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Assalamualaikum and what's up everyone? How's your life during november? Boring? Fun? Lame or hate it? That's kind of feeling you have on november, right? For me, It's complicated feeling. Why? Well, that's what I call a life and different from all of you out there. Maybe some of you have same fortune like me, but different way. There's so many conflict I have since 2nd week of november. Maybe they challenge my patience in my body? Or just give me another exam for ready to future? Wallah'ualam. All I need to do is move on and keep think positive. :)

Well guys, last 3 days, my mp3 player is not working at all on morning. I don't have any idea why my mp3 suddenly not working,maybe that stuff challenge me whether I'm taking new mp3 or not. haha.. Yeah,my friend, Arjuna, tell me that I should buy a new mp3 player.

My 1st MP3 Player ;D

My mp3 player model is Sony NWZ-B152 which the USB one. I buy that stuff since 2010 with my old friend,Rais. Actually, I don't want to buy new because I know that stuff will not working shortly. After that, it will be function again like before and it work. :D Thanks to that mp3 and that's mean my mp3 still love me.. :')

For your information, two weeks from now, I will have Choral Speaking Competition which is held on 21st December 2012. Huhu.. Some of our group didn't cooperate seriously and make my friend tension. Some of them yell that their don't get any script from my friend. Adam,which is leader for our group. He's got disease and I hope he can stand that sick until our competition. Without him,we will lost. >.< I hope all of you can pray for his healthy. :)

By the way, weather nowadays seems complicated because it will raining and sometimes it will be sunny day. So starting from yesterday, I bring umbrella along with me because I afraid that I will hit by rain again. Actually,I'm worried about my special one. Why? Yeah She's starting work again at parkson.

It's been 2 days that she haven't text and call me. My mind already negative thinking..huhu.. I hope you will read my blog now baby. I also hoping that you will drop some message. Please be save there at Labuan. I know it's hard to find a money but you know,i'm here can't sleep properly because of thinking of you at night. It's kinda annoying but you will understand what I feel and one more thing is that I hope and pray that you never meet that man again. Amin Ya rabbal Alamin.

Tonight, I ate durian D-24 type and my body become hot as water heater. Why? It was because I ate three durians last night with Adam.. :D Adam don't want to ate because he will spew it. Haha, maybe he's unfamiliar with durian.

D24 Durian

Kampung Version

I told my parents that I ate durian,my mother says that durian will make high blood pressure and my father have nothing to say about it. I don't know why,maybe he knows that I like durian very much. hehehe.. Me? Currently stand for warm body now. My body feeling so warm. I hope tomorrow my body feel more better than yesterday. :)

Tomorrow night is the day which is Malaysia against Indonesia on AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. I hope malaysia will win again. Tonight I will pray for them.

Tomorrow night (saturday)

Well guys, let's pray for Malaysia team for winning this game. I hope I can go along with my cousin because I saw today that my friend will go tomorrow night. huhu.. I think there is no sustenance for me to meet him. huhu.. My friend, Azlan had go tomorrow with my Lecturer. So,tomorrow all people will busy go to Putra Bukit Jalil Stadium. :3

Since tomorrow already month of December. I wondering if someone still remember my birthday date. I still got question mark in my head for who will wish 1st to me. I hope the 1st person my special one will wish me. :'3


On my birthday this year, I will stay at KL which is same happening on last year. The 1st person is my friend who studied at Uitm, and last person is my special one. Actually I don't care who's the person wish me,but I will be if the 1st person who wish me is Special one which at Labuan. Now she's busy with her work and no time for me. How pity I am right? :') 

What I can do is pray,pray and pray for our relatioship will eternity until we married. I hope that all of you out there pray for us ya. :)

I think that's all for today because my head now feel heavy. Maybe durian affected.haha  I need to rest myself tonight because tomorrow will tidy my room with Arjuna.

I hope all of you out there have a nice day and stay healthy ya. ;)

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and Hola hola everyone in this world. Miss me? Haha.. I guess not, right? It was there's nobody remember me even "her" also never try to text me or ask me how I am here at KL. It's better to die right or I just can make myself hurt like accident? Sounds like egoist and selfish right? I just want her attention,that's all. I don't know whether she appreciate to me or not. Wallahu'alam. :)

For your information, I've been seek for hatred and darkness. Why? Somebody ask me to change myself. I can change,but the consequence, maybe she will not recognize me then. For whole of my life, I never change myself. Just less the nerd type. I don't know what should I do. I can't even focus on my study because of this problem. I love her very much, even I can't describe into words. I wonder if she understand my heart or not. Honestly, she totally change. I wonder why,maybe because of that fucking man.

That man shouldn't exist in this world,he's totally sucks and need to be killed by me. I think it's his luck because I'm too far now. I know you guys already know which one is my hatred and darkness right? Don't think I may nerd, no kind of these feeling. They will be glad, i'm too far fron their place. So they just enjoy with lust their have it.. I just patient for now. :3

By the way, need to be good person who have Nur-light in my heart? I can, but need more time for that. I know my parents already got "haji" title, it doesn't mean I have to change in short time right? My girlfriend,which is stubborn one who change a lot than me. She said that she follow the step or treat I give to her. Meaning to say, she's not sincere to her own heart. I still love her with sincerity from my heart and her? I don't know, maybe I'm going to die here at KL,probably right?

That's all I can say because she never understand the valuable in my heart. All my friends,majority girls.. Well, just need their opinion and they said I was too good for her and their think she glad. I said, maybe and they suprise with my expression. They advice to me keep patient, don't give and they say it's usually like this for long distance relationship. I accept that advice. :')

Actually I got 3 assignment and 3 additional work, so calculate. It will be 6 task that I have to do. One of my friend, Azlan ask me to crop his sister's picture. Another one is ask me to create banner for colouring contest and last is my father which is ask me to update his blog. I can do all 3 additional work but I can't focus on my assignment. Hahaha.. Do you think I can focus 6 task in one time? It's possible if I got power to duplicate myself. :3

If I don't have class,maybe I can make a revision. But this is an assignment which is make me study hard for that. I want to study smart but not compatible with 3 assignment I have now. So, I hope you guys out there pray for my success of doing assignment and also for my relationship.

I need all of you out there support me ya. One more thing is,I just need you guys to give some suggestion and opinion. Especially from girl,for my relationship. I need to understand what girls want from guys. Thanks. :3

I think that's all for today because I need to do some work that my friend ask me. If you want to know more,wait for last day of november ya. I will post something as usually I do every month. Take care and have a nice day everyone. ^_^


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone. How are you all today? Seems like here at Kuala Lumpur, the indians people lively celebrate Deepavali with fireworks. There's no fireworks at my hometown,Kota Kinabalu. Well less indians there and the lively celebration is Eidul-fitri, chinese new year and the other celebration. I don't remember what kind of celebration because I totally forgot about that. Haha. I just remember common celebration only. ;)

For you information,I haven't touch my assignment yet because my mood also holiday. I just wasting my time playing games and eating at hostel. My mind about assignment totally disappear and I want to buy stuff to do assignment become lazy.

That's me. :D

One more things is,my mother will be coming next week on 20th november for meeting session. There's something missing when she's been here at KL last week.As usually, I will visit her again. I don't know why,sometimes I want to focus study because final exam is around the corner.. I hope I can focus while my mother here. :'3

Today is Maal Hijra which muslim people including me who celebrate that. We're not using firework but we just want to pray for our sake. In other word, start our day with good stuff and good spirit.

For All Muslim

Actually Maal Hijra means migration or journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina. Just like my mother said to me yesterday,more for praying and zikr. I start to realize,maybe I should do that and so I can start new spirit. :)

Two days ago, I've been watching Skyfall which is New movie of James Bond. It's interesting movie but that time my heart still uneasy and I don't feel anything about that movie. Overall, it's best movie and as usually, there's still to be continue.

One of my friend already watch this movie last 2 weeks and he watch again with me and Richard. Hahaha.. Just like me,watching same movie at 2 times. I don't remember what movie it is. :D There's another movie I want to watch next 2 weeks, it's breaking dawn part 2 which is Twilight Saga. I know all of you out there already know it right? haha.. I like watching last part and I will start watching from the first one until last part 1. That's my style. Hee.. :D

Guys and Girls out there, if you recognize, I already change title of my blog. You see it? Right? hehe.. I change that because it's suit with my situation right now to be Designer. Somebody don't want to accept the fact that I will Designer because they say that me may not become designer. I don't care about that. I will not give up on my dreams. I don't want to be useless because it's been 19 years I study,but still no improvement. Effort is needed here guys. :)

 Actually I never think about giving up on my career. My life full with problems Problem need to resolve right? How can I be Designer if one problem cannot be resolve? We can make decision whether want to give up or not. For me,I will move on and searching for resolve that problem. Determination also can use but no affect at all. That's depends on ourselve. Follow your heart,not your feeling. ;)

Heart always sincere and make a true decision. Unless your heart have hatred and darkness. Maybe got different answer. Future is in your hand and follow your heart ladies and gentleman. :)

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone. How are you all today? Seems like now it's rainy days right? Yeah, some of us already sick and get flu. Like me? haha. Actually,I don't want to take much today because I don't have mood now. Seems like somebody ruin my mood today,but it's ok.. What I give or make happy, it's sincerely from my heart. I don't if she will trying to play my heart. I hope it's not. I believe her..Insya-Allah.. I ask Allah s.w.t. to make me strong and tough to get the consequence. :')

Last night, I was quarrel with my big brother because of something personal problem. I know he worried and pity for our father now because my father not working anymore. Just making business like MonaVie, selling layer cake on Hari Raya or any big celebration, and
sea cucumber for healthy. Yeah, I admit that I hate myself. 

For you information, I already realize why I was sent here at KL. It was because of my opportunity here at KL is wide. If I success,I can help my family. Now I will set my heart for keep study smart and success. After that, I can help my family. About my big brother, I accept of what he trying to advice me because I was a little brother which still crybaby and trying to be strong,not a child anymore. ;)

Since 9th November, I went to Nilai, Negeri Sembilan which my aunt place there, I went there because my mother was there since 8th November. Yeah, Well, I got stress on 8th November. I don't why,my heart keep feeling uneasy about it. I start calling my mother that time and ask to join her stay at Nilai. Then I go nilai and arrive at 8.00PM. :3 I feel like something new for KTM train now because they using transit if you're going to Sungai Gadut. I thought I was lost but alhamdulillah,it's fine at all. :)

On 10th November, we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya which my aunt make us follow them shopping on weekend. Yeah, it's been while I didn't go to Alamanda shopping mall at Putrajaya because last I went that place on year 2009. :3


So,my mother went Parkson and viewing a handbag. :D Well,my mother always like that,she likes to wash her eyes while look for handbag there.hehe.. And me? Oh? I don't have any intention to buy anything. I just buying a mechanical pencil. Hahaha..Well,my pencil was already broken.hehe..How violent I am. hee... :) Then we're going to ate at food court. I take western food style.. Oh Yeah! :D and then my stomach full. :3

On 11th November morning, I sending my mother to airport on morning. My mother flights on 8.30am. Wow! Early right? Huhu... So, I have to woke up early like I have exam on 8am . Hahaha..
Btw guys, on this date also, me and my special one already 1 year. It means our 1 year anniversary. 

For you, NKA <3

 Alhamdulillah,we made it and I gave her secret gift. You all want know about it? Ask her,not me..hehe.. I just don't want to tell you all because it's my privacy here..hehe..Of course it's special gift. :) I hope that two of us can be together eternity. Amin Ya rabbal alamin. :)

Lastly,Seems like tomorrow is deepavali day. KLMU provide us to take holiday for one week because after deepavali is awal muharram right? Yeah. But I can't relax for that period of holiday. I have an assignment to do and submit after holiday. Lame right? huhu.. Well,this is life when become University student. :) 

By the way, Happy Deepavali for all indians people.


Nor Azri @ Alek

Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. Well guys,it's already november which is SPM Candidate will get war. I hope all of you will have a good time with family and for those who take SPM tomorrow, good luck ya. Give all what you have in 5 years at secondary school. All you need is effort to study, it's more than enough. Tomorrow SPM will start,still have time to study for today.. Just do revise again of what you've study before. I advice you as senior here.. :D

Yesterday I went to midvalley for PC Expo, just wasting my time to survey my handphone that I dream before. Insya-Allah, I will collect more money as soon as possible. Maybe I will buy that phone on early year of 2013. :) There's nothing special about that,it just only suit for businessman. Actually I buy something for her, what is it?

Present guys, for our anniversarry next week and I hope our relationship will eternity & keep strong.. Amin ya rabbal alamin. :)

Today? My mother coming to KL for meeting, I stay with her now and she will be back on 11th November which is the next day I will be holiday for 1 week because indian people celebrate Deepavali and Muslim celebrate Awal muharram.

Have blessed Awal Muharram
1 week huh? I don't know what should I do on that 1 week, I wish I can go labuan. For what? I got something to do there but I don't have much money now. I wish that money fall from sky.. :3 Actually I have a lot of assignment to do, so maybe I will do it during 1 week holiday even colour theory subject I didn't touch yet.. I hope I can carry on this subject. Insya-Allah. :)

I think that's all for today entry because I don't have any idea now. Starting tomorrow, wednesday and friday I will have midterm exam which they will do in class. Wish me luck ya guys. :)

For SPM Candidate, do your best ya and don't forget to pray. Future is in your hand. ;)