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Assalamualaikum and good evening to all of you, how are you? Seems like  everyone have good condition,happy with friends & family. Today I'm wearing formal suit which I have 2nd presentation right? Yeah,but overall I got average mark. Not full like before because I just do it randomly. Abstract is it? :P Hopefully can get excellent mark. ;D

Abstract mind burst :3

For you information, half student from that class didn't attend or come. I don't know why, maybe they have no idea what kind of topic their want to speech infront of lecture and all of us. That miss want us to practice for our own sake because this is our destiny. They just waste time with useless stuff. ~.~'


Actually, our subject which being call "Essential business communication skills" have a lot of presentation. Meaning to say, I got less assignment for this subject.

One more thing, I have assignment which you must sketch 1st, rough sketches and then need approval from lecturer.

Example for rough sketches

Maybe I will make the sketches tonight, so I hope that I can make it because the day after tomorrow it's already start on doing that brochure in computer. I need all of you out there support and pray for me ya.. ;3

For your information, tomorrow it's already month of November and next week SPM candidate will start their paper. Well,it's easy junior. What you need to do is understand and make more practice. No need study hard, but you all must study smart.

About history subject? Don't worry, all you need to do is make own perception by answering question from KBKK ya.. ;)

I think that's all for last day of october because I don't have much story now. My idea already focus on my assesment which Electronic Publishing Design. So, less idea and less sleep today..huhu

All I need is support from you guys out there. :)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone, how are you all today? Seems like 2 days ago was Eidul-Adha,right? Well, i'm sorry everyone if I was too cruel because talking bad about people that I hate most it. Seems like I can't control myself for this matter, as you all know that I already being hated by everyone. It was because I'm awesome. I hope their can face reality and do the good stuff. Don't be fool especially for men who taking advantage for teenage girl. They still young,so beware.. Karma is around you. ;)

2 days ago was Eidul-Adha which muslim celebrate by taking Cow,sheep and Goat as Qurban. There's no Qurban but from what I heart, they already do it yesterday. I don't want it because I've a lot of assignment to do.. Haha, lame! Why? I didn't do it even single alphabet or one line for my sketches. What I do is wasting my time with social networking. After that I'm stress because of someone, and then I went to slept.

Yes,I'm stress.. :3

When I woke up, situation already okay but she do it same thing. It's better that my parents ask me to follow them visit my cousin's house at Kampung hulu. All my family going there and eat Soto Makasar,then we went back on 10pm.

For your information, I will goin' back to KL on 29th October because on 31st October, I will have presentation. It's essential business subject, lecturer train us to be brave. :D

Our presentation is about us being chairman which mean you will introduce yourself, education, qualification, and topic that each person would choose by our own sake. ;)

So today was the last day I'm at Kota Kinabalu City. Overall for 5 days holiday, not bad but I'm not satisfied because I can't feel the holiday even Eidul-Adha just for two days only. It's ok, I don't mind at all. On January 2013, I hope that KLMU provide us two weeks holiday for semester break, KLMU has lame management. So I hope this time they will make perfect decision. :3

Praying to Allah S.w.t.

Most important, my presentation going well on 31st October... I'm so nervous now...huhu.. Please pray for me guys.. ;3

That's all for today guys, I hope that some of you have fun for this Eidul-Adha plus goin' out with family & friend. I don't have any change to going out with my friends here because my mood not really ok.. Myself keep thinking about why people out there envy or hate my family..huhu..


I feel like in malay drama..haha.. Whatever guys, just keep praying right? Hehe.. ;)

I just want to remind you all something.. What is it? Don't make some bad perception before you see with your own eyes because that stuff will make us lost and become devil. So beware that guys and girls. :)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. It's been 3 weeks I don't update this blog,well my life is been hard right? How are you all today? Happy? Sad? Revenge? Or anything that you feel now.. But no need to feel for kill people ya,because that's not good for your own sake.. Just like me,my hatred still inside and I don't know how to get rid this feeling.. Actually you all already knows right the person who I hate most? What? Still don't know? Last time I haven't mention? It's ok guys,I feel lazy to mention it. Just forget about "him" ya.. ;)

By the way guys, I feel too curious because I have to think about my future. My family give me some warning to me for focusing my study more than relationship. I know it's hard but I will try to focus about study 1st. Last time I calling my parents and they ask me not to make relationship, if I make it, then I will out from KLMU..huhuh... :(

Anyway, next week on 24th I will go back to Kota Kinabalu which got Eiduladha right? But that's not long because start 27th october,our midterm will start until 4th November. There's some lecturer do midterm on 2nd week of November.. I'm still not understand why KLMU being like this, I already 1 year here and they still become lame college. From what I heart, the goverment will take over KLMU and move somewhere near Damai. However, our money will give back to us. I hope that's true statement, I don't like when they talk with nothing and not true.. I hate that!

Seems like the Final Exam already confirm on January 2013, so I can go comic fiesta on 22nd and 23rd december. Maybe after I go back from Kota Kinabalu, I'll buy the ticket.. ;)

For your information, this semester make us more busy with assignment and quiz. Plus with essay which we take history graphic. Fuh! I hope I can score on final exam and I don't want get any NC (Not Complete) -final / coursework. From what I heard, next year KLMU will not provide any NC yet and what I need is concentration,support and study smart now. :3

I think that's all for today ya because I don't story anymore.. Maybe after I come back from Kota Kinabalu, it will be a story for you all out there. Well,I just updating and share of what happen to around my life because my life seems like complicated,even some of my friend block me.. Well,our family including me are awesome,cool and attractive right? hahaha...

Some of my family use spell to my whole family,except me..why? because i'm at KL..hehe... Wanna know more? waiting for next post ya..hehe...btw,thanks for visiting me and i'm sorry that I seldom to update this blog..hehe.. Take care guys.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone. Seems like today is already october, which means we're near end of the year right? I hope this october will be much better than previous months. Actually what I hope is not fulfill yet because I already quarrel with my love. I know it's my fault for not going to tell her in 1st place but at least I tell her this morning. I already swear to myself that I will be honest to her but she still assume me as liar. What can I do? All I need to do is tell the truth. If she still hate and angry with me, I will make her calm down.. For sake of my love, I will risk my life for her. :')

I hope the next day of october until end of month, it's become better, better and better. Moreover, I've to focus on my assignment and I have to submit before midterm. I have a lot of practical assignment such as colour theory and electronic publishing. 2 subject needs sketches and I must think about new idea of sketches. I hope my lecturer give a good respond, so I can go on with my assignment without critical thinking. What I need is, you all out there. Please pray for me because I need you all support to make myself fight hard. Thanks everyone. :3

This evening, I follow my friend, mira linse, which one of my graphic's friend. She's going to pudu for photo printing. I need her because after that I want to buy shawl / scarf for my special one at labuan. Tehee.. :$ I hope she gonna happy with it. All I need is to see her smile and laugh, that's already make me feel calm and relax. So,today I went area masjid jamek for searching shawl. ;) Hope can get better one for my love. :)

Tonight, after I update this entry, I have to think an creative idea of make sketchs for my subject. With ability of Designer, I must prove it. Not just talking nonsense like useless people. With internet and music, Insya-Allah, my idea will come out.. Amin.. :) Some of my friend, their sketches has been approve by our lecturer. I envy them because their have fantastic idea but me? Always lame and misfortune. I swear and promise to them. Who's " them " ? Family, friends and love. What kind of promise? I will become Designer for sure. :)

For you, my love. :*

I think that's all for today 1st entry of october. I don't know when I can have time for blog because there's a lot of assignment will give to us. So I will seldom to update my blog. Love? I will try my best to spend time for her.. ;) I don't want lose her anymore, even it's necessary for me to cry for her because I love her sincerely from my heart.


I <3 NKA