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Assalamualaikum and good morning to all readers in this world.. So, how's the stuff happen out there? Fine or not? I'm sure that you will be fine, right? If not, make sure next time try to improve yourself and make a changes for your own life. 

Why? Yeah, some people is eager to change their life and seems like they happy being played or fool by their own partner. Who knows right? They still never realize the real world. Maybe someday they will face it. :)

Last 3 days, it was my flight going back sabah. Sabah? Why? Yeah, because I've finish my final examination on that day... Hehe.. Seems like I already arrive at sabah, maybe I'm going to find some souvenirs to my friends at KL. For special one? Of course special souvenir right? Maybe it's take time to find that.. hehe..

Or I give her t-shirt? I just can't think what kind of gift should I bring for her. For others, I already have an idea. Maybe it's working for them, as long as I'm sincere to them, InsyaAllah, they will accept with open heart. In this 7 days holiday, I will try my best to find all the souvenirs for them. ;)

By the way, some of my friends here at KK haven't know that I'm going back today. I just don't want them know about it because I know they will ask me going out. I just want several of them know only like my close friend especially Ain@Yen,Hanisah,Yazid,Rais, Aisiah and hanif.. 6 of them are really close to me.. hehe.. 

My cousin? Just near from my house only. At tawau? No need because they just having troll face only. That's make me feel annoying. I decided just my close friend know only.. hehe.. The problem is that I haven't told rais yet.. Grr.. Maybe tonight, InsyaAllah.. hehe.. Yesterday I went to someone's wedding that same age with me. 

Marriage Ring

Her grandma and grandpa is same with parents going to haji long time ago.. Not that long, it's 2009 or something like that.. she will get married tomorrow,wish for her? I'm just say "Good luck" for her. Why? Well, everybody knows the consequence but it's already fate. Just accept with open heart.. hehe..It's too early for her get married. Why? It's same age with me now, 20 years old. I don't think they will have sex or not. Wallahualam.. All I can do is pray for their happiness. :)

Today? I just don't have any activity, just going out with my siblings. They're cut their hair to make look style and smart. 

Cutting hair in salon

Me? Oh? Thanks to my arjuna for cutting my hair. My money was save there. Hee.. Just now, his father call me ask for him. I wonder if he's still slept or not. Sometimes I give him a lot of advice until I fed-up.. 


I want him to change but it's up to him right. Oh? I almost forgot. My friend also get engaged yesterday.. hahaha.. but that one I'm not close to them because of several attitude that I don't like it.. I just pray for their happiness only. :)

Well everyone, I already mention about happy and why there's got "not enough" ? Firstly, I want to know,why teenagers nowadays always easy to get fooled? Even their boyfriend/girlfriend dumb them? Because of sincere?caring?honesty?loving?tolerate? No, they don't have this kind of stuff in their body.. If they have 5, they're not break, no dumb and no cheating. 


It was because they connect each other when two of them have 5 of that stuff. Seriously, I hope you all can think about you life. If you partner make worst problem like haven't contact you for near 1 year or he/she leave you without any news. Please be volunteer to say "I want to break up!" .. 

Why? I just feel pity of all you because easy to get manipulated by your partner and have sex or whatever. So, I want all of you to think about you future and your parents. Make sure have a right decision and aim in your life. ;)

So, I think that's all for today because I just want to say that I'm at KK and currently missing someone at klang now.. I hope she's fine there..

For her, I miss you so much.. :')


Nor Azri @ Alek


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone. How's the stuff happen yesterday Aren't you happy? Well, it's mother's day right? I know some of Muslim didn't celebrate that because this season related to Christian. Hurm, I also care about that but I mostly care to my lovely mother who stay at Kota Kinabalu(KK). 

To all mothers in this world

Whatever we do, we must love our mother who gives us birth. To all mothers out there, happy mother's day. :)
By the way, this week is the final for us which is study week and also for me to do assignment last minute with calm.

Calm? Why? Yeah, because I know that I can manage that time. Seems like I can arrange the time. 

Time has been managed

Even my commercial website is simple, but for me, it's nice at all. I just do simple design but looks harmony. Me and her same group, just two of us. I just let her find the picture only and I do the design. Alhamdulillah, it's all done. The left one is graphic illustration and typography. I'm guarantee that I can do it in short time. InsyaAllah. :)
About the graphic illustration and typography, this 2 subject needs more money to used for final project. Just now I'm buying 6 canvas for typo which is "I love typo". 


Using canvas to draw this type

I want to buy on that typo shop but It will cost a lot of money. Tonight I will paint with acrylic. Maybe tomorrow I will buy glass and 2 mounting board for my typography subject. I feel glad because I'm still have book voucher,RM50. Just now I already use RM50 canvas. That's typography. 
About graphic illustration, my special one has gave her own acrylic to me. 


Paint this using acrylic

I sketch a Kamen Rider Double(W) and the color just yellow & blue with ton color that I have mixed it. Since my commercial web has done, tonight I will do this 2 project. All of you, pray for me ya. :')
Since 10 May until now, the weather outside really sunny and people here feel so hot. I heard that my hometown at KK is rainy day. 

Rainy days

So, it's invert. This 23 May, I'm going back to KK which have 1 week and 3 days holiday for break semester. I will go back here on 3rd June. Anyway, my special one at klang not feeling well now. 

For her :)

I hope she's fine there and I know she's strong than me even though she eager don't want to take medicine. I hope that sickness will transfer to me, so she will recover later. :)
I think that's all for today. So, everyone out there, I hope all of you pray for here. What I want is support from people. That's all. Thank you. :)


Nor Azri @ Alek

Sayang, ku benar-benar cinta...

Semalaman ku tak kering mata
Didukung kekabu melapik pilu
Mengharap esok bisa menjanjikan sebuah lembaran baru

Sejak kita berdua berpisah
Aku tak habis-habis gelisah
Apakah itu tandanya bahawa...

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Tak terjawab bila hati bertanya ke mana kau hilang

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Suluhkan gelita kalbuku terang

Semalaman lagi bersendiri
Parahnya diseksa sunyi sepi
Beginikah perasaan pabila kita disisih cinta

Ku sangka ku tabah berdikari
Rupanya rapuh untuk berdiri
Kembalilah kau kepada ku kerana...

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Tak terjawab bila hati bertanya ke mana kau hilang

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Suluhkan gelita kalbuku terang

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone, how's the stuff happens out there? Have you all done your job as Malaysian Citizen? I hope that you all choose the best for our country. Why I say like this? It was election day which the final decision is in your hand which you choose whose the conquer and become prime minister.

Election day

I wish I can go and make a right vote but too bad, I'm still under age. From what I heard, BN has won the election. Is it true? I don't know, I just can pray for you all decision and future is in your hands. Make sure you all don't regret ya. ;)

Yesterday and today, I don't have anything to do even today I don't have class because lecturer got MC. Just think about the unifi bills, assignment and how to save money. Why I think all this? Because now, I don't have much money now. 

Not enough money :3

Seems like I use too much money this semester, for assignment, waste stuff and more. Sometimes, the amount of the money will last long for 2 months if I can manage but seems like my lust that I forgot to control it.

Control money and keep balance :)

I have to control soon because I don't want my family burden because of me. InsyaAllah, I will manage as long as I can. :)

By the way, I don't about we have class at night or not on wednesday. Seems like everyone busy with examination sign from lecturer. I hope there's nothing happen with my subject. I can do the project because I'm still have 1Malaysia voucher in my hands. 

1Malaysia Voucher,not mine. I got RM100 left now

Rm100 ok.. hehe.. With that, I can buy my art stuff at taman melawati. As long as my CCT project done, I can do other final project. Now, I don't have a lot of money this early month. This month, I hope I can stand with amount that I have now and try to save with maximum level.
This afternoon, maybe I just make myself relax at hostel and do some work that I have to do. I heard that newspaper has sold out this morning. What a surprise. Haha.. Well, BN has taking over right? I'm not BN,PKR,DAP, or PAS.

I just wondering what will happen to next generation of Malaysian. Even they just said they want to change, but in the end, change is nothing. I'm not trying to make a fuss here, but political is make people's mind has been manipulated. That's all I can say it. :)

Make a right choice ;)

I hope citizens out there realize what they doing now and I also pray for them to make a right choice... :)

I think that's all for today, there's no need for me to involve here. This just my assumption and imagination. So, don't get confuse ya.. By the way, I miss her so much. :') 

Have a nice day you all


Nor Azri @ Alek

Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone who off day today.. How's thing happen out there? Crowded? Of course, because today is labour day right? 

Me? I don't have anything to do now because I'm just updating this blog only. I just having a bit problem about my video for final project. It was because we don't have complete members now, just me and arjuna. Maybe just two of us only. Others? They know what to do.. I hope they understand clearly.

So, what's story? I don't have much story now. Month of may just starting today. Just now, I'm went to Pasar Seni for my RapidPass and it's going very well.


Next week on Wednesday, I'm going to collect that card along with her.. hehe.. Maybe.. Just now,I don't know why my heart still feel uneasy, maybe something bad happen again. Huhu.. 

I hope that's just my imagination and feeling, InsyaAllah, everthing will be okay. :3

Today I'm buying a present. For who? Of course for her,Suprise.. hehe.. I hope she accepts my present. 

This present just for symbol of starting of our story. I'm not trying to give her full hope, but it just final hope. 

Hehe.. I'm not guarantee she's mine or not, that's Allah's decision for ours. :) who is "her"? Of course not that prostitute, but the one from klang. Maybe I'm just too publicity right? That's also my mistake. Huhu.. sorry guys..

Lastly, today I just having time with my assignment only, maybe less relax this week. Too many final project. I hope today, video has done if my friend, Adam come to Alpha Villa but now, he's not here yet.. huhu

I think that's all for today, first of all, I'm sorry that I'm too publicity here. It's blog right.. hehe.. I should less, not more.. hehe..

Have a nice day you all out there. :)