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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... How are you all today? Seems like we're on last day of September right? So,overall? How's your September? I know it must be very good right... If some of you have bad moment like me, all you can do just keep calm and be patient..

I don't know why, sometimes I feel like want to go away from this misfortune... Sometimes I just wanna give up but my heart won't let me. This matter happen because Allah s.w.t. test my patience.. I must go on my life with strong heart.. For your information, I always think about die. \

About aeroplane crash, bus crash and what crash that I can imagine through myself.. It because of my stress.. I hope that just my imagination,not a pray for me to die.. I'm still want to enjoy what I've done to this world.. hee
By the way, about my subject, corporate identity design, my logo has been approved. Alhamdulillah.. Hee... When I see my logo, I can imagine that I'm becoming boss for the company.. haha..

My Company Logo

Boss with his photographer,planner, personal assistant and more.. Boss? Of course it's me... The other level, maybe I will take people which is got skills in any part of art.. By the way, seems like the day after tomorrow I got presentation, I hope that all of you can pray for me.

Presentation :3

So, I can make myself more confidence and have a spirit to do presentation. About packaging design, I already printed the package but haven't describe yet about element in that package.. I hope that I can do that tomorrow..InsyaAllah.. :)
Overall, I'm still can catch up what my lecturer ask me to do...I just a bit late catch up about the digital effect and compositing subject.. I know it's a bit difficult to create a video.. But sometimes I like about videography for 15% only..

If I can't get A in this subject, at least I can get B+ or B- only.. I don't want grade C for this semester.. Like you all know, I want to continue study to degree right? I wanna be same level with brother and sister.. huhu.. I have to study hard and smart.

Think about hard work

Effort to success

My parents give high hopes to me.. I have to do my best.. they're make more sacrifice for three of us.. Sometimes I want to payback but it's early for me.  Huhu.. I have to make sure that myself is successful person.. That's why this year I have to focus back my study..I'm sad.. why?

Sad :(

It was because on year 2012, I'm not focus at all.. huhu.. I hope this year I can catch up all pointer.. InsyaAllah.. :)
Since today is the last date of September.. I wish the next month will be more good than this month... Actually, this month also have good stuff.. but still not enough.. Maybe..

haha... Conclusion here.. I hope o can focus more on study in October.. On Raya Haji, I will go back to KK.. Just for 6 days only.. huhu.. After that, I'm just going trip to Penang only on midterm break.. Wish for my safety ya guys.. hee..

I think that's all for today... I hope month of october will be great and all of you can make a good moment... Same to me.. I want to make a good moment... Firstly, I have to focus on my study and make it perfect.. InsyaAllah... :)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... How's your September? Fine or not? If you all fine, then alhamdulillah.. If not, you must not give up ya... Everthing must have their own reason why this or that stuff happen.  Like me, always got challenge during my life in this world.. I feel like my life has been set up by Allah s.w.t.. 

I Never Give up

Beside that, I never try to give up on what I've done because I know, friends and family is around me to cheer me up. One more thing, I know Allah s.w.t. always help me to make my patience more high until there's someone try to fool me... 


Sometimes I just ignore them because I know they want me to angry.. Overall, I wish that they will realize about what they do is totally wrong.

By the way, my new semester has been started last week and I haven't post about this right? 

Actually I want to make a new me but I just feel lazy and no idea what kind of story that I will share to everyone. I have 5 assignment now... See? How lazy I am... Huhu.. I don't know why, seems like I ever do that assignment for last minute.. 

Actually I want to change that attitude, on progress now.. Sometimes I feel like want to change myself.. Yeah, people can change right? This semester, it's really have a great or heavy subject.. Maybe it was I'm try to take it lightly, so this is the consequence for me..

For now, I have to make myself confidence and I hope all of you will supporting my changes soon.. I will do it for myself, family and everyone out there.. 

Well, I have to make sure that I will become a Designer which is ambitious in my life. I will prove it.. InsyaAllah.. :)

About my subject, the difficult one is corporate identity, packaging design and digital effect & compositing.. This three subject have a lot of idea and creativity to create new output or design or video that lecturer ask us to perform for them.

Worried :3

My subject need more creativity and skills. I hope that I can do that even a bit.. hehe.. Well, about video, I'm not professional at all..  Designer right? All I can do just myself fake smile because I don't want anyone know that I'm worried.. huhu... I have to be more tough.. :3

Sometimes I need also to know about editing video, just got basic editing in Adobe premiere pro.. Adobe after effect? I don't have basic at all on that software.. 

Adobe After Effect

This semester, I'm using Adobe after effect software. So, I need to learn more fast as I can. If not, I will having low grade on that subject.. I wish this semester no C or D grade in my subject..InsyaAllah.. Pray for me ya.. :D

Today activity which is me, arjuna, richard and ashraf (Richard's friend) going to find blazer for richard.. We're going at Jalan TAR near Sogo which got Kamdar there. 

Kamdar is the shop which is sell casual or formal fashion for men and women. In the end, richard didn't get his blazer which is dark blue color.. After that, 4 of us going Chowkit which is same store, Kamdar. He failed again. He make his mind to take a look at Times square. 

Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

He got his blazer with bowtie.. Finally, we going back. While we going back, richard buying another t-shirt at Times square. Alhamdulillah, we can control him from shopping.. haha.. it was because he's shopholic.. haha.. 

Like Richard.. ;D

They start exhaust at pavilion.. We arrive at KLCC and we stop by RotiBoy shop..hehe.. After that, we taking lrt going back hostel.. Long journey right? 

Just like 4 of us... huhu

Tomorrow, I'm planning going town again for photoshoot and if I have more time, I meet my ex girlfriend of her friend. She's not confirm yet.. Most important is my landscape photography will be done by tomorrow.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Example of Landscape Photography :')

I think that's all for today, I hope I can finish my landscape photo by tomorrow and approved from my lecturer... Wish me luck ya guys for the Landscape photography.. :3 

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone...It's been while right? I don't post anything here since the first day or Eid al-fitr.. Actually, I can post anything what I want it but I must have intention about what kind of post or subject that I want to tell you about. All my post is about my routine and life right? Maybe some of you missing me? 

Miss me? :p

Hahaha.... I know some of you waiting my post or story about me right? I will tell you about what I've been through in 3 weeks.. Check it out! ;) 

Actually, after Eid Al-fitr last 3 weeks, I don't have to visit my blog.. What I have time is thinking about my final examination and final project... As you know, I got 2 final project and 1 final exam.. 

Too busy prepartion of final presentation

That final exam, alhamdulillah, I can answer all question with my heart. I hope I can get high marks which is Islamic studies.. Another 2 is final project is Visual Communication and 3D Animation. About 3D Animation, I thought we got final presentation and on that time, I'm doing the exam of Islamic as fast as I can. After the exam, I'm running to library meet my group members. 

They said they're ready and we head to block B, level 6. Once we arrive, there's no 1 student on that class.. I wonder why.. 

I saw my head of school and ask him where's miss suhana. He said that she's going back.. I ask about presentation and he replied that our presentation is canceled. We surprise for hearing that from our head of school. Our nervous face become happy face because no presentation that time..

Miss suhana just want us to submit the soft-copy of our animation which has been burn in CD. So. I hope miss will give us good mark for us.  

Last subject is Visual Communication which is our sporting lecturer, Sir Khairul Azlan, we call him as Sir Lan.. He's got same name with my friend, Azlan. Same genre which is skinhead, same personality but the different is my friend short one and my lecturer is Fat one.. 

haha.. Overall, he's good lecturer at all.. By the way, about the presentation, after I finish my exam on 19th august, I'm still have time to finish my manual inking, computer inking ans booklet in 1 week. My presentation held on 27th August. Seriously, on that time, I don't have enough sleep and I woke up on 1pm everyday.. huhu.. 

I'm really sick that time...Sometimes I want to give up but when I think about my parents, my energy is built by itself through my body and keep doing the work. On 27th august, the presentation start at 3pm.. 


As usually, I presentation randomly with simple style, not so formal.. Just my appearance formal with jeans.. Overall, my presentation is average level.. Not really awesome..I'm just the awesome.. Muahaha.. In the end, I can present without fear.. hee.. 

About Eid Al-fitr, my family make "Open House" on 3rd Raya.. Me? Oh? It was 2nd time I invite my friend to come my house for that my open house. 

My friend that come which is friend from Maktab Sabah is 2 person only.. From KLMUC, Adam.. hehe.. Only 3 person.. I don't know about others.. Some of them, giving reason which is no transport and no time..

Inviting friends

Others is having friend come to their house. Some of them also ask me to pick them up.. huhu.. They thought that me was a driver for them? I'm not, ok? Huhu.. On 2nd Raya, we going to sipitang for meet that Haji which friend with my parents.. hehe.. At evening, I meet my Ex-Girlfriend... You know who right? I meet her because I want it.. I want her to meet my mother but she's scared..


What's the meaning of that? I don't know how to say.. I'm happy but at the same time, I feel disappointed... Huhu... I'm speechless after all.. Too many reasons.. I always keep calm and be awesome..

Maybe I will fed-up,but don't know when will appear that fed-up attitude.. huhu..Maybe still long way to go.. huhu.. I hope Allah s.w.t. will open my heart.. Amin ya rabbal alamin.. ~ 

For your information, today is September right? The time has running too fast right? Huhu... Seems like we will nearly end of 2013.. 

Greet September

I will come with new semester.. huhu.. Now I semester break and the new semester, I will take a tough subject which is need a creative idea.. huhu.. Especially on Corporate Identity Design.. 


Lecturer was a art director in past of his life plus he's the one will become a judges for our Final Presentation... Huhu.. 

My subject

I hope I can do all the Subject above.. I also hope that I can make a creative arts and photo.. InsyaAllah, I can do it.. :)

I think that's all for today..I'm a bit late too update this blog...I'm sorry everyone... I'm making myself busy like a boss..haha... Once again, happy 65th independence day for Malaysia... I hope all of you will become happy ya.. Like me, keep calm and be awesome.. ;) 

Thanks for visiting my blog ya..