Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. It's been while right? I don't have anything to talk right now... I've been busy myself for doing nothing here...hehe... InsyaAllah, I will post story about my life 3 weeks ago..

Now,I want to wish something that meaningful to my country... What is it? It's Independence day... Yeah.. Tomorrow is 31st August 2013 which is 56th years already for my country... I'm happy to know that. My state is 50th years.. heee...

I think that's all for tonight... I hope my country,Malaysia, will go through with peacefully.. :)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. So, how's the stuff happen out there? How about raya? Good or bad? If good, there's nothing to be worried and keep it up.. If you have a bad stuff happen, you should be patience and keep doing until become a good stuff.. Haha.. You know what I mean right? Yeah, sometimes people nowadays easy to give up on what they're doing.. They think it's not necessary for doing thing which is got nothing.. Actually, it's not like that.. 

We must try until get what we want.. Allah s.w.t. is try to test us whether we patience or not.. Even me, sometimes I got a feeling to give up,but I follow my heart to go on this path because my heart always truth. Why? It's sincerity in ourselves. 

The sincerity is main part of people's life because our main organ part is heart which is control our movement,feelings and all stuff. So, better try to find out about what you doing.. Good or bad. It's in your hand.. :)

By the way, looks like we have to say hello to August. Why? Now we're in month of August.. Seems like the time has running to fast than I thought before.. 

It's August :D
This month? Not really special to me except National day. Why? Yeah, because I don't know why.. about June and July, I got special day on that months.. My ex birthday is on June,alhamdulillah,I can wish her that time.. 

For my Ex :)

The other one is July which is my friend, she's studying at UMS here at KK.. Eh? KK? Yeah, I'm at KK now for Eid al-fitr break.. After this 2 weeks holiday, I got final examination... Huhu.. I hope next week I can study a bit.. I just got 1 subject only on this semester and the other two is final presentation.. Fuh! I hope I can do my best on that three subject.. Next semester will more tough than this one.. Hoping there's no problem on next semester.. I need to focus 90% for that.. 

What I really sad is, I finish next year on may or April.. huhu.. My college,KLMUC, ask students to take additional subject from other course.. It's really sucks right? Huhu.. I already take one from Multimedia course.. It's about video editing.. InsyaAllah, I can do it what I can on that subject.. As long as I don't give up, everything will settle shortly.. ;)
Anyway, today is already Eid Al-Fitr which is Muslim people will celebrate for victory of Ramadan. I already create Hari Raya card with my own creativity. I don't have much idea this year.. I don't know why.. Maybe it's stuck.. Huhu.. 

Raya Card with my own creativity :)
How is it? Creative or not? Nice or bad? For me who design this, something missing in this card.. I don't know what is it.. huhu.. Maybe I'm just less survey about the card design.. This year, I don't have someone that I love except family and friends.. I mean girlfriend.. Sometimes when I love someone, I over love her like give anything to her,other words, I do everything for her.. Maybe I should change my style right?

I mean start love her slowly like know their family,relative and more.. When love comes, our heart will automatically feel sincere to them. Am I right? I wish there's someone can understand my intention when I with my partner.. Now I'm single mingle here.. Hehe.. I will focus my studies.. About girlfriend, maybe I can think about it later..

I hoping about someone who can wait for me.. You read this right? Actually I'm still love you there.. Just wait for me.. I will propose you.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Last night I was help my father for cleaning house,arrange the stuff that we have now and more.. So I was late sleep again.. I slept at 3.00am but it's ok.. As long as I'm here, I can help my parents to prepare everything.. 

My brother have another stuff to do like cleaning cat's house.. Our cat have house, better you know that.. hahaha.. Beside that, my aunt from Nilai coming just now.. Yesterday,Her flight on 5pm.. Arrive here at 8pm.. She delayed her flight.. 

Well, flight this week and last week always delay because there's a lot of people going back to their hometown. Alhamdulillah, I got my flight which my father booking.. I'm coming back last week on 2nd august... Heee.. I got 2 weeks holiday with assignment.. Damn.. My friend already lazy doing assignment in this holiday session.. haha... 

Me? Oh? I will do it next week with high spirit.. InsyaAllah.. pray for me ya... Hee...

I think that's all for first Eid Al-fitr... hee.. I already show it right my raya card.. huhu.. I hope I can improve more my idea.. :3
For closing, I wish Happy Eid Al-Fitr for all Muslim out there.. Hope you all enjoy your raya... ;)