Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone,how's your day out there? Fun? Boring? Annoying? Or Complicated? For me, my life it's complicated at all. I don't know why,seems like my love trying to make distance from me. Well,It's been while I didn't text her. It's doesn't mean I don't care,but I'm tired of thinking about assignment. I'm in the 5th semester now and start busy with assignment and group work. I want to explain all that to her,but seems like she don't care at all. To her,who am I? Why I'm the one who always in this situation? Is this challenges in my life? For now, I understand that she still want to enjoy her life out there. I can't restrain her from what she had done out there and I believe her. Not like my previous love, she need to be watch because she want me to hate her. For now, the feeling still have in my body and it's fade away a bit.

I need to work on that by doing my assignment,chatting with my friends and lovely one. Lastly is pray to Allah S.w.t. for support me. InsyaAllah, I will be fine then. :)

Everyone will have question mark in your head why I wrote that title for this post,right? Actually,my friends also ask me why I'm always say that I'm just contract. For your infomation, I'm just a contract in this world. See? Start wondering? haha...

For you all.. :P

I'm saying like that because when my friends become sad,lonely and boring, they start trying to find me here. Same goes to my cousin at Sabah. When they have problem,they need me. Seems like I was the one who will decide what should they do. I don't care at all.. Well, I'm just a contract for people's dream. :) there's one of my friend,I text them last night but they have badmood and today, I don't want to text them. Suddenly, they text me. :O


They text me for asking about drawing pad that they will use for this semester. how much the drawing pad? for what and anything because I'm just finish taking this subject last semester. Hehe.. I just giving a detail only. From what I know, this subject have a lot of journalism student.. Wah.. Hope they can learning photoshop,illustrator and indesign in short time. This friday,on 1st March, I will come to visit them. Why? Well, just like I mention just now.. Contract right? I will come to them who need me. :)

What next? Oh? Hope? This word "hope" make you not believe about it. It's same with "contract" but different method. See? confuse? Haha.. This matter will involve about money. Why? Because some of my friend will be out of credit, I mean calling stuff and more. Well,no money right? They afraid for asking money from their parents. Maybe They use that money for something bad. In order to prevent that,I was the victim.. :3

They contact me because they want me topup their mobile number. I can help that stuff but if I don't have money,it can't be help.. I'm not working but my parents. give me money. Actually, I don't care at all if they ask me to topup their number because I sincere to all people. That's why my previous love is trying to make my pocket become dust.. It's my fault and I will take it as my lesson. For now,if someone is in despair, I will be their final hope. :)

I think you all already understand right about "contract" and "hope" that I mention just now. I just realize that 3 days ago because I got 1 friend that want me to topup them but I don't have enough money. I think I will help them as long as I can because I'm the final hope. :)
By the way, I've been thinking for upgrading my laptop into window 8 system but I afraid that my laptop can't bear at all. That's the 1st, 2nd one is can't install Adobe Photoshop cs2.

That's make me don't want to upgrade my system into window 8 but just now I make some research. Hee.. Wanna know what is it? Adobe Photoshop cs2 can install into window 8.. Wee..haha... I hope that's true.. If not,I will destroy that man..huhu.. Without this software, my title as Designer will be lost.. I don't want to upgrade into cs3,cs4,cs5 and cs6. Why? if you're using software until cs10,but your design still poor..Better uninstall because make you laptop hanging right? haha.. Conclusion,make sure you have creative idea to design something new in the future. :)

I think that's all for tonight because I have to confess my words here. So I can share to you all about my life in this world. If I confess to my friends and family, maybe it takes 2 days to finish talking about this. haha..

So, I hope you enjoy reading this and meet you all for the next post.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone,seems like it's already Febuary right? Well, my semester has been start since 3 weeks ago and I just have come class for 3 subject only.. Those 2 subject haven't come yet because I don't have any equipment like Graphic Illustration. About creative and critical thinking subject, I haven't come to this class because it just coincidence holiday. You know what I mean right? Like our 1st day,it's Kuala Lumpur day,2nd is I've spend time with my family and 3rd is holiday because of chinese new year right? I mean yesterday it was monday. We've holiday for 5 days only. I forgot,I should spent that holiday for doin' my assignment but I just doing nothing.. That's wrong right?

For all of us :)

I need to change for study for on time,not last time. I hope I can change myself into new me in the future. :)

In this Febuary, like I said on last post on January, I have attend my friends wedding,his brother wedding ceremony. Me and my family went together, I forgot to gave him my blog. I feel want to give him this blog,so he can know my story here. Yeah, We haven't meet since primary 3 or 4. I can't remember that. On that ceremony, I think it's his friend who take care the song for the ceremony,2 boys and 2 girls. There's one girl which is her face really pure and got light but I feel shy that time.. ahahaha... I want to make conversation with her but I think there's no need. It's ok for me to make friend with her. I just afraid two of us will have feeling of love. One more thing, I know my position now.

hehehe... :D

Position? Yeah, I'm taken by someone who really love me very much, understand me,sincere to me and believe me. It's same for me,I believe her too.. Insya-Allah,if Allah s.w.t. allow us become soul mate in future,Alhamdulillah.. :) If not,maybe Allah s.w.t. have a right one for us.. ^^,

For your information, I ever trying to assume my friend here at hostel as my rival. You know what I mean right? Yeah,because his art really awesome than me.. I don't know how to say, sometimes mine is sucks,I think.. huhu.. That's why i make it as my rival,but my friend,Arjuna, don't want me to do like that.. Yeah,it was because we're living same room and laugh together. I decide for not make it rival, just for 20% only.. huhu.. For now,I just keep myself calm,and be awesome! :D

Keep Calm

Sometimes I'm thinking of what my mother said to me. She said,"It's not to make friends but at same time,you have assume that they will be your rival.. ".. That's sentence always play in my mind and make me feel guilty when I stay with them.. I hope I can go on like this because when I start my step into world of work,there's too many rival there. I must have familiar with this kind of situation before I work,so that's I can prepare myself early.. ;)

By the way, this morning, I'm not going to class because I don't have equipment yet. Well,graphic Illustration.. Huhu.. I hope I can get feedback from my friend for this week only.. Next week I will come to class until end of this semester. I don't want any E grade this semester or NC. Make myself stress and annoying.

Stress >.<

It's not because of my family commented and angry with me,I just want to myself become proper one and be a new person in this world. Why? Yeah,just I told you before. My year of 2012 is sucks and my grade also bad. Maybe I can say, it's my fault too.. Yeah,fool by love? hahaha.. It's true what I read before, " Most of people will get fooled by word 'love'. ".. haha.. What I can do is just Smile.. :')

Using fake smile,not smile.. :p

They want to do everything for someone their love so much even their Boyfriend / Girlfriend have another scandal and two of them fight. Then break up and after 1 or 2 weeks, they couple back.. The tragedy repeated time by time. I afraid they will get bored. But,it's up to you ok.. I'm just trying to advice here,don't get fool by love. The rest is yours. :)

I think that's all for today, I have so many story but maybe I don't want to story all of that. It takes more time because I have to spend my half of the time with assignment. Yeah, student right? Can't run away from assignment..hehe..

What student and me do is think about our future and family. Future comes first and then we help our family.. ;)

So,It's showtime.. ~