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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. How's the stuff happens out there? Fine or not? If fine, then go on.. If not, try to calm and move on like me.. Me? Yeah, me.. I have too much problem now.. Actually, I have problem with my assignment which is digital effects, advertising design and packaging design.. 

Problem with idea, creativity and time.. I don't know why, seems like myself comes back from year of 2012 which is I'm sucks that time because couple with girl that never understand my situation as student here at Kuala Lumpur (KL).. Last two weeks, she ask me for money and I ask her whether she want me or my money.. I just one only but she want both.. 

We got another story if I work now but I'm still study guys.. It's lie if I said I never love her right? I love her but she act like I'm the banker.. Huhu.. For now, I'm not contact with her because I want to focus on my final project which is start next week, the day after tomorrow.. 

Now I currently think about how to solve this kind of problem.. I have no idea now..huhu.. I will tell you about the problem I had now.. ~
First is Digital Effects and Compositing which is multimedia subject that I told you before right? Now I'm on final project and I haven't submit the report.. See? Sucks right? You know why? Because myself which is sucks think about stuff that never involve with my studies.. 

Oh my report.. :(

It's same with last year, I think about that.. I wish for this year that I want to change and never think about stuff like that.. In the end, I never ready for that stuff.. See how defenseless I am.. Now I'm struggling to think about the idea to create tv show in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D.. Cinema 4D? 

This is the software of 3D ~

Yeah.. I think you all ever heard that right? I never, seriously never heard that.. huhu.. Actually it's software about 3D animation but this a little bit advanced.. I haven't try to do it because my body malfunction now.. That's why now I pray that I need to be strong now... 

Never think about that person which is try to make you fail in your life.. I don't know what should I say but I will try regain myself..InsyaAllah.. ~

Second is advertising design..You already know right? About our miss it's really choosy and try to make us feel headache.. Actually, she's okay but I don't like her attitude.. She try to make burden at student like want perfect by following her taste.. 

After that, she ask everyone that we have take corporate identity or not.. She said we should take corporate identity first and after that her subject.. It's depending on us right? Huhu.. By the way, alhamdulillah, I already submit the print ad, storyboard and website design.. I don't know whether she approve or not.. I'm scare of that.. huhu.. I wish I don't have C grade this semester.. I want to continue through degree..

Study Hard

Same with the digital effects.. If I'm not get A grade, at least I got B- or B.. huhu.. I got three weeks more to catch up that subject.. I need to take time to focus that and pray.. Plus I need support from people that I know from Facebook, Twitter, and people who visit my blog..

I need this!

I know everyone out there have seen my post before.. I just need one thing from all of you out there, pray for my successful ya.. I swear that I never forget you all later.. Remember that. ~ ;)

Last one is packaging design.. This subject, urgh... Seriously, need more time to create the item which is I have to make it real.. Two days ago, I already make twenty sketches which is my own product.. Huhu..

Example only
I'm not slept that day because of sketch that stuff.. I got only fourteen sketches and I sent to miss but she reject.. She ask me to sketch six more.. huhu... Before that, she ask me to sang a song because I haven't show any progress. I sleepy that time, so I need to stay fresh right? I sang one song for moss which is Malay sing, Adam AF2-Benar Benar.. I got infront and sang that song.. 

Adam - Benar Benar Album Cover

Everyone is laughing at me and I don't care.. As long as my sleepy is gone, I'm okay with it.. After I sang, my eyes is fresh.. Alhamdulillah and I sketch another six packaging.. Finally, I got one which is approve by my miss.. Hehe.. After that, I stay with my friend which is Hakim, Fikri and Amirul.. When last person, Amirul go for his next class, miss ask me to stay until she finish her work which is approve another student assignment.. I went back to hostel at 8pm and I slept in bus.. 

Haha.. Once I arrived at hostel, I suddenly slept with towel.. Hahaha, funny right? When I woke up and I directly take bathed. After that, I continue my slept and woke up at 3pm... 

Sleep Again ~
See? How sleepy I am.. Today, I wake up at 12pm.. huhu.. Really stressful.. Everyone if they stress, they smoke, take marijuana or whatever if the release their stress.. Me? Eat and sleep..

When I'm stress, I'll be like this person

Only that two types.. Huhu.. Different right? I'm not smoke at all because I hate it.. Overall, I will try my best to finish that packaging, InsyaAllah.. ~

Today is the end of November and today my friend got married.. Alhamdulillah.. Hehe.. She's same age with me.. Early right? It's her fate with her husband now.. 

For both of them :)

Marriage is doesn't matter age.. Me? Nobody wants me because I don't have money.. Hahaha.. Maybe if I work and have a lot of money, girls will catch me.. Who knows right? 

Actually, I don't care about that, what  most important is sincere from our heart.. Hehe.. Congrats for her and tomorrow I will go to her wedding ceremony at Taman Sunway, Batu cave.. I will shoot candid photo there.. Oh yeah! Hee

I think that's all for today. I hope I can focus more on my subject.. Start next week, I will have presentation.. Start with digital photography..huhu.. 

Wish me luck and pray for me ya.. I need support from you guys.. huhu.. I hope I can do it with brave in my heart.. Once again, wish me luck ya... Support me.. huhu.. Thank you ~

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola.. How are you all today? Seems like near 3 weeks I haven't update this blog right? I've been busy with assignment... For your information, this semester I just got final project only. 

Busy with assignment

There's no exam for my subject.. Relax right? That's for you but for me, really struggle.. huhu.. I have a lot miss my attendance.. My final exam registration has been block because of unsatisfactory attendance.. huhu.. 

Can't focus :(

I don't know why myself become sucks nowadays. I can't focus and do assignment... This week, alhamdulillah, I can gain myself from laziness. I pray to Allah s.w.t. for take out my laziness. Alhamdulillah, it's fine now.. 

For now, I have to catch up what I haven't learn it. Digital effects? I got lame animation effects.. huhu... I'm very sad.. I want to prove my words to everyone that I can be designer. 

Nothing is impossible right when you have effort on that dream. I hope all.of you out there can give more support for me and I can move on. InsyaAllah.. :)
About digital photography, alhamdulillah, it's very well.. I'm still got 9 subject which is panning, slow shutter, outdoor model, nature, sports, events, and another 4? I don't know.. huhu.. InsyaAllah, I can do that all 14 assignment.. 

New Hobby for me :D

It's not like I confident but I believe in myself. Is it right? Effort is important and one more thing is you must pray, Allah s.w.t. will help you. It's same with corporate identity, I believe in myself that I can do it along with pray to Allah s.w.t.. hehe.. About this corporate, I got 4 more which is signage, transportation, website and booklet. 

Set of Corporate Identity

This 4 assignment will finish in this 4 weeks more.. Even Sir Sam, my lecturer is serious person but I admire him because he's an ex art director.. Awesome right? I wish I can be like him someday, that's why I change my mode this week. 

Art Director

I stay on this mode until December. My mode is Nor Azri's final mode which is try make balance of his activity. When it comes to December, I already on final presentation mode. Maybe that time, I will be late to update this blog. Overall, I hope I can focus more this two subject with digital effects.. :)

About advertising, same with digital effect, I skip her class because I can't focus it. But now I can focus back.. Alhamdulillah.. What I dislike about this lecturer is choosy one without manner.. huhu.. why I say like this? Her mouth is not really control by her. She always moody.. 

Huhu, She said what she want like talk bad about us. She's not trying to give advice.. huhu.. I meet her on last two days for signing my attendance.. She never feel pity for me.. Overall, she's good lecturer, not sucks at all.. Maybe her attitude already like that right? I can accept with open heart and go on for her assignment.. hehe.. Packaging? The lecturer also choosy but not too much.. 

Childish Girl

She's just like childish girl..hehe.. She's choosy because for our own good to create the packaging that we need to make it soon even she's like childish lecturer, overall, she's good one..hehe.. I'm still not go on with her assignment, I'm not sure when but I will do it this week and show her next week. I'm trying to wake up myself slowly and step by step.. Maybe I should know why I'm being like this. I hope I will find soon.. ;)
Seriously, this semester I feel too heavy.. it's same with my past semester. This is real stuff everyone. I take a step to make my future bright or not. My future is on my hand.. huhu... 

Future is in our hand, right?

I wish I can go sabah and need advice from my mother but my hometown is far away... Huhu.. I will setting to myself later to keep focusing this semester. I hope all of you can support and pray for me ya.. I need support from all of you out there.. :')

Today? I went to PWTC because my mission for taking panning photography is failed.. It's really sad... Huhu.. I failed to Kuala Lumpur Sepang Circuit because there got event which is cuprix.. 

huhu.. In the end, I make request from my friend for sent me to Wangsa Walk. After that, I went to PWTC to enter motor show event and I pay Rm20.. 

Overall, it's really make me satisfied.. hehe.. Tomorrow? I'm not sure if I go out or not.. I feel like I don't want to go, but I need to do photography assignment.. huhu.. 

Well, if we want to success, sometimes we need to sacrifice ourselves right? Like stay late a night, busy on weekend and no time to enjoy.. hehe.. That's ok, more important is we study with sincere from our heart.. hee.. ;)

I think that's all for tonight.. Actually I got more story but I forgot about my story which is I want to share for everyone.. hehe.. Next post,InsyaAllah, I will story to all of you ya... Hehe..

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... How are you all out there? Fine or not? If not, it should be have problem right? Fine? Alhamdulillah... Hehe.. Actually, I've been in Kuala Lumpur since Monday but I miss my presentation.. huhu.. 

Worried :3

I already sent through email and miss reject my presentation because there's no product view there.. Well, it's last minute assignment.. Actually I want to change myself for not doing last minute assignment because I'm on last semester and next semester is final project.. It must be tough right? Use more idea, money and energy to work on that stuff.. 

Senior right? Even I'm on senior year, I don't feel to take drugs.. Drugs is make our healthy become worse.. I want to live more happily, not suffer for that stuff.. If I give two option, girls or drugs? 

I choose girls... Hoho.. I hope drugs will far away from me and my health always fine until next generation.. InsyaAllah ~

How's my whole day in this week? Hurm, kinda fine but I'm not coming to class 2 days ago... Why? I'm not feeling well because there's someone makes my mind a lot of questions.. who is it? Hmm, same person.. 

My life now ~
It's my ex-girlfriend, I think you all know her right? I don't know why she always make me trouble.. I think I should follow what my friend instruct me last year but in the end, I just ignore them.. My principe is out of my condition.. huhu.. 

Something wrong with me now, this is the bad condition if I love someone deeply... I already try to love her but she make problem again.. After that, I imagine a negative side.. What happen to me? Ya Allah, help me.. 

Praying ~

I need You ya Allah... :'(   Why why and why? I think I should face this without any hesitation.. This is my problem and this is my mistake.. I need to be strong right? 

Strong to face this matter with open heart..She always make problem..huhu, I hope everyone out there can support and pray for me ya.. I need supporters from all of you.. :')

Well everyone, this near end of the year 2013, I have a lot of problem... 1st about my ex girlfriend, 2nd is about my friend which is Adam and last is finding rent house.. I don't why, each problem comes one by one.. 

Too much problem :3

Sometimes I want to give up but when I think back about my future and family, I directly fight back.. Finding solution to clear this problem.. huhu.. I think why only me who face this all kind of problem. 

Did I will having peace after study? Or just this kind of test for me to make a step? I always think the best way to run is die without reason.. Hahaha.. Crazy right? I wish I can forget this stuff with one second only but it takes more time to forget this kind of problem.. 

I'm disappointed :(

About my ex girlfriend, I already have feeling love through her but she makes problem again and again.. I'm really fool.. huhu.. What I can do now is ignore my problem and focus on my studies.. InsyaAllah, I will back to normal... :')

For your information, sometimes when we far away from family, there's one thing that can make us happy, who is it? It's friend! Alhamdulillah, they can make me happy. 

They which is arjuna,richard, mira, and afro.. This 4 of them makes my day really happy on Tuesday and Wednesday which we go lepak, chill and went national zoo.. hehe.. 

National Zoo KL

I wish I can go out with them again.. With them, my problem will go away. Azlan? Oh? He's well now to me but I just need to stay alert.. Well, he's sensitive..  Overall, he's okay and he want to help me about photography.. 

I hope what he want to teach me is just reality, not just saying right? I hope this semester I can follow back after having a lot of question mark.. Really sucks then.. I can get back to what I've been through before such as assignment and final project... 

Not the annoying problem.. huh! Focus, focus and focus Azri, this is your future, not her.. If you can't get married to her, there's a lot of girls out there right? I hope I can get through all this.. Everyone, pray for me ya.. I need support from you guys.. :')

I think that's all for today.. 4 days more go for new month which is November.. That month also have celebration for my anniversary with my ex girlfriend.. I have to wish for her,seriously, I'm still love her.. Hurm.. But her? Maybe, after anniversary, I make a decision.. InsyaAllah...

Well, that's all ya... :)

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. How are you all today? Fine or not? I know some of you fine right... Me? Not fine at all.. Why? Because I got problem that make me repeat myself in 2012... What? 2012? Yeah... It's last year everyone.. Well, everyone knows that I have problem with my Ex Girlfriend right? Seems like the guy named David Baranjing, eh, barangsing... Hahaha.. Sorry, since I hate that guy, I always hate him... Until I die.. 


See, how evil I am right? Actually, I'm still love with my ex girlfriend, but I have to focus study now.. To make my future bright and happy.. I hope she will understand how currently I am..

How to understand ~

I just have to find mood of making assignment and my mood always sucks.. I don't know why. Seems like my mood is complicated.. 

I have to

I wish I can have switch mode but it just a dream.. huhu.. I hope I can go through all this with strong heart.. :')

This year, I'm on final semester now.. huhu.. Subject also tough with a lot of assignment.. This week, I have all of the assignment.. 

I'm in Final Year

I'm still hold it.. Why? I'm at Kota Kinabalu now.. Surprise right? I'm coming for Eid al-Adha for 5 days but I extend because I don't have class on Wednesday and Friday.. Only Thursday but I will miss my presentation on Monday because that time I'm going back to Kuala Lumpur..

huhu.. I just put on slideshow and sent through email.. I have to stable my own personality now because I'm on final semester.. I feel I'm struggling now... Huhu... I wishing that past not coming back.. huhu.. 

Wishing ~

I hope everyone out there pray for my strongest heart to keep move on and fighting.. I don't want past come back to me.. I want my future only.. huhu.. Ya Allah, I hope You can help me to get through all this kind of challenges.. Amin ya rabbal alamin.. :')

This week I'm going to stay at Kota Kinabalu for 1 week and I'm going to complete all my assignment here at home.. Sometimes I can't focus at hostel because there's so many distraction like lazy mode and sleep mode.. In the end, I'm going to check my facebook and twitter..

huhu.. My last minute always make me sick.. I hope this semester, there's no last minute anymore.. Why? I want to change, change myself slowly.. Keep doing assignment until finish all that. 

Now,I got assignment from Corporate identity, packaging design and advertising design.. I mention this 3 subject because the lecturer was hard to make them choose our artwork.. Why? Because they are professional and 1 lecturer who teach us is ex art director.. 

Art Director ~

Wow, surprise right?.. He used to teach us Corporate identity.. The advertising, I will sent through email and other 2 that I will meet them face to face.. I have to follow up and if not, I am the one who will regret later.. am I right? 

Managing Time ~

So, I have to keep on manage my time here at Kota Kinabalu.. I hope I can manage my time here to spend with my assignment...InsyaAllah.. :)
Today, I was going to photoshoot just now with my friend Omar and iszzat.. Iszzat? Yeah, it's my friend since primary school at Sk Tanjung Aru 2.. 

Primary School ~

He's not change at all, still same like before.. Only change about his style and fashion.. Well, he's classic one.. hehe.. We going to 1Borneo Hypermall just now.. 

1Borneo Hypermall ~

My destination is Suria Sabah but, since it's jammed, I change my destination.. But alhamdulillah, I finally captured landscape which is got story behind the picture.. 

Just Example, I wll do like this,same.. InsyaAllah :)

I hope the lecturer will know my story behind the picture.. huhu.. He's professional one.. By the way, today I'm using new lens from my friend,Omar which is zoom lens.. Nikkor 70-300mm.. 

When I captured, I say wow.. haha.. Well ,it's Omar's uncle lens.. hehe.. His uncle got a lot of lens that Omar said to me.. From my perception, maybe his uncle photographer and professional right.. huhu.. I wish I could get that lens but I need to master the basic first.. After that, I will go through with amateur skill.. hehe.. InsyaAllah.. :)

I think that's all for today, I hope that I can story all my activity here more but I afraid that all of you will be boring to read right? Haha.. Moreover.. I'm going to wish Eid-Al Adha here to all muslim in this world,especially at Malaysia...

I hope this year will be happily moment I have.. I wish that I can meet my ex when I am in Kota Kinabalu,but sadly, too many obstacle.. huhu... I always pray for her,that's for her own good.. not me.. I don't care what happen to me,even i'm going to die.. I also never forget my studies here at Kuala Lumpur.. I have to succeed myself as Designer here and create new life with someone that I love most.. InsyaAllah... :)

Hope we meet again everyone... :)