Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... Miss me? Haha.. it's been near 2 weeks I didn't update my blog. Well, I have been busy with my tough assignment. Yeah, visual com & 3D Animation, except Islamic studies because it just a theory class which I can do it,hehe.. From what I heard, we will got test which is recite any Surah to my lecturer.. it's a bit easy I think.. hehe.. InsyaAllah, I can do it. 

Well everyone, this week I've hurt a lot.. Why? Let's discuss now.. ~

Actually, I have someone that I love much.. Sometimes I do everything to her but she's not really recognize that I showing that I love her. Should I continue? My feeling told me to give, but my heart won't it. So,it's up to me right? Choosing the best is up to me for make a bright future wife..

All I need is support for all of you, pray for me. With sincere heart that you got now. If I'm not with her, maybe there's got reason right? 

One more thing, I want to try avoid this kind of feeling but my heart don't want it.. My heart told me to keep balancing this kind of situation. Sometimes I stress of this, I try to remember Allah S.W.T. because I know He will help me but I need effort right? I will try my best to keep balancing my heart and feeling. InsyaAllah

By the way, my mother and sister come here for shopping.. Well, my mother bring my sister because my sister is difficult to get off day of her work. I don't know why, maybe some of chinese company is like that. They came here on Thursday, and they're going back this evening.. 

I sent my mum and sister here

I sent them just now to KLIA with my aunt from Nilai,Negeri Sembilan. I'm gonna miss my mother for 1 month before I'm going back to Sabah on august. Sometimes, I want to cry seeing my mother infront of my eyes. I don't know why I'm still got lack until now. 

I want to improve it, on progressing.. InsyaAllah, I will do best for this semester. :')

Today? I make a research about icon that I want to sketch for my visual com. My lecturer has rejected my sketch because too manga. Yeah, we doing for children book. 

Example of children's storybook

Maybe I consider what my lecturer comment about my artwork. Starting tomorrow I will make a good sketches, seems like I should show to him tomorrow.. The other one is 3D animation, I think I can catch up that one.. We're making a set of chess with board.

Example of 3D pawn chess

Example Final creature of assignment 1 (not mine)

Creating chess set is the part of our assignment.I hope all that 2 subject that I can do it with best,including Islamic studies. InsyaAllah :)

I think that's all for today... Actually my mood not really stable now... I don't know why.. Something that really make me feel uneasy.. 

I hope there's nothing bad happen.. huhu... Lastly, I think She's always come to my blog and see what I am going. To her, if you're read this, I hope you understand my feeling of sincere to you. I do a lot of effort,don't you realize? Hopefully you will realize that. ;)

Lastly, I hope this new month of July is more better than juny.... So let's welcome july... ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. Seems like I late to update my blog.. hehe... Well, I've spent my time with family last 2 weeks.. 2 weeks? Hehe.. Yeah, I semester break for 2 weeks because 1st week of new semester, there's no assignment.. It was because new comer will register classes.. Sometimes no class because lecturer not come and this is short semester.

So, it will rush.. Overall, I hope this semester will be good than last semester.. This semester have tough subject and I will do my best plus make a creative idea.. InsyaAllah.. :)

On holiday, I don't have anything to do.. just look after my grandmother at house.. I develope my idea to create catalog for my father's business.. Business? What kind of business? Well, sooner or later, Month of Ramadan will arrive and my father have layer cake business.. I was the one who will design the catalog plus make a difference. Why? It was because I develope 4 design.. My sister and brother choose 2nd design, same goes to mother.. 

If you want it,just contact through that number.. I'm promoting here. ;)

So, design has done and I put the layer cake in the design.. :) Finally, the design has been printed and spread it to my father's friend. At least, I'm not boring at all right? What I have if I stay KL? Nothing because my friends & family all in KK.. Some of my friend also at KL but not too close. Overall, I love KK. :D

Today's story? Hurm... Nothing special but my Islamic studies is enjoy and happening.. It was because the lecturer sporting and open minded.. hee.. By the way, I also wearing my new Polo T-shirt from Drive M7 soda drinks product which delicious one. The t-shirt was simple but smart one.. 

Polo T-shirt Drive M7

M7 Japan

Actually, this product is from Japan since last year and I newly know this year. Haha... The ambassador or artists for this product is Aaron Aziz. I'm not following him, I just attract the design of the t-shirt only. Last week, there's few student at KLMUC wearing Drive M7 T-shirt and lucky that I'm not wearing it.. I can sense that anybody will wearing this t-shirt. If I have more money, I want buy some t-shirt and accessory Drive M7 but not too many because I want to save money also for my own life here at KL. I hope I can manage the money later, InsyaAllah. :)

This week, I don't know what story behind me now. Why? Because my friend,Azlan, didn't talk to me even we're in 1 room.. I don't know what his problem to me.. Sometimes I feel annoying too. I can sense that he's hate me.. I don't care whether he hates me but I just wanna know the reason only why he's trying to silence infront of me.. 


I don't have time to ask him the lame question because he's a boy and my rival. Arjuna & Adam is my close friend since 1st semester. Azlan? Just newbie to be friend like me. Now I'm challenging him in silent mode. I can sense that he's not friendly one.. 

InsyaAllah, I can do it. :)

For now, I just pretend that nothing happen. If can, I don't want any fight in this college because we're matured, not childish anymore. I hope that he will realize that. One more thing, I thought that we are finish next year, but still have problem with semester. 

I have extend semester. I hope I can manage myself in this metropolitan town, Kuala Lumpur. :)

I think that's all for today, because I don't have any mood tonight and my mind also pack with assignment. Tomorrow I got Islamic Studies quiz, 


I hope I can answer all question. For those who always visit my blog, please pray for me ya..Before I ended my post here, I want to wish someones birthday here in my blog. 

Happy birthday to you dear, I hope that you will always happy and make your life more wonderful. Don't worry, if you have problem, just mention me and I will guide you.. InsyaAllah.. :)

So guys, That's all.. Wait for my next post.. Chaiyok2x.. :)