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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... How are you all out there? I hope you all will be fine and getting better right..hehe..Well as usually that you know,I'm still have unconfortable feeling... Seems like something bad happen to both of us... There's sign that I notice before..1st I didn't focus on my study and 2nd is myself not comfortable at all.. :3 I hope this is my imagination only and it just feeling of my bad theory of life.

Unfortunately, I feel like she don't want me anymore and plus she just use her friend to avoid me..It make me to broke with her...haha..She just want to be alone..I don't what of her purpose doing like that... =_=' Well,I don't know why she change already..Maybe it was because of her friends,David..That's why I told her to leave him but she's stubborn as always..haha..But now,I have nothing to do with her..No more..I hope that she will come if I died someday.. :)

7 Months huh? I hope those memory will I buried in my heart and keep as my referrence. She's already block me at facebook,but that's ok..I don't care at all..That's not my business anyway,who cares right? Now I'm free and single plus available...hahaha... Funny eh? I think it's not..hehe...Well girls out,feel free to contact with me ya.. :3

Press enter if you want me.. xD

Now I feel like being lonely a bit...hehe..But thank god that I've friends like Arjuna and all of them which my housemate here,I feel happy because sometimes they understand it..hehe..So for me,friends are more precious.. :)

 As you above,this is what I mean.. That's not mean I don't want girlfriend,I needed but just give me time..Hehe..I take time to find girl who suit to me..I just don't want repeat same mistake as I do to her long ago.. I need to focus on my study first and from what I heard just now,she's already happy with David,his new boyfriend...I hope two of them will be happy until got married... I'm just smile and happy for them only.. :)

For you information,I will go back to Kota Kinabalu on 14th August and actually I got diseases such as tuberculosis.. :'3 I don't where is come from I got this sickness..I hope that's not so bad for my health,if bad then I will sent to U.S. for treatment..huhu.. I hope that I drink MonaVie,it will cure and I can long live.. :3

So guys,I think that's all for today,seems like tomorrow is already july and I hope this new month be good to me.Plus June is on my memory and I hope you all can pray for my health here ya...I need support from you guys..hehe...I hope I can be happy with my family and friends before I died here..My first aim is to be Designer..I'm really sure that before I die,I will grab that title as Designer.. :)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Green Tea Leaf

Benefits of green tea :

There are four primary polyphenols in green tea and they are often collectively referred to as catechins.  Powerful antioxidants, catechins have been shown in recent studies to fight viruses, slow aging, and have a beneficial effect on health. Clinical tests have shown that catechins destroy free radicals and have far-reaching positive effects on the entire body. 

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules and fragments of molecules that can damage the body at the cellular level leaving the body susceptible to cancer, heart disease and other degenerative diseases.

EGCG is a potent antioxidant : 

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant found in green tea, is at least 100 more times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times more effective than vitamin E at protecting cells and DNA from damage believed to be linked to cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses. This antioxidant has twice the benefits of resveratrol, found in red wine.

Special benefits of green tea :  

* Reduces high blood pressure. Drinking green tea represses angiotensin II which leads to high blood pressure.

* Lowers blood sugar. Green tea polyphenols and polysaccharides are effective in lowering blood sugar. 

* Fights cancer. There have been many studies that have shown that green tea catechins are effective at preventing cancer.

Green tea benefits the immune system because of its high concentrations of polyphenols and flavenoids.

Green tea antioxidants have been shown to lower cholesterol : 

Citizens of Uji and Kyushu, where we get our teas (and where most green tea in Japan is harvested) have among the lowest rates of cancer in the world. They drink more high quality green tea, per capita,  than residents of any other region in Japan.

  • High grade green teas contain more polyphenols than ordinary teas. They are also delicious!
  • Unfermented green tea leaves are the least processed form of tea. Drinking green tea from 100% quality tea leaves is the most natural way to obtain these health benefits. 

I think that's all for japanese green tea information. I just drink it now,so I just want to share it.. I hope someday you can try it by yourself and discover if you don't believe it.. :D

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...How are you all today? Seems like everyone happy go lucky..Me?sad here..huhu..I don't know why...Seems like love problem again..huhu..I wonder what happen to me now...huhuh...By the way guys,today is very special day because it's Father's day..To my father and all fathers in the world..Happy Father's day ya.. :)

For you dad


Also to my friend,Arjuna which one is good friend to me..Happy birthday bro..I hope you will be happy tomorrow and forever..hehe..I already give him present which I spend him Kenny Rogers and I hope that memory will be forever...hee..

heee...That's all for today guys,I hope you all out there will be celebrate father's day out there and going out with your family...Moreover,I'm so sad here because I'm too far from my father and I wish I make him proud with my result...Insya-Allah... :)


Nor Azri @ Alek

The word forever seems like a long time,
but if you’re with the person you love
then forever isn’t long enough.

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...Seems like you all must be happy right now...For middle school student,how's you holiday kids? Good or Bad? Maybe some of you have fun during holiday,so it's good thing..Somebody feel bored and sad just like me,always stay home and don't have nothing to do..hahaha..Anyway,some school will opening today..Sometimes I feel weird of what school that have class at sunday.. O.o

By the way,this is sunday which means my last day here at's wheather not really good..Raining continuously and got wind..I already about delay flight if I fly today..haha..I hope that tomorrow wheather will be fine and nice..I wanna fly at sky with peace and sleep..haha...Plus tomorrow is my 1st class but I didn't attend because during class that I'm still at sky...Because I'm survivor one who last coming kl..muahaha..Calm down now.. xD

For your information, tomorrow is the day that I started my class,my flight go back to kl,school days start and OUR MONTHSARY... 1st thing important is our monthsary which we already together about 7th month... I love you so much.. :*

Just for you <3

I feel so happy with this but a bit sad...I don't know where is sad come from...I hope two of us will be together until get married...Now I keep calling your name like a habit,It seems like I'm going to die, what should I do?Can you hear my late confession?
I love you!

Today is my last day at kk,tomorrow I will fly to kl..I hope there's no raining and strong wind...Also no explosion on aeroplane... If I die tomorrow,maybe it's was my faith and last life tomorrow but I don't regret because I died on our 7th monthsary..Hehehe..I'm Weird right?That's who am I,the survivor and last man standing which have to be Designer in the future.. :)

Guys,I think that's all for today because I need packing my bag for tomorrow journey..huhu..I think I will kk for 2 months and "her" (always) while i'm at kl..Well,I'm just need her now...I don't know why,seems like i'm empty without her... :'3 I hope that she will love me until we get married.. :)

That's all for today guys...have a nice day.. ^^,


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. :D How are you today? Seems like everyone has been go to holiday last week on 30th and 31st may right for having harvest festival..hehe..It's been 1 weeks I didn't post on blog right..Ahaha..Actually,I have so much problem and my concentration on creating new post lost already.. :/ Same problem repeating itself.. I wonder something change within "her"... By the way, on 30th may I went to tawau with my family..hehe..

It's been while I didn't go to tawau,my village there...Tawau already advance because so many shop there..ehehe...Plus we go on 30th may,less people at tawau because their go to KK for harvest festival..heh..I hope I can go town with "her"..But seems like I don't have any chance to now..I don't know what should I do... Seems like I feel this is not real me..I wonder what happen if I die someday,would she go to my house or visit me? :'3

Well,next week I will go back to KL,continue my study and already start my 4th semester...huhu..But it's only 2 subject only..I hope I can do it...With my theory,it's not really difficult subject but need more tips...haha..So,what I need is more concentration and prove that I will be Designer someday to someone that I love..Seems like She never trust me,I don't know why..Got boy that waiting for her...Sounds like shit there...I will not let her go and prove that I will be Designer plus that I will prove that I love her very much & make sure she will happy with me.. :)

Credit to Her <3
I hope that two of us will be together until we got identical twins baby...hehe...I wish i have baby like that...So cute if I imagine that... :3  I hope that she will know me well more...I don't understand why she always misunderstanding about me...She never know what's in my heart..huhu...

Next week I don't know whether she will text me or not..I'm trying to text her..but afraid that wrong time to text her...It was of her complicated work,I don't know what time she will back home..Sometimes it make me curious because she go back home with man that I don't know...huhuh...All I can do is pray to god for her safety.. :3

By the way,when I'm at kk,I feel like I always think about her..Sometimes I need rest my mind because I know next sem is tough subject since I got sem 4 next week... I hope you guys can pray for my success,I need support from you all...hehe...Well,guys i'm sorry if I share about my personal problem here..I don't have so much idea to post..Since I got problem,it force me to post here...huhuh...I'm sorry guys.. :/


 I think that's all for today guys...I hope that you all happy out there..seems like Euro 2012 already started..I wonder if my friend out there ask me to go out with them for watching Euro at night..hahaha..I don't feel like to go,otherwise it's england game...hehe..I like England team.. :P

Well guys,take care ya...I will post next entry tomorrow..Insya-Allah... :)