simulating. It's not easy macho man willing to change his attitude to a man who have a certain child. Just for your loved ones only.

You encounter a problem and the first person to come help you is your male friends. Sign is that he does not want to see you hard and feel responsible to help. So that she will be the most hardworking and willing to do anything as long as you happy and not burdened with work or problems. Lucky!

You tell him that you will go to one place for a long period of time. Suddenly, he became flustered and uncertain. It's a sign so that she could not be away from you and you do not have doubt about his loyalty.

If your boyfriend are always asking the same question, "you still love me?", Do not think it is a question that is boring. It's a sign he does not want to love you to be resilient. For this reason, the word is repeated so that you know how's he always wants you to remember yourself you already owned by him.

So that she would shed tears for her lover .. Not all men are willing to shed tears only for a woman. Do you not see a man who touched willing to shed tears for you. To prove his love is so strong true.

So that she would shed tears for her lover .. Not all men are willing to shed tears only for a woman. Did you ever see a man who touched willing to shed tears for you. To prove his love is so strong for you.

And the greatest sacrifice once again explain how the he loves you if your boyfriend is more concerned with me compared him. What is being done purely for you. As long as you always comfortable and every time feel safe with him. So, appreciate and accept them modest man .... Give me a chance to return to love someone the title of MEN.


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. Today is holiday because it's Happy Federal Territory Day to Labuan and Kuala Lumpur (KL)...So,for us who study at KL got offday today..haha..I mean holiday ya..So,today is already Febuary...I wonder why time nowadays running so fast..Huhu... I hope that I can make it time for spend my time with my family and my friends at Kota Kinabalu (KK) but it's all imagine and useless if we fall back right.. :) I hope I can move forward and accomplished my intention for this 2012.. ^^,

Today I was so lonely with "her" and I understand she's going to work..I hope she will miss me here as I miss her too..huhu..I think I should change myself for less worrying about her but it's not less at all...It's more of than worrying about her because She going back home at night...Huhu..I hope she will understand how caring I am to her but she always arguing with me and told me that she was tired from work...I know,at least tell me with good attitude but she's too gross to me..hehe..All I can do is patient and relax... :')

Since this febuary got Valentine's day but I don't have any interest for that event because it's not good for muslim...So,since I'm muslim guy,I will not celebrate that..Better I celebrate Prophet Muhammad's birthday,it's more meaningful than celebrate Valentine's day...Am I right? :) Although I got girlfriend which I can call her "Special One",I'll never celebrate Valentine's day... ^^

So,I think that's all for this 2st Febuary 2012 because I don't have so much idea by typing this kind of post...ahahaha, but it's important to me everymonth...hehe...So,I hope you all out there will be so healthy and happy go lucky like me...hehehe...For those who still visiting my blog,thank you very much..For my Special One,I love you so much.. :)