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Assalamualaikum and hola everyone out there.. How's the stuff happen out there? I'm sure all of you having fun and get ready for campaign. Campaign? Yeah, now people who have political in themselve will vote for their team. 


From what I heard, next week will be off day on Monday. Seems like tomorrow is holiday which got labour day. I will stay at hostel and doing assignment. Maybe.. hehe.. :3 

I don't have so much story here because there's nothing particular happen to my life today, just dating with her only and accompany me to pay the outstanding of hostel.

 I thought ptptn was responsible to our hostel but in the end, we are the one who pay to KLMU. That's not fair, they're try to steal our money and make an sucks advertisement. I hope Klmu will realize what they're doing now.. :3 

By the way, last week we already register final examination for month of may. Our final exam is on 18th May. I can't register because got credit control which ptptn hold it but now, no problem again because I already fill application form. 

Relieve face there :3

Alhamdulillah, finally I can take final examination for this semester on 19th,21st and 23rd of May. Only 3 Subject because 2 more is just final project. I don't know about my graphic illustration and cct(Creative and Critical Thinking), I hope there's no subject stuck in this semester. Amin.. ~

Today, I quarrel with her because of my ex. I know it's my fault for hide this matter from her. Sometimes I feel I was the who should change myself. Why? It was because I'm still contact with my ex. Actually, I hate my ex because she makes me suffer on 2012. Suffer?

I hate you for whole of my life EX

Yeah, she having bad assumption about my family, lying me, not appreciate and many more. I was fooled by her action. If can, I want my ex disappear from my life. Plus, I hate her for whole my life.

Lastly, this semester, we got only 1 weeks holiday. My parents ask me to go back or not. I want to say no but I afraid my parents not allow me to stay at KL. 

I don't have decision yet because I got 2 choice, go klang or sabah. Actually I want to go klang but I hope I can decide will open heart. InsyaAllah. :)

I think that's all for end of April and this month, there's so many problem and assignment. I hope I can make it all excellent. :)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hello friends out there who doesn't know well about me.. haha.. I guess you all make a surprise expression because I will make a long message here. Maybe it's too soon for you all but, it's good to get know me early before its late.

 I know some of you haven't know me well right? So, this is time to know me.. :)

All you need is just call me by Azri or Alek. First of all,as you know, that I'm study at klmu as graphic student. About me huh? A long time ago, I have a bad temper in myself, I mean like angry and argue to people because of small problem only. I don't like when people tease me. I'm the youngest in my family,maybe because of that. 

One day, I think back if my attitude still like this, maybe I don't have more friends. So, on that day, I have decide for myself to change it. Day by day,month by month, I succeeded that changes of myself. Alhamdulillah.. 

In the middle of 2011, I become happy go lucky person and abstract one. Abstract? Why? Because I don't like follow people's style, I have my own style. I have a good talkative person when make conversation. Moreover, I'm friendly to people because I don't like being arrogant person. I like to help people when they need help.. 

Sometimes, I wondering why some people hate me without knowing me well. They just look at me and make a weird face.

Maybe they come up with bad assumption. I don't care at all what they're think about me, as long as I know what I do, it's more than enough.

One more thing, I like making a last minute work. This one, I also want to change it. Hehe. I don't know whether I can change or not, depends on my effort.. hee.. 

By the way, this semester really push me.. why? Many of my subject got final project. I hope that I can handle all this, as long as I'm not giving up. InsyaAllah, I can make a differences.. :)

Lastly, Love? Maybe, for now, I can say that I'm waiting for someone's answer. She's taking same course with me, she's from klang,selangor. I want to visit her family, maybe on month of Ramadan or Syawal. InsyaAllah.. :) 

Moreover, I'm sure that I can make her happy and I hope I can stay here more at Kuala Lumpur. That's why I want my result at KLMU will be excellent and continue degree course here. With sincere,trust,caring,loving and tolerate,InsyaAllah, we can be together. :)

I think that's all for describing myself here, I know some of you not familiar but keep visiting my blog ya.. thanks :)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... It's been while right? I don't have any post this middle of April.. Well, Kinda busy with assignment.. Now, I don't have any idea.. What kind of topic I will share to you all. So,I've been decide to share all about past and present by picture. :)

Sometimes I have a question mark on my head about why people nowadays care about their past.. I know some of them have a lot of sweet memory in their past. Like me, I have a sweet memory with my ex. Maybe it's same to you all right?

But if the person you loved most,hurt you a lot,is that a sweet memory? Sweet moment? Sweet tragedy? After you HAVING SEX and at last,he/she left you. That's a BAD MEMORY guys. Better think more about it. If you're not trying,then you will be down and down. Never get up again.

Yeah, Sometimes people that we love have effort to give us happy and laugh together. But sooner or later,they will change. Change on something that we don't know.. We don't know about what happen to us in the future.

Yesterday's the past,tomorrow's the future, but today is the gift. That's why it's called the present. So, all of you out there. Be smart and think about your life. Good luck.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and good evening people out there.. It's already April right? Why I said April Fool? Well, sometimes people here like make troll or lie to their friends or love one.. I don't know how to explain. If you want to know more about this, please ask Google.. hehe.. 

Yesterday? I'm flying in the morning. So, first I'm buying graphic marker in the evening. My class already started but as usually, I'm not attend the class.. Why? Because of the ticket flight too expensive for my father. So, he decide to take ticket today.. 4 days ago, I want to do assignment but my leg has cramp plus I feel tired and also my back will be back hurt like before.. huu.~

3 days ago, I already install all my software and alhamdulillah, my friend,Azlan, got the installer of cs5.5 adobe.. hee.. As usually, I will start my assignment today,InsyaAllah.. Especially graphic illustration, but that one I ask to my special one do for me.. I don't have any talent on that type of portrait..

Example of Graphic Illustration using graphic marker

I will start do it by myself when I start figure drawing.. I will try my best.. One more thing, I want to buy a present for her but as you all know, my car has broken and today the car has come out from workshop.. Now I feel guilty to her.. I hope she understand me.. :'3

Actually last 2 days ago we calling each other. Well, both of us feel bored right? Don't know what to do.. Me? I feel tired and can't sleep.. huhu.. She's already to give me a present from Beijing but me? I don't have anything special to her..

If my car recover last week, maybe I have time to buy her a bracelet of pearl but I don't have it..What should I give to her? Maybe I can give it on her birthday. It must be sweet right? I hope in the future I can make her happy with me

Today I'm enter class of electronic publication design because 1 of my friend, I called her by Hana, I help her installing adobe master collection cs5.5 and it's done for 30 minutes only. Actually guys, I have some problem now. I don't know why I always get uneasy feeling this week and now I'm still have this uneasy feeling.. :3

Something bad happen

Sometimes I feel want to cry but I hold it. If I hold, that will be hurt inside of my heart. Just now, my special one, text me but my handphone is on charging while I'm doing window shopping at jusco. Now, she's no mood to text me and answer my call.Actually tonight I want to do my graphic illustration but since she's sulk, so I didn't have mood to do so.. huhu.. I hope she's fine tonight after I call with her.. InsyaAllah.. :')

By the way guys, I'm sorry for late posting this entry.. Well, I don't have much time to make up this post.. huhu.. Assignment attack me.. 

Pray for me ya everyone.. ;)