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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. Well, this week I'm a bit sad.. Why? It was because only 8 people wishing my birthday this year.. huhu... Other two which is I assume them before as my lover & sweetheart before? Both of them not wishing me and I know the reason why I should forget about them.. I always remember them but they're not remember.. haih.. It's make me really sad but I keep smile.. 

The right side is me ~

Huhu.. My three ex girlfriend wishing me on my birthday.. Even they're ever hurt me but at least they remember my special day.. huhu.. So, once 12am tonight, I will forget about them.. I know it's waste my time.. It's more better if I remain with my family, friends who close to me and the one I love from my heart... I've been thinking before this.. 

Deicde something

I will make my own will start 12am tonight.. Actually, I asked my heart before but my heart give answer that I told just now.. I hope I make a right decision for my whole life.. InsyaAllah.. :')

By the way, seems like today is last day for whole year of 2014.. I want tell you about whole 2014.. First, it's about my final project on diploma before.. Well, I got too many challenges on final semester before I entered degree.. 

What kind of challenges? Friends, study and money... Friend? Yeah, friend.. my friend, arjuna & azlan was drinking alcohol before when I'm at hostel.. After that, I afraid they will make me involved to them.. I decide to stay with my aunt at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.. So, I used KTM went to college back to back.. It's make me tired for study but alhamdulillah, there's no final exam.. It just only final presentation.. Lastly is money.. 

Before presentation, I have to printing my design for present to all my lecturer.. Alhamdulillah, my parents situation & the happiest moment which is I got A- on my final project.. hehe... 

Message for them

Thanks to my friend, Sasi Segaran who help me when I'm troubled.. I won't forget her step sister, kisan, also help me.. Both of them really make me happy and I never forget them.. I hope when I'm working, we still contact each other in the future.. :)

Once I got my result, I used to stay at my hometown at sabah for 3 months which is june until august.. hehe.. Why? I have to rest my mind because I continued my degree right? Hehe.. In 3 months, I helped my dad to create logo for his business company.. Permata Indah.. Please don't copy this logo ya.. hehe

There's a reason I take graphic design because I can create business such as logo, website and etc.. After that, I have Photoshoot for my cousin's marriage.. My cousin's marriage have 3 places which is tawau, KL and Putrajaya.. My cousin happy with my photoshoot because of the picture so clear.. 

This is my cousin, girl one
Well, I used 50mm for shoot and sometimes I used 18-55mm for group photo with wide angle shoot... On September, I continue my studies through degree as graphic design student.. Then, like I mentioned, continue shoot for my cousin's wedding.. I asked my dad to bring my camera with flash.. hehe.. In month of September, also have special scene.. Hehe.. What is it? On 30th September 2014, I coupled and make love with physiotherapy girl.. 

Alhamdulillah, I stay with her for 3 months now because yesterday is our monthsary.. I hope both of us stay together until at the end of my life.. InsyaAllah.. :)

By the way, I think you all want to know how I meet her right? Firstly, she added me on BeeTalk.. 

For the first impression, she assumed me as model for magazine because I make my profile picture which is astro magazine.. 

When she ask me whether I'm study or not, I said I'm study at KLMUC and she's surprised.. haha.. Funny right? She's not believed and she want to meet me face to face.. When she meet me, she feel different.. Something like she want to stay with me forever..

Her expression to me

She told me that her past was bad one because her ex boyfriend was sucks.. huhu.. When I knew about her past, I feel like I want to kill that person.. Huhu.. For now, the vengeance still on fire in my life.. 

Inside me before ~

Well, seems like myself is complicated, I have to change myself for becomes always calm.. What past is past right? Just don't bring back.. What I need to do is focus on my dream become designer and make my parents, friend and her happy with me.. 

My personality right now, calm..

What I have to do is just ignore him.. I know, someday Allah s.w.t. will give punishment to him.. Anyway, I'm with the physiotherapy girl, story of us, Alhamdulillah, I'm happy with her and I can focus on my study.. I've told her before after we make loved which is I have to focus on my future for make my parents happy.. 

She said she can accept that, as long as I'm still love her.. Of course I love her, love her sincerely from my heart.. I hope both of us stay together and I need all of you out there pray for us ya.. I also need all of you support me and I promised I won't forget you all.. InsyaAllah.. I will invite you all to my wedding.. hehe.. Amin ya Rabbal alamin.. :')

I think that's all for the end of 2014.. Wanna know my aim for 2015? I got 4 aim for next year.. Firstly, I want to study smart for this degree season.. Secondly, I want to make my parents and friend happy..

Thirdly, I want to avoid for think about death because I'm still have mission that need to accomplish.. Lastly, I will added more love and affection with sincerity to my future wife, physiotherapy girl.. That's my aim for 2015.. InsyaAllah, I will accomplish that aim!

That's all guys.. Thank you and Happy New Year 2015 :)

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone who always visit to my blog.. How are you all doing out there? As I know, everyone seems fine and happy right? What I know, some of you have huge problem which is your country flooded.. 

See this ~
Astaghfirullah'alhazim.. I hope some of you which is involved can solve your problem using praying and ask forgiveness from Allah S.W.T. You all know that Allah is greatest God for all of us and He can do anything what He want..For those who trying make Him upset, you will get punished by Him.. So, beware! Anyway, I'm at Sabah right now since 25th December.. On Christmas? Yeah, it's on Christmas that I flew over to my place and I can imagine Santa Claus flying beside aeroplane.. Haha.. Weird right? Hehe.. As usual, I can imagine that aeroplane crashed or exploded while flying in the middle of sky.. 
Imagination ~

My friend, sasi and my future wife angry with me because I imagine sucks stuff which is make me die.. Well, I don't know how to change this kind of thing to me.. I hope I can change this because I know it will effect to my future later.. InsyaAllah, I will change for my family, friends and the one I love, Mrs A.. :)

By the way, I already on study week since since 20th December but I'm still at KL.. It was because of my final project which is due on 24th December.. Haih.. So, my study week left is 1 week and 5 days.. huhu.. Next week on 6th January, I will fly back to KL.. Why? I got final exam held on 7th and 14th December.. huhu.. 

My final exam

My exam is History of Graphic design and the second one is Percept of Islam.. This two subject is theory one and I have to make a short notes for that.. How about 3D animation, Photo Manipulation and Graphic Illustration 1? Photo manipulation, I make confirmation which is I got grade A... Graphic Illustration 1 and 3D Animation still unknow but Graphic Illustration, I think I got B+.. 3D animation? Hoho.. I'm still no idea what grade I will have later.. 

No Idea

What I can do now is praying to Allah S.W.T. .... Huhu... My friend, sasi, also same with me.. We've done our best for that subject.. 

All I can do is praying ~

At least, we got pass which is C+, more than ok.. huhu.. My friend from my class, they surprised.. Why? Yeah, I'm on 1st semester took this subject, 3D animation.. My classmates taking this subject on their 4th and 5th semester.. Some of them taking this on final semester which is Sasi Segaran, my close friend..Overall, all I can do is praying for my grade not fail at all.. huhu.. I pity for my parents who paying my fees.. I hope my grade will pass for the 1st semester.. InsyaAllah ~

Well, everyone want to know about my relationship right? Hehe.. For you all information, me and her is fine at all.. All I need to do make her change for her life.. I just want her praying for perfect time which is Subuh, Zuhur, Asar, maghrib and Isha right? I want her praying but she always said, she will pray later.. 

I want her like this :')

For the time to time that she always giving same answer to me.. Since I sincere loving her, I never give up! I want her pray, so when both of us will have long distance, she can pray for me if she missing me.. Like me, I always pray for her because I really miss her so much even I'm at KL.. Everyday I always pray and I just want her happy even I die someday.. I know she less got love from her family and her Ex boyfriend is sucks.. I'm still have vengeance for that boy! 

I will be like this to get vengeance

If I meet him on my final exam, seriously I will warning him.. If he trying to make her sick, I WILL KILL HIM! I'm sorry guys, seriously I hate him because he make my girlfriend suffered.. huhu.. Maybe there's got reason why Allah s.w.t. meet both of us together.. Even my Ex girlfriend from form 1 and form 2 study at KLMUC which is same course with me.. So, starting 2015, I will try to challenge her for my family, friend and my love.. 

Something like she's professional in Fine Art.. Well, I'm pro at Photo Manipulation.. For everyone, I will challenge her! 

Anyway, all of you know right tomorrow is something special to me.. Huh? You all don't even know what is it? Huhu.. I feel  sad.. Actually, tomorrow is my birthday... Hehe.. Oh? Can't believe? Yeah, it's my birthday.. hihi.. 

I just want to see who will the first wish for me.. Hehe.. Last night, my friend, chubie, which is my ex on 2010 wished me..I feel shocked.. I looked back to my phone and it's 28th December.. I know she's not well and she's confuse.. She's got problem there.. Huhu.. I hope she's fine out there.. I'm worried because she's still my friend, just like sasi.. 

Waiitng other wishes
Overall, I will wait who's gonna first wish my birthday whether sasi or my love.. For sure, my family always first one wish me.. hehe.. Last person? I'm not sure yet.. Chubie wished me last night, I still assume that first wish me.. I know that she afraid that she forgot later.. To her, thank you for the advance wish ya.. hehe... 

To all my visitors :)

To my audience out there, Merry Christmas to non Muslim ya.. hehe.. For everyone in this world, Happy New Year 2015.. Don't worry, I will post again for the last day on 31st December.. hehe.. Thank you for visiting my blog ya... 

I think that's all for today.. I will wait at 12am tonight to see who's the first person wishes me exactly on 12am... Hehe.. For my visitors, you can wish me at chat on right side.. hehe... Oh? I almost forgot.. My aim for 2015? I will do my best as Degree student, InsyaAllah.. Lastly, let's pray people at Kelantan who Involved on flooding.. Hope everything will be fine to them after this.. Amin ya rabbal alamin.. ~

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. Well, all of you out there sure fine right? Alhamdulillah.. It's same with me.. This week I'm very happy, why? I have my friend, sasi & my lovely future wife, physiotherapy girl right? hehe.. Both of them make me really happy this week.. Once again, alhamdulillah, until today, we haven't quarrel each other...  Mostly, I'm really happy with my future wife because she's understand how I feel and she's really know what I feel to her... Overall, I really appreciate how she treats me as her future husband...

For her ~ <3

By the way, seems like today is 30th November and I want to wish something for her.. Hehe.. Happy 2nd Monthsary! For her, I want to say thank you for stay with me until now.. huhu.. I know sometimes I feel myself is sucks but don't worry, i will try best become perfect in your life while I'm making my family & friends happy too... Actually, you're the last person that I will make you happy in my life.. I love you sincerely from my heart.. This quote is for you.. ~

 The two last quote, I really mean it for you... I hope you understand what my heart feel about you.. Seriously, I never think to leave you alone.. This december, you will go for practical right? Actually, I'm really worried about you dear.. huhu.. I wish I could stay with you until revision week holiday.. huhu... Hope I can have time to meet you if I'm still alive in this world.. huhu.. Lastly, I love you so much and I miss you very much... Wish you happy be with me... To all my audience or visitors out there, I hope you all can pray for our relationship ya.. I really mean it.. Don't worry, when it times come for our wedding, I will invite you all.. InsyaAllah.. Just pray for us ya.. :')

I think that's all for today, the last day of November is the monthsary of our relationship.. hehe.. Easy to remember right? I hope both of us can maintain our relationship until we getting married each other.. InsyaAllah... :')

Nor Azri Bin Mahmud 

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and halo halo everyone... how are you all out there? Rarely post right? Hehe.. Miss me? Not? Oho.. I'm sad.. huhu... Actually I was no idea what should I share.. Sometimes I want to share everything about me here, except privacy one.. privacy? 

Privacy of Mine :D

What kind of privacy I have? Well, that's only me know about that.. If you all want to know, just ask me directly.. hehe.. You know I have a lots of social networking.. 

Ask me Personally

Depends what kind of privacy that I should tell you later if you're asking me personally.. hehe.. By the way, I already moving to new hostel which is PV12 at Setapak, near Wangsa Maju.. hehe.. Wangsa Maju?? Yeah.. Easy for me go airport.. hehe.. What is differences between Putra Majestic and PV12? Well, the good one about Putra Majestic is near college and the bad one is too many Indians.. huhu..

PV12, Setapak


PV12, the good one is near LRT and KL Festival City.. The bad one? far from college.. huhu.. Even I want to meer my lovely one, I feel pity for her because she waited for me..It's takes time which is 30 minutes to 1 hours to arrive at college.. Depends on the traffic.. Overall, this PV12 have nice environment.. :)

Well everyone, seems like we're in November season right? I got 2 days left for December season.. So how's your November? Fine or sucks? Like me is 50/50.. why? Well, I have a lot of assignment which is need to focus..

Do Assignment
Image Manipulation, 3D animation and History of Graphic Design.. Why this 3 subject? It's important for me because Images Manipulation is favorite one and 3D Animation make me interested on that subject but it's a bit complicated.. History of Graphic? Oh? That one theory and everything is fact.. Other 2 subjects? Graphic illustration 1 and The Percepts of Islam? This 2 subject also important, but I can do it.. InsyaAllah.. hehe.. All I need is supported from you all out there.. For you all information, I've registered my subject for next semester...

Subject for next Semester
As you above,I take 2 tough subject which is Animation Technique & Packaging Design.. I have to repeat because on diploma, I got C-.. huhu..Pity right? About Photography in communication, I know that I can do it.. I can score on that subject photography.. Overall, I must focus first about this semester.. First is 3D Animation, 2nd is History of graphic and 3rd is Image manipulation.. I want you all out there pray and support for me ya.. :')

As usual, you all know that I love someone which is last one after my parents and friends right? Who is it? Aik? Forgot already? Hahaha.. It's physiotherapy girl one... Name? That one is secretly.. hoho . if you wanna know her name, ask me directly.. By the way, about our relationship is 2 months start tomorrow, alhamdulillah..

I'm trying to make a proud because we have too many challenges out there.. What kind of challenges? Both of us which got ex girlfriend/boyfriend at our college.. huhu.. Why challeges? Well, both of us NEVER try to get attached with our ex anymore.. That just history.. Now both of us focus on our new future... Tomorrow is the day which is our 2nd monthsary.. Alhamdulillah, we managed our relationship in 2 months.. hehe..

Our 2nd Monthsary, Alhamdulillah

Story? Seems like I have to control myself for looking at girl.. hehe..She's jealousy.. I know she love me but don't worry, I will change my attitude for her.. She's also try to change herself.. Both of us have matching problems, we try our best to change it.. For you all information, I always pray for our relationships will long lasting until we stay together forever.. InsyaAllah.. I wish I can share what kind of activity we do, but I don't like to share..

Our Private Life is Happy Life :)

It was because privacy of us.. hehe.. Problems? Alhamdulillah, we have matured friends, Sasi and he's the one who try get along both of us.. I just having bad perception but anyway,that's my fault.. On Wednesday before, I go out with my love and we celebrate early our 2nd monthsary.. We having time so much even my mother come to KL... Hehe.. InsyaAllah, I will introduce her to my mom...

I hope my relationship with my love physiotherapy girl will long lasting.. All I need is supported and pray from you all out there.. Don't worry, I won't try to avoid or ignore my dreams as Designer and make my parents happy with my future.. I managed to balanced.. Alhamdulillah.. I just need you all pray for me.. :')

Actually today I'm stay with my parents at hotel until Monday morning.. My parents come to KL because they want to visit me and want to know whether I'm okay or not.. I have sucks conditions right now, but alhamdulillah, I'm okay now with praying.. I have to maintain that.. Weather nowadays is complicated.. why?

Complicated Weather
Sometimes it will rain and sometimes it will hot day.. huhu.. Well guys, today is 2nd last day for November.. I want to say thank you for you all out there who keep visiting my blog and supporting my life in this world.. I appreciate it.. One more thing, I know my ex, and other girls that I ever love before visiting my blog.. You all still my friends and don't worry, I'm not forgetting you all but I just change my life into new one..

I will not close once more, we just normal friends.. I hope you all pray for my happiness ya.. I just less contact to you all.. I know some of you will search for me if you're feel bad.. Don't worry, I always be there for everyone.. :)

By the way, Alhamdulillah, I'm totally happy with my new life now.. All I need is keep protecting what I have now and make it strong for our future.. InsyaAllah.. Once again, I love her so much and I hope you all pray for us ya.. InsyaAllah, I won't forget you all.. Once again, thank you so much.. :)

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and Hola hola everyone.. How are you all for this month? Hehe.. I haven't close for last month right? I'm very sorry because I'm busy for my degree year now.. There's too many assignments and it's not stop at all.. Every week we have assignment.. Maybe that's what we call degree student right.. 

My new Student ID for Degree ~

A bit tough than diploma.. Before I become degree student, I got one of my friend who took degree last 4 months.. After diploma, he directly took degree.. So, he's senior for me.. Just different one semester only.. Hehe.. He's Indian one and the one who got problem with my close friend, sasi. Why? That's problem I can't share here because it's private stuff for him.. 

Expression for Indian who jealous with Sasi
Sorry guys and all I can say that Indian one jealous at sasi.. That's all.. I hope my friend, Indian one, will realize what he do to sasi.. Childish right? Sasi always keep calm and pretend to be nothing.. Let's wish and pray for their friendship.. InsyaAllah.. :)

By the way, it's been while I didn't post right? Like I said, it's tough for my degree.. In this 1st semester, I got 5 subjects which is Graphic Design History, 3D Animation, Percepts of Islam, Graphic illustration 1 and Image Manipulation Applications.. Which one is tough? For me, it's 3D and History.. Why? Well, the lecturer was faster to give us guide us how to use tool in that software.. What kind of software? 3D max? Lightwave? No.. It's Blender.. 

Blender? Yeah it's Blender which is 3D software..It's same with other software but this software is 2nd one which is complicated.. 1st complicated is Lightwave and this blender is 2nd one.. Actually this software is easy if you're focus 75% on tutorial and you will get know interesting effect but you need to ask lecturer to guide you too.. Well, that's what we call study.. For now, this 3D animation, We're on 3rd assignment.. How about 1st and 2nd? The 1st one is watch and 2nd is house.. 

Watch in Blender

I've done those two assignments but the house just 80% only because I don't have much time.. Well, last minute right? You all my style right? Sometimes last minute give me luck but this one, sucks.. huhu.. 

2nd Assignment, House

I hope my lecturer will understand.. Third is assignment is texture and I haven't check yet.. I already see how my lecturer do and I hope I can remember back.. Huhu.. Second subject is Graphic History.. This subject is fact one and same with History subject but this one about how graphic birth in this world.. All I need is read all the chapters and understand to make own point... 

Study Hard for Graphic History
Well, I'm not good enough in history but I will do my best. For my family, friends and the one I Love, I must not give up & I will do my very best for my future and them who I mention just now.. InsyaAllah.. About percept of Islam, it's also fact but you can give on what opinion you got based on Islam.. that's what I think.. Graphic Illustration 1? That's is Drawing studies in diploma and same with Image Manipulation Applications subject, it's computer applications art & design.. 

Image Manipulation Application, Assigment 1

I'm sure I can get A in this two subjects, InsyaAllah.. I hope I can do this for my everyone who I mentioned just now.. All I need support from you guys.. hehe.. 

Wait wait.. Huh? What is it? The one I Loved? Hehehe.. Actually I already have girlfriend now.. It's still new one.. We're still new and I hope both of us will always together until married.. 

How about others? That I like? I will assume them as my best friend forever or close friend like I treat Sasi, Adam and Ina... Give up? Yeah, I have no point of waiting for them.. I have more mission to achieve and I have aim in my life.. 

In this relationship, I feel different.. Why? When I have relationships in past, I can't concentrate on my study.. I wonder why.. But this person, I can concentrate.. It's something like this person is good match for me.. Same body size.. hehe..She's taking physiotherapy in KLMUC.. Who know about us? Only my friend which is Adam, Sasi and Ina.. Last is my aunty from Nilai.. We know each other at BeeTalk and she's the one who added me.. How I fall in love with her? I asked my heart properly whether my heart ready or not.. 

Asking my heart ~

Its near 2 years I'm single but Alhamdulillah, I can make it.. Hehe.. We coupled on 30th September.. hehe.. This date I always remember and she's happy.. I know, girls will happy when you, boys, remember the monthsary or anniversary.. Like I said, I hope both of us will together until we married.. 

Hope both of Us together ~

All I need is supported and pray from you all.. I know she's not good looking but she have pure and sincere heart.. I love her very much.. We ready to face any kind of challenges out there.. InsyaAllah.. Pray for us ya.. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.. O:)

For you all information, I'm at Kota Kinabalu(KK) sabah now.. hehe.. For? Holiday only one week.. After this, I don't have any holidays in November and December in academic calendar.. That two months is busy to make idea for final project, quiz, presentation and examination.. Huhu.. 

No holidays in November & December

Actually, I don't want to go back KK because only one week right? It just my father want me to go back here.. I think he missed and worried about me very much.. Well, my all housemate stay at KL and their house is not far from hostel.. huhu..This time, I don't have housemate from Sabah.. I feel different.. 

Forever Alone

One more thing, we will moving to new hostel after this one week holiday.. It's near Setapak..I love it because there's no Indian.. I'm not comfortable when that place have a lot Indians.. huhu.. Too many works this early semester.. All I need is Keep Calm and Be Awesome.. I hope there's no more changing hostel.. About my studies, it's still tough like I mentioned.. Once again, I just need you all support and pray for me ya.. :)

I think that's all for today's post.. Once again, I'm sorry because I seldom to update this.. I know you all already feel bored right? 

It's only old post.. Huhu.. If I get more story, I will share here ya..I have more time, I will share.. InsyaAllah.. For those who keep visiting, thank you so much.. I appreciate that.. :)