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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. Today my last at Kota Kinabalu (KK) and it's been 3 days including tonight I'm reformat my laptop. Why? Yeah, my laptop has been attack by virus from portable software that I download 4 days ago. 

I feel glad that my big brother help me to reformat my laptop and now, I can use it but I have to be careful because sometimes my laptop lure the notice that my laptop has been dump or something like that.. huhu.. I hope my laptop will be okay later.. :3 

Tonight, I'm trying to install back my previous software and make like in past. Just like adobe Photoshop cs2, Mozilla Firefox, power iso, avg internet antivirus and more.. Besides that, I want to install Adobe master collection cs5.5 which contain graphic software, it's missing from my External hardware. O.o 


I have to take the software from my friends.. Huhu..,That's why I hate virus when they attack my stuff.. Since I got AVG Internet Antivirus, it can wipe all virus. Oh yeah ! So I can stay safety from now on and InsyaAllah, my laptop will be secured.. :D 

Actually, I'm still not satisfied. Why? I haven't meet my friends here at KK because my car is in workshop now. I don't know whether that car already perfect or not, we've seen just now and the bumper has been stick to the body of the car.

Next time, I have to drive safely and before I drive, I will recite Surah Al-Fatihah and Surah Al-Kursi.. After I accident hit the pole, Alhamdulillah, I can take a look my grandmother with uncle at home. I hope my grandmother can see me in graduation day in the future.. :') 

Yesterday and Saturday, I went to wedding ceremony. On Saturday, the wedding kinda a bit boring. For me, the ceremony is too formal. The guest, most of them are Chinese and malay.. I got an old Chinese guy there, I think he's racist. Why? He don't let my big brother sat next to him. He said that sit got people, but at last, there's no one sat there. 

My father also feel strange to him, my big brother said that he want to punch that old guy.. Haha.. Me too, but I'm not that bad until want to make a fight.. Well, I'm a goodboy.. :D
Yesterday's story, I and my family went to my niece's house for wedding too.. There's one of my nephew, miss me a lot. Her name is Nursyahidah Nusyaila, we call her by Lala,her nickname. She want to go out with me tomorrow, but I already going back to Kuala Lumpur (KL).

I don't know why, seems like I don't have chance to go out with her. Well, she's live in Tawau. I know, someday if we have more time, we can spend time together.. InsyaAllah.. :) 

Once I arrive at KL tomorrow, maybe I'm going to Taman Melawati for buying new graphic marker. This semester, I thought it same to my friends, but too bad. We got different lecturer.. huhu.. I can't sketch portrait using marker.. 

Graphic Marker Color

I don't think my talent is lack on this. Maybe I'm not trying effort right.. huhu.. I hoping that my friend, Azlan, will help me.. I hope so... I want this graphic illustration subject, will get B- .. that's my target.. Everyone out there, please pray for me ya.. :'3

I think that's all for tonight, seems like I want to sleep now. I need to wake up early because I have to pack my stuff for fly tomorrow.. hehe.. 

InsyaAllah, next post will be on tomorrow night ya.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. How are you feel today guys? I'm feel better but it's boring at home.. Actually, not so boring, just don't have anything to do right? I just have a lot of assignment out there.. Huhu.. I just forgot to take over here,especially my graphic Illustration, I'm still stuck at portrait session only.. I can't even do the figure one if i'm not finishing the portrait... huhu..

I feel headache and dizzy now because I have a lot of assignment to do.. That is Graphic Illustration,another 2 is Typography and Creative and Critical Thinking (CCT) subject... Grrr.. These 3 subject just have final project only,no final exam. From what I heard, CCT subject got judges which is choose our final project whether we are the best or not. However, I will try my best to make our group have average mark if we have effort on this subject, InsyaAllah.. :)

Last night, I've been thinking about something.. What is it? It's about my appearance.. Why? Yeah, I just want to buy a new watch and that watch is formal one,like you're on office now..haha.. It just copycat Rolex, I'm not have enough money to buy original.. Hhe..

This one nice right?

Yeah,that's one.. How is it guys? Simple right? Hehe..Actually, I have this one 4 years ago but that one already broken because of the watch maltifuctional..Something broken inside of watch. After that,in 2010, I start wearing G-shock watch. :)

Mine :)

I wear this watch because I like abstract style and it's look casual. Long time ago, my friends always yell at me that I'm old man when I'm wearing Rolex. So I decide to buy this kind of watch for people look at me as Teenager.. Hee.. But I don't care what kind of watch I wear. Why? Because I'm abstract one..hehe..Mean? Yeah, I can wear any watch..That's what I mean..hehe..

By the way, this week, I'm feel pity to my mother.. Why? Yeah,she's the one who control our finance in family because my father don't work anymore. He's retired already..huhu.. So,I'm now thinking about my family.. Well,my graphic illustration still has no move at all.. :(

I don't have any talent in this kind of assignment,but maybe I should trying right? Try to make myself talented person..huhu.. Seriously,too many problem now.. Sometimes I laugh because I don't want tension myself..huhu.. Beside that, my another car, Proton Wira, also broken because of battery life..huhu.. My mom said this week a lot of money came out.. Yeah,she right.. I hope some day,we can take care this problem with calm.. :)

So guys, tomorrow is holiday right? It just only for Sabah,I don't know about Sarawak..hehe.. Yeah,it's Good Friday for non-muslim day..hehe.. They're praying.. Hehe.. Some of my friend will make activity like picnic with family..Who knows right?

So here, I'm wishing to all of you "GOOD FRIDAY" guys..hehe.. I hope all of you out there always happy and smile ya.. Don't give up on make up something. Everyone also got solve problem,why not us right? ehehe... Since Next week I will go back to KL, I have a message for you all at kk.. Don't forget about family and friends around you. ;)

So,guys,I think that's all for today.. I don't have any idea now what kind of story should I share here.. Sometimes I feel like I lost my memory..huhu.. It's hard right?

One more thing, I'm still on diet..hehe.. Please pray for me ya.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek

Assalamualaikum and Good morning ladies & gentleman out there.. How's the situation out there? Busy? On trip? hehe.. Well, this week is school holiday right? So,there's some people from Brunei and Kuala Lumpur come to 2 places,one is my place,Sabah.. Another one is Sarawak.. Easy to say, our place full with scenery view like Gaya Island,Sapi Island and more..

Sapi Island

Sapi Island (Left) and Gaya Island (Right)

That is about Island which people or tourist always wanted to visit when holiday is comes to them. 1 more thing is, they always interested with Handicraft from our place. Yeah, they said it's creative and looks smart. In their place,there's no handicraft like this. If they got one,maybe it's expensive and not creatiive at all..haha..


This one is being called Sompoton which is a musical instrument in Sabah. It is made from a dried gourd. Eight small bamboo sticks arranged in two layers and put the pumpkin covers the portion of the drill. Kelulut glue used to attach the bamboo sticks involved, as well as to withstand winds of bamboo slip though when gust done.

In Frame which is decoration for indoor house

For Kaamatan Festival
Nice right? Hee

For more information,just come to our place..hehe.. I will be your tourist guide..hee..About Sarawak? I don't know about that place because I never been there before. Just my father,mother and brother that already seen that place. Maybe someday,if I get married with "her", I will take "her" to that place..hehe..InsyaAllah.. :)

Actually I'm on holiday and now I'm at Kota Kinabalu(KK),Sabah..Hehehe...I'm back here since 21st March.. Just midterm break for 1 week only.. Today is tuesday, get 5 more days to go..huhu..Why? Because I will back to KL on 1st April 2013.. Huhu..1 more thing, 22nd march I accident because I hit pole at Likas Square and I didn't realize it..

Now, I don't have car to go out because my car is at workshop on repairing bumper.. Huhu.. So, I'm feel bored at home and always accompany my dad to go out..hee..Not boring at all right? Sometimes, I feel like want to update my blog every 3 days, but story will be short right? Hurm,No interesting at all.. I have assignment which is graphic Illustration and Typograhy but I went back to KK with reason..

I want myself to keep calm and rest my mind here. When I stay at KL,my brain always stuck and no idea will come to me. That's why I seldom to update this blog and I feel lazy to do assignment..huhu..Why this habit of lazy comes to me? I think this habit challenge me right? huu ~
So, in order to make myself feel better, I keep texting with my crush at klang..hehe..

I'm still confuse whether She love me or not but from what I know,she's not ready yet. It was because of her ex that make her trouble like surprisingly text her.. If I find that guy,sorry to say, I will kill him.. :) I hate when a guy trying to make girl sad and hurt. That's why I want to make her happy with me. Right now, she's still assume me as friends and her heart still close. I hope that she can accept me as her special one.. I'm waiting and I hope Allah S.W.T. hear my praying.. :)

For her

For now,she's not well.. She's got fever and headache. I hope that she will fine at klang. Huhu..By the way, like you all know that I'm the man who always waiting for it right? Never give up and it's hard to find a man like me which too good..hehe..why? Yeah,somebody says,if can, my family's property that I give to people..haha..I'm not like that..hehe.. She's too far away from me now.. I hope that she can stand of long distance relationship.. :')

 Oh ya, I'm totally forgot..hehe..about what? Since I'm here at KK, I meet barber which is my favourite barber that cut my hair.. I already meet him and cut my hair just now.. It's been while I didn't seem him..huhu

New hair :D

So,what do you all think? hehehe.. Overall, I look chubby right? ehehe.. But now, I'm on progressing to make my body like in 2010.. That time my body not fat at all,well, active with sports..hehe.. So now, I'm still have effort to make myself slim..hee.. I hope my planning will be work.. :)

I think that's all for today.. This week is last week of March right? I hope end of march,there will have more interesting activities and story here..hehe.. Thanks for visit who keep visit my blog site... :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone. How are you today? Seems like our weather here at Malaysia are complicated and I know some of you are not feeling well. All you must to do is be strong and try to keep your body active. One more thing, you must balancing your food. So, Get well soon guys and Don't forget to take medicine ya.. ;)

By the way guys,  I want to tell you something that happen in my hostels and hometown at KK. Why? Well, there's several problem that I got sincere this earlier year. First is about my housemate,Richard. I've mention about him in my last previous post. About him,I'm still not sure yet if he's gay or not but, the man that he always invite to our hostel, Ashraf. That one is gay,seriously gay. Hahaha..

Why? Well,they're always quarrel because jealous of Ashraf. Ashraf not satisfied with Richard because Richard ever try to invite someone to our hostel without notice of Ashraf. So,one day, Ashraf come to our hostel and ask Richard. They quarrel like husband and wife with small matter..hahaha..Seriously, it's funny.. After that,they're not contact but after a few week, they are back together. What is the purpose? That's sucks and I hope Ashraf go away from Richard. :3

By the way, I got some news from my siblings at KK about my cat. The old cat that living with us for 4 years and half. That cat died. :'( Why? Our neighbour hit with car while that cat sleep under their car.

Moreover,they're not apologize at all and that attitude make me hate them for all my life. I think I always say hi to them because I'm good and happy go lucky person right? I use to do like for my own sake in the future. I don't know if I can say hi again to their grandmother. Wallah'ulam. Once I go back to KK, I will miss that cat..huhu.. :'3

For your information guys, I seldom to attend my Graphic Illustration class. I don't know why because seems like I don't have any potential on that subject. Maybe it was my imagination only right? I want to attend the class like before and I hope I can wake up early.. :3

Hey guys, Today is the release of SPM 2012 result right? Hahaha.. They must be nervouse for now right? Not enough sleep and feel uneasy. It's remind me of my previous emotion in 2011. Why? Yeah, I'm taking my SPM result last 2 years without any feeling of nervous but I feel confident.. :D

No feeling Nervous

My parents ask me,"Alek,are you ok? Not nervous at all?", I said, "Actually, I'm nervous but now I'm praying for my result now.. :) ".. When I arrive, I see some of my friend with their expression faces. Some of them are sad and some are happy.. I feel more nervous but alhamdulillah, my result is good enough for me and I have a chance to continue my study at KLMU. Hee :)

Hurm guys,besides that, I have some decisions which is make all my friends around me worried and hate me. Why I say like that? Because, I decide to disappear from them. What happen? I don't know and sometimes I feel want to die first before them. Now, I don't have appetite since last week. I'm trying not to eat at night but I loss of appetite.. :3

No appetite

If I eat more food, I feel like want to puke them out. Yeah, I want to slim right? I want my body in 2010 back, so, I do step like this. For all of you out there, please don't try this at home because people around you is needed. Me? Oho, I'm not like you all, I'm just contract in this world. Sooner or later, I will disappear anytime but I love people around me even one of them are angry and yell at me. I still love it..hehe..

That's special in my heart which is keep love someone even they're hating me like now. I love someone but she hate me because I angry and dramatic to her.. I want to say sorry to her but she's not concern me at all..I hope that she's forgive me soon..huhu

I think that's all for today because I don't have much latest story now because they hide to me..Damn it! Grr.. hahaha
For all SPM 2012 candidate, Good luck to your result ok.. Feel more brave if you're good job last year..hehe.. Chaiyok2x.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone, How are you all out there? It's been while right? It's already march and I didn't post my entry here. Actually, I don't have mood because I always got interruption like assignment and uneasy feeling. Feeling? Yeah, there's some feeling in my heart that always make question mark in my head. Why this matter happens to me? Well, just like I mention, I want my new life this year without any regret. In 2012, that's the year was sucks to me. So many obstacle with that prostitute girl. Seriously sucks.

Peace moment

But now, alhamdulillah, I can manage my life as normal life and my lifestyle as Student University come back to normal. My finance also stable and trying myself diet, I hope this will go on to the future. :)

Well guys, this semester, I don't know what should I say. Why? It was because too many assignment and it's difficult to do it. It's not but I'm not able to draw. My assignment this time, involving the drawing style. You guys know that my drawing is sucks right? I just able to editing and manipulate photos. One more thing,when I have mood, I will be good in portrait sketches.

this one

and this one.. Ngee.. :)

If you all see above, that's my sketches using my own hand. Not believe? Wanna meet up? No problem for me. I will show you how sketch a portrait picture.. It's easy and simple technique, not editing.. By the way, I got 4 assignment.. huhu.. 1st is about 2D animation,2nd is creative and critical thinking,3rd is graphic Illustration and last is creative web design but creative web design is already finish last week.. Hoping that I can manage those 3 assignment in short time.. Amin.. ~

 For your all information, start 18th march, we have midterm exam and I have exam only on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday..hehe.. I afraid of examination on thursday because you have to remember coding. My brain can't remember all that kind of stuff and I will try it.. :)

Well guys, it's kinda effort right? Memorize the coding and then refer back note that we have studied before. hehe.. Actually,this subject, Creative Web Design, is not difficult at all but remembering the coding make me sick.. :3 Sometimes, I need more time to memorize that. huhu.. I hope this semester I can get more three pointer above,InsyaAllah.. :)

Hey guys, I think I've mention about my feeling right? Yeah, my feeling has been complicated all the time.. I don't know why,something wrong with me now. My heart tell me to find those problem and he (myself) said that my new love has come and ask me to wait for that.

Waiting ~

Yeah, I'm waiting and searching who's the person but I know who is it.. Hahaha.. Wanna know it? It's secret ok..haha..Now, I'm just keep intimate with her.. Hehe.. I hope that she's sincere to me and accept the way I am... For now, I just concentrate on my study first because I have to achieve my dream as Designer in the future.. :)

I think that's all for today and actually, I have a lot more story but maybe I will tell you all on next post ya.. I'm sleepy now and tired doing my graphic illustration assignment..Huhu.. This semester, I will get better pointer than last semester because I'm in the new life in 2013.. InsyaAllah.. :)