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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... How's your day out there? Good or bad? If good, then go on with that but if bad, try your best to make your day wonderful.. Don't ever try to give up. If you're going to give up, then your life will be worse.. By the way, it can't feel right? About the time is running too fast. Why? Today is the final day of July.. 

We will come to new month which is August. This august, have a lot of four event in my life... Yeah, first is about Eid ul-Fitr,second is National day, third is final exam and last is her birthday.. Eid ul-fitr will celebrate on 8th August and my final exam is on 19th August.. 

On 19th,not 18th..  xD
Sucks right? I hope that I can study while celebrating Eid ul-fitr.. I just got one paper and two final presentation.. huhu.. It's really tough.. I need to focus and pray for that.. I wish that I can do it with all confident.. InsyaAllah.. :3
By the way, about her, she got her birthday on 11th August and I can't celebrate it.. I just giving her t-shirt only... I think that's my last stuff which I give to her.. Why? It was because she's got new one.. Sounds like she abandon me right? 

I know that she appreciated about what I give to her... I hope so,because I don't know sometimes what I do is through my feeling,not heart.. That's why I always slack on that situation. Now,she's got new one too.. She call him as "Blue boy" in malay is "Abang Bebiru" ..

In the end, I was suffered... Huhu.. Beside that, I got friend,girl, at University Malaysia Sabah(UMS) which close friend since 2010. Her birthday is 2 days ago which is 29th July.. On night of 29th, I quarrel again with my Ex... Huhu.. Make my mood become sucks... :( In the end, Alhamdulillah, I finally can wish her properly and she happy with that even in her heart, she's really sad.. huhu.. 

I hope she's fine.. Overall, Happy Birthday to you again... Be strong ya... :D

Anyway, I think it's time for me to change myself.. How? I don't know but I try my best to change it soon. What kind of changes? Just wait and see... Yeah, sometimes I need change a bit about myself such as attitude and heart.. If I go on like this, it will become bad in the future.. I just could change a bit only, not all of whole stuff.

My life will be danger now, because of my housemate which they're smoke and I can't stand with the smoke but I just hold it until I can't breath sometimes.. huhu.. There's something that comes to my mind is dead but I can't because I have something that still unsuccessful which is my career.. I have to be strong for this but I need food supplement to vanish all that stuff...

I have to keep calm and be awesome. Why? I want my parents happy with my career and I can show them that I can be designer.. For now, I need to change myself for more focus on class.. Next semester will got tough subject including photography... Wish me luck ya.. :3

Yesterday, I got something to buy but I cancelled it.. haha.. Why? I won't use it because it's for traveller only... What is it? It's power bank that people nowadays have now. Me also want but when I think back, it's not worth at all.. I need my friend opinion and all of them disagree with me.. haha..

Power bank

They said I should buy cloths more than power bank. I follow what their said and I already buy a cloths just now... Two t-shirt and one sweater... I buy all that for my fashion going back to sabah. Going back? Yeah, I'm going back to sabah this Friday for Eid ul-fitr until 17th August.. huhu.. 2 weeks only.. On that holiday, I need to practice about photography.. 

InsyaAllah, I have time for that soon.. Plus I have model now.. All I need to do is call her when I need model.. Thank emme.. heee.. she's from klmuc, Chinese one.. take accounting course I think.. hehe.. I hope I can get high grade for this photography subject, InsyaAllah... ;)

I think that's all for today, I just have a part that I must share to you all.. About my ex part, I'm sorry that I always talk bad about her.. Now I realize that I was the one who bad in this world..

I'm not trying to make her bad, I just keep following my feeling and not accepting the truth.. huhu.. I'm not perfect for her at all.. I accept that.. :')
That's it.. For those who keep visiting my blog, thank you very much and have a nice day.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... How are you all this month? It's fine right? Going well? Alhamdulillah...hehe.. How about fasting? Also well? Alhamdulillah! Hehe.. It just 1 week I didn't post anything because I don't have any idea what kind of post I will make it.. hehe.. Yeah, some of the audience said my post hurt people. Oh really? If my words here make you all hurt, I apologize ya.. Sometimes I just make a words that follow my feeling and heart..

Favourite quote and truth

Well, I change already.. Change what? Yeah, last time or last year, I mention someone I love and someone that I hate most. Meanwhile, there's one of my friend angry with me because I mention his/her name in my blog. They don't want publicity. Ok then, from that incident, I start make a word like "she" or "he" after mention "boy" or "girl"... So, if you feel like you're the one,what can I say right? I'm sorry for that.. hee.. :D

1st week of Ramadan? For me, I can't say that I'm fasting perfect but Alhamdulillah, I can control my lust... Haha... Just joking, I mean I can control my eating and all stuff that make me hungry... Hehe.. On the first day of Ramadan, I iftar at McDonald Alpha Angle which is near my hostel.. On that day, I'm settling my final examination.. huhu.. I can't register but finally I can because my pointer not bad at all.. hehe.. On the 2nd day also same which I iftar with her and my friend.. Both of them ate "Ayam Goreng McDonald" which is fried chicken spicy one.. Me? Oho, I take beef samurai burger... Hee.. 

Ayam Goreng Mcd Spicy

Beef Samurai Burger

After we iftar, we separated to go hostel.. She's at Putra Majestic, me at alpha villa and another one is pv10.. Oh ya, I almost forgot... My friend that we call him as "Khai", he's sabahan people.. Surprise right? Me also, because I meet him once at center point on my previous semester break.. what a surprise.. He's located at Sepang.. Last time, I'm not close to him but since I know him from sabah, I start close to him as sabahan people.. For your all information, I got problem here.. What is it? It's about my friend, roommate here, his name is Mohd Azlan Amzani.. 

Too stress with problem :(

I don't know he's not talk to me near 1 month.. wow.. Surprise right? He said that I always order people to do something.. what kind of order? I hate when people don't want talk properly with me.. For now, I just let him go.. I don't want any quarrel. It's childish.. Overall, I already apologize to him.. so, its up to him whether he want to make conversation with me or not.. I just silent here.. huhu

By the way, on the 2nd august, I will depart to Kota Kinabalu for semester break raya.. It's 1 week more... I wait for long time because I'm boring at hostel now.. huhu.. 

Boring :3

Plus I got problem with my friend.. It's make me more excited to go back early... Huhu... My friend, arjuna, he's going back to Kuala kangsar which his father's place with that fool azlan.. Actually, I just want know the reason why he silent only, just simple matter... So, seems like I know, curse him..  I don't care at all, he's boy, not girl.. Maybe, I consider about girl... Muahaha.. 
Ladies first :)

Boy? Who cares? Even he's my friend, I don't care, except arjuna,adam and richard.. Three of them are my best friend since 1st semester.. so, I care about them even sometimes richard is a bit annoying,after all he's good guy...hehe... Ok, back to our story about going back to KK.. Actually, I already boring here at Kuala Lumpur... I don't why, I prefer more KK than KL.. That's why I want to go back KK early.. but my class haven't finish yet.. huhu.. I hope that my class finish early, amin ya rabbal alamin.. :D

Since I'm at 7th semester now,  maybe on 8th semester I moved to my new rent house.. With Richard... I don't know about arjuna... Azlan? Just let him be.. Maybe arjuna will follow us too... Where do we moved? At wangsa maju, section 2.. 

We're moving ~
Alhamdulillah, richard said that place also got more small shop and also near alpha angle.. hehe.. I don't want far from here, well, it's been 2 years I'm here at wangsa maju.. huhu.. If I move to other place maybe it takes time to make myself comfortable.. huhu.. I hope I can manage myself comfortable from now on even now azlan is not friend already, so officially I make him as my rival... 

My Idea is limitesd
He's got a lot more idea, but me, not really because my idea is limited...  Overall, I'm the who become final hope in the end.. :)

I think that's all for today because I don't have good mood because of Azlan.. He's make me hate him.. It's really sucks... Loser...thanks to my mother and my special which give me advice..huhu.. 

Finally I know what's the reason.. thank you very much.. :')

Have a nice day you all... :D

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone, How are you all today? Seems like getting excited right? It was because tomorrow is Ramadan which all muslim and muslimah will be fasting.. Actually, I have a lot of story that I want to tell about my life.

Sometimes I want to share about her but seems like I don't have mood to update,it's make her feel relief now.. Hahaha... Maybe I will let her do what she want. I can't concentrate to her very much because I'm still study now. It will make my pointer going down again. I hope my pointer won't going again like last year.. InsyaAllah.. :)

By the way, since I'm going to post tonight, I want to wish something special today for muslim and muslimah out there. About what? Yeah, this month which is Devil or Satan will go away from us. Meanwhile, muslim and muslimah have to fasting which is compulsory to them,including me. Why?

 It's Ramadan Mubarak guys. Tomorrow all muslim and muslimah will start fasting and control their lust for not eating until dusk and adhan sounded. I tell you all about this because sometimes people out there not understand at all..hehe.. 

I think that's all for today, So have a nice day guys.. For all muslim and muslimah out there, Happy Ramadan Mubarak ya...  :D


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... It's July right? It's been 2010, my trademark hasn't change yet.. what is it? I mean the introduction or my first greeting on this blog.. Have you realize that? Haha..  Actually, that introduction we should called as "Trademark".. 

Meaning of Trademark

If I change, something different for me. Yeah I know, sometimes, people say that we can change right? Maybe I just change the way I share the story only because I have no idea about the introduction.. haha.. People usually no introduction right? They just go straight to the sharing stuff. No fun at all but, they have their own stuff.. Overall, it's not my business at all.. :)

Well everyone, actually I'm feeling sad right now? Why? It was because of her.. What happen to her? She's still not understand what I feel about her.. Somehow I try my best to show my love, sincerity, honesty,understanding and tolerance but she still stubborn..

What can I do? People along with their egoist is difficult to handle right? Sometimes their ego will make them suffer.. After that, they try searching us back.. Final hope eh? It's hurt but I can stand it because I sincere to her.. My shed tears want to come out, but I hold it..

Sounds like effort too :)

Maybe other guy will fed-up but me not like that.. I try my best to catch her heart back.. Easy to say, I want to show my effort and one more thing, I don't want become a loser..

Now, July has come to us which is 7 months already.. The time has running too fast right? For your information, Ramadan has come.. Next week is month of Ramadan..

Ramadan :)

Alhamdulillah, seems like I'm fasting here at KL with my friends, not with family.. huhu.. Oh ya, when I mention about friends, there's someone who come in to my hostel which is from Sarawak, same with Richard but he's on 8th semester.. Just have different with 1 semester only..

He's good guy.. By the way, I already buy a new jeans at jusco which is I like the design. The brand called Blue Toms.. I never wear the jeans from that brand but I try to wear soon.. As you know, myself is too abstract with fashion too.. hehehe.. If I'm slim, maybe my money will waste on clothing but sadly, my body is big.. Now, on my way to make myself slim.. I hope I can change my body shape into slim.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Going back to sabah? I will go back on August which is 1 week before raya.. We're on holiday for 2 weeks... Wow.. first time for this one, last time just 1 week only... Huhu.. but now, alhamdulillah.. 2 weeks.. hee.. Exam? Also fine but there's one subject that I'm not satisfied.

I'm not satisfied

What subject? Visual communication.. Why? Yeah,From what I know, the lecturer will make a presentation when all of his student, including me finish exam.. So, how? He supposedly planning that one but, KLMU management always sucks.. So the problem will be worst then. I hope that lecturer can make a right decision then. This semester, I don't have much final examination, just only 1 subject.

I'm studying this subject

Why? It was because I take Islamic studies which is theory one.. Those 2 is just practical which means final project. If I can, I wanna grab only A nd B grade only.. I don't want any subject C or D.. InsyaAllah.. amin.. ~

I think that's all for today.. I just want to update the latest story and I share to you all about my feeling of heart to "her".. I just don't want her sad..

I want her become happy in the end even I die someday.. Before I die, at least I want her smile and laugh.. it's more than enough..

Message ~

Lastly, I have message for her... I know you want freedom but please don't forget me here who always be there for you and all people around.. I don't know when my times has come.. I just want to say something... I... Love you so much and I miss you very much... Hopefully you understand what I mean then.. take care.. ~