Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone,it's been 2 weeks I didn't update my blog right? Well,i'm kind busy with raya mode and I don't have much time to spend with laptop. Actually,on 1st raya on 19th august I got stomachache which is the worst one and make me suffer for that. It take for 5 days to recover my stomach..I wonder why,maybe I eat soup that my mum cooked and I take chili for make it delicious in the morning,so it's good combination.hahaha...Overall, my stomach has fully recover from that pain. :)

20th august which is 2nd of Raya, I'm just stay at home and waiting for guest. From what I remember, there's a lot of my big sister's friend,also my mum's friends too. My friend who from Menggatal area went my house. But she come on 1 weeks after raya which is 3 days before I go back to KL. I'm a bit happy because my only friend come to my house,some of my friend kinda busy with their family and all that stuff. Too many reason will their give to me. :3

21st of august,we went to Sipitang for met with my father's friend which their go Haji together 3 years ago I think. We visit that haji and invite them to come our house. :) After that, on night,we going to my big brother's friend house at this area near my house. they do open house and we're invited by them. Hee..

My big sister

big brother

On 22nd, haji from sipitang come to our house and bring a big family..hehe..Well,I like guest come with whole family because we need to recognize if we have meet somewhere right? Maybe someday,they study with same college with us.Who knows right? hehe. But sadly,there's no one I recognize,just one girl which is interesting with my big brother. Hahaha..But that time,my big brother went work and I'm the one who talk to her.

Oh 25th, me and my family went to "ever best photo" which the place we often go there for photoshoot. It tooks few an hour to prepared and waiting for other done their photoshoot. this picture which us waiting for our turn to photoshoot.

Well,this picture shows that we're boring for waiting our turn for photoshoot and near half an hour we waiting for other customer..huhuh.. When our turn is up, there's so many picture that we had that time and when I saw it,I feel that I'm happy because I'm still have family that love me much.. :')

My family :)

Siblings :)

With my grandma

Well,guys I know that I'm too fat at this picture and I'm on going to make myself slim. I'm just less exercise this year. Huhuhu..My mother says that my eyes didn't see it when I smile.hahaha..Yeah,that's mean I'm big already..huhuhu..Don't worry,I will be slim in the future. Amin ~

Well,after that..We already finish our photoshoot and we have another time to take picture again. hahaha..Well,with my own phone camera with 12mp. Everything will be solve. :D

Next day, my family and I going to salut which is near menggatal area and we having a lot more time. Eat seafood and all that.hehe..I just can't remember what kind of seafood that we have,seems like is too many food infront of my eyes. :D

On 28th, I'm going back to KL for having my final exam on 29th and 30th august..Everything is going well but I'm just a bit stress on 30th august in the morning because there's something bad happen..huhu.. But alhamdulillah,finally I can answer all question. :)

Moreover,today is the independence day..So I want to wish happy independence day to all people in Malaysia. I hope our country will move on and never give up. Fight with full strength and teamwork is more important. :)

So,I think that's all for today ya,because I have spent more time with family and I got lot more holiday till next week..ehehe..So,I will give you a new when I have some mood ya..hehe..


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...Seems like today is last day for fasting and some of my friend going back to their village. Me and my family didn't go back to tawau because of 2 things only. First is my big brother don't get offday for next week and I'm the one who get final exam which is fall on 29th august,next week ya. Huhu.. I hope next week I have time to study and try to focus more of them. because my result depends on my revision that I had it. :3

Well,tomorrow is the moment that everyone waiting for the happy day which is Eid ul-Fitr to all muslim. That's why I mention that everyone go to their hometown or village ,so they can celebrate Eid with whole family.My family and I will going to Tawau every Eid ul-Fitr,but this time we can't go because of me and my brother. I hope that I can invite all my friends to come my house because my house always open for any guest. :D

This is my new Eid card for everyone including non muslim..hehe...I think everyone say that my raya card was nice than last year.. As Designer, I will make sure that I create new design for next Eid card and make it more creative.Today is nothing so special but just my big sister was going out just now,watching Expendable 2.. I think it's useless for her because I think she should help my mother which is preparing food for guest. I can't talk to her because she's already old,not kid. :)

I think that's all for today because I don't have so much story in this night of Eid. My mother already cook the food which is for tomorrow. I hope that I can help them as much as I can because next week that I will go back to KL for my exam..huhu.. I hate this kind of feeling because I want to attend my friends open house.. :3

I hope my father will book my ticket as soon as possible,I will try to talk with my father..hehe..My mother already approve my request that I want to go back KK after exam..hee.. Well guys,that's all for story in this night of raya,I hope all of you can go to my house and meet me here... :)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...It's near 2 weeks I didn't update my blog..Well,I don't have so much story here because my life here at KL just normal life,not too fantasy..hehe..What I worried here,it's my final examination is on 29th august which is 2 days after raya.. Meaning to say, I don't have any mood of raya..Last year,klmu has good management for doing final examination before raya,but now? Seems like their have so many student there..Well,every month got intake right..huhuh..This time will be crowded at KLMU.. I hope they will show good manner.. :)

For you information,today is my last day on KL because tomorrow I will go back to KK which I'm going celebrate Hari Raya at my house.. I hope this raya have more fun even I have final examination..haha.. Actually, this 15 august, I have invitation from my niece which he ask me to iftar at town but I don't think my mother let me go out because my mother needs my help to clean the house.. Later I will think for that...huhu.. :3

By the way,me and my friend iftar at wangsa walk which my friend,richard search for snow cap that he want to wear this wednesday. I want snow cap also but there's only 1 colour left..huhu..I'm so misfortune today.. After that we go around wangsa walk and rest at gintell chair that massage your back.

We rest there for 10 minutes while waiting for iftar. Before that we already ask for reservation at Little Wok Kitchen at Wangsa Walk.

At restaurant,we order set of food for 3-4 people. Overall for this restaurant,it's delicious food and good for iftar. There's so many people in this restaurant because their iftar with family,not like us..huhu.. When I saw them just now,make me remember family at KK..huhu. :(

Me and my two friends,sanni and richard which we have this kind of this menu there...hehehe...Well,so far it's not regret at all. All of this stuff,finish by us. More family at that restaurant which having iftar..huhu..

Richard and Sanni

Two of them will go hometown after me..Richard will be going back on 15th august and sanni on 16 august..hehe..So,i'm the one who will back early tomorrow. Maybe all of us in this hostel will be here at 27th august,but I will back to KL on 29th august..huhu..

I've been try the snow cap earlier,my friends say that I'm so cute wearing that snow cap.. =_=' I feel awkward when I saw my face just now using that..hahaha...Well,everybody have different perception about us right? hehe..I understand that and accepted.. :)

Yeah! That's me wearing snow cap..hahaha..Weird right? Well, I haven't wear this cap,but after wearing that,I feel different about me..Something like I've been in korea..haha.. Actually,this picture already edited by me which you can see my eyes there and skin. It's not natural at all..It was because that I called Designer..hee.. :)

I think that's all for today,I hope this raya will be more fun and my friend will come to my house..Seems like their will give surprise..huhu..So,start tomorrow,I will be prepared to greet them to my house. I feel to lazy go out 4 days before raya,my niece didn't understand at all what kind of mood I have after I got back to KK.. Haiz, I will decide tomorrow after dawn.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone..Seems like it's already month of august which is near "Hari Raya Aidilfitri"..haha..Actually it still far away because from what I heard is raya will be on 18th or 19th august..I can't wait but what I hate most is my final examination will held on 27th august which after my holiday.. =_=' How can I enjoy this raya? Haih..KLMU lame.. Grr.. I hope I have a bit referrence about my subject and can score this 3 subject. What I want to do today is make discussion with my friend on 2pm before my class. I hope all my friend comes and only 1 already confirm,another 1 is not sure plus last person is at Sabah..Visit her father which sick there..I hope her father get well soon..Amin. :)

To uncle xD

By the way,Alhamdulillah, I manage to go tarawih with my friend,arjuna..hehe..Plus having "Buka puasa" there. All people in that surau are sporting and our imam from Indonesia.. For the 1st time I didn't get it,and I ask him by myself. It's true that he's from Indonesia..hehe.. Yesterday,my friend asked me to go bazaar together but I refuse because I want "buka puasa" at surau..Haha..I'm sorry guys to make you feel uneasy. Now they will go back to their home. :3

Today, I suppose to wear that shoes but I feel don't want because it's in middle of week right? hahaha..So,maybe next week I will wear that. Actually, I really like shoes which have high cut.

Nike High Cut

I wish I can wear this type of shoes,after I saw one of my friend wear this shoes,I feel so cool and want to wear it..huhu..It's ok..Later if I collect my money,I will buy this..For sure..Huhu..But it takes time..ehehe...My current shoes is better now,I have to take care those shoes.. :) Which color suit to me huh? :D

I think that's all for this 1st entry because I don't so much story now..Later 2nd august, new movie will be out which is Step up 4 : Revolution..huhu..Can't wait,I wonder who's the lucky person will be going with me watch this movie..huhu...It's not like I'll watch by myself right? hahaha..I will be bored..huhu...Conclusion here,be strong guys..everything is possible. :)