Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola my friends,family and lovely one. Lovely one? Oho? I know you all still wonder right who is my love? It's secret and someday you all will know later.. By the way, it's been while I didn't update my blog right? I'm on holiday and tomorrow I'll go back to KL with my family.. Huhu.. I can't feel the 3 weeks holiday and I spend that in my home.

Sometimes I went out for meet my old friend and have fun with them. Some of them I can't meet because they're busy.. Only few friend that I met while I'm on holiday here.. This is my last day here at KK and I will go back to KL and come back on may or june.. I'm still not satisfied because I haven't meet with all my friends here at KK. Huhu, I hope someday I will meet them somewhere else in my town. :)

Yesterday I was outing with my old friends from maktab sabah and we went to 1Borneo hypermall.

We didn't do anything, just wasting time around there..haha.. No intention and that's the near place to go because my friend,yazid, live at hostel near sepanggar.. Huhu.. He study at Yayasan Sabah College as Architecture Design and Hanisah study at Asian Tourism Internation College as Culinary Arts.

I feel glad and happy because I still have a few friends which still remember me. I understand some of them couldn't hang out with me,they don't have enough money and busy with family..hehe, I understand that.. Today I don't go out because I have to tidy my room before I left tomorrow..

Once I arrive at KL, I want to stay with my family until 5th febuary..hehe.. This is my chance to spend time with my family before they goin' back to KK. Once I saw them leave KL on 5th Febuary, I already have strong to give all my study this semester.. Oh yeah! ;D

Since I become more fat and chubby now, I need to reduce my fat on stomach and hand. Meaning to say, I have to exercise and play badminton.. I have to repair my racket because the string already broke, so I stop playing.

Badminton's string broke. :3

Why I haven't repair? My all money has been waste to that prostitute..huhu.. It's my fault right? Just make that as lesson for me. By the way, alhamdulillah, I finally can forget that prostitute and can go on with my lovely one. Hehe.. Thanks to her for always be there for me.. :')

Even she's too chubby than me, but she can understand me at all..hehe.. She's at KL right now, I hope I can meet her while she still at KL before I go to Nilai, Seremban.. ;3

Today I got two people who birthday today.. Once again, happy birthday both of you..hehe.. Later I will buy gift to both of you..hehe.. To lala,my cousin and ainon@ain my friend at KLMU..

 I'm still wondering what kind of present I should give them..huhu.. Later I will think that matter..hehe.. Anyway, to all my friends out there which live at sabah, first of all, i'm sorry that I couldn't meet you all.. I know you're busy but it's ok, I will back here on May or June and Insya-Allah, we will meet somewhere,anywhere and everywhere.. For those who broke or have problem with their partner, i'm sorry for mention this and I know you're strong right? Be strong and be "hope" to them.. :)

I think that's all for today and I have headache today.. I don't know why,maybe it was because I slept on midnight right? huhu..I hope this headache will be cure.. :3

Start next week, I will start my class on 5th Febuary and be new spirit plus be "hope" person.. :)


Nor Azri @ Alek
This is my Design and Manipulation

Simple and Playing with shadow :)

Comic (Look worst,right?)

Fake Smile

Edit or Real? :D

Edit or Real? 2nd Version :D

Is it too much effect? O.o

Awesome :D


Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone,as you see above is my design & photo manipulation for 2012. On 2012,I don't have so much idea and my idea always lack. I hope this 2013,my idea will be more creative and can use for my future.

Actually, today I don't have any idea but this is I want to share about my design last year. Hehehe.. Hope you all out there can comment and give opinion about my manipulation up there. Thank you.. Hee


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone. This year as you know,we already come into new generation. I mean new year, yeah it's 2013 babe. We're going to genting highland on new year's eve. It was my 1st time seen firework at genting highland and we having fun.

Genting Highland

On that morning, four of us really sleepy and tired. My leg cramp and I thought that I can't stand anymore because my shoes still uncomfortable and now,my shoes really comfortable. Alhamdulillah.. Hee..

By the way, I'm sorry to you all because it's been 1 week that my blog not update. I've been busy with my final exam since 3rd until 8th January. On 5th January, I come to college and my intention for come to college is just meet my friend because I thought that will be last day seeing her around college. On 4th, I hang out with other friend. 4 journalism, 1 designer(me) and 1 culinary. Good combination right? After I went to college, I went to printing shop that we call it bormas printing shop. I printed my magazine,our final assignment and I on 8th.

Then, I went to Times Square for meet my friend who studied at unikop. We're just went around,get lunch,chill at chatime.

Chatime at Times Square

 We want to watch movie but all movie sold and left is at night..overall, it's totally fun. :D

6 days ago, It's my last paper,which on 8th January. Alhamdulillah, I can answer my paper and I really no idea when read question because it's history graphic subject. Sounds like history subject but this about past graphic.

Dizzy @.@

Maybe I will try make some important note about this subject..huhu.. It's make me more dizzy. It's glad that I just take care of my study. If I have girlfriend, maybe I will get headache for 7 days..haha.. Yeah, got girlfriend which don't understand me which currently study here at KL and push me to get engage without any reason. I don't want that style ok! Huhu..

 For your information, I'm on holiday mode now. Well, I don't know what should I do in this holiday. All I do is online, stalk people, manipulate photo and sleep. I hope my body will maintain and I will try to reduce my fat. From now on, I'm not taking my dinner and I just eat bread with nescafe 3 in 1..

Diet time :D

Moreover, I'm at KK until 30th January. 31st January will be going back to KL with my family because we get wedding invitation. I think we all going with my grandmother. Hehe.. It's been long time I didn't go KL with my family. Today we going to tuaran because that place have markets which is selling many stuff like vegetables, fruit, gold fish, pearl and more. After we're going to eat seafood at Gayang Seafood Restaurant which at Spanggar near Uitm.

It's totally full with that serving of seafood.This weekend, I've spend more time with my family and I'm happy. :D

This week a bit lame to me. Why? Yeah, you know my ex right? 3 days ago, she disturb me with bad greeting. Seriously, she's already change and she's not the old person that I know 2 years ago. Since I know that she lost her virginity, she totally different person with childish attitude. Maybe she want masturbate again right? hahaha.. :D

Overall, it's nothing to do with me and all stuff that i gave her in past is sincere from my heart. Depends on her want to throw or not. That's mean she NEVER appreaciate what I gave to her. From now on, it's up to her whether she have hatred on me or not. I don't want anything to argue back.


Well, Allah s.w.t. will reply the same thing of what we do to people. It's doesn't matter if it was you or your family members because Allah s.w.t. is Fair to people. :)

I think that's all for today and I have a lot more story to you all but, I think I should stop here. I afraid you will be boring. 1st of all, I'm really sorry if my post is too rude. I just hate someone who never appreciate me,that's all. :)

Have a nice day guys.