Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone here.. How are you all? It's been three weeks I haven't update this blog right? Hehe.. Well, I don't know what should I share about you all here.. Daily activities? More Story? 

As usual, I got story but I will tell you later.. In this 2 months more, I just follow what my dad up for now and I keep bringing my precious DSLR camera.. 
Kids following his dad :)

Part time paparazzi right? Haha.. Shooting everywhere and study about angle with different place.. I also study about shutter.. I already ask the professional cameraman about camera mode.. He recommend me to use Manual mode, not programme mode.. 

Camera Mode ~

Why? It was because effect is different.. Sometimes when I shoot, I feel different when using Programme mode.. That's why I'm still Noob at photography.. I need to mastered this while I'm at Kota Kinabalu(KK) Sabah and I will make business as Designer including photographer.. I hope I can master that camera with different lens.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Well, just now I mentioned about my daily activities right? For now, my daily activities is following my father wherever he go and accompanying him with my camera.. Part time assistance and paparazzi.. 

Hoho.. I just want to have more time with my family, especially my parents.. My brother and sister? Both of them matured and they also have their partner.. Me? I'm still unknown relationship.. 

Unknow girl

Why? I don't want everyone knows who my partner.. I just don't want publicity here.. Not ex again ok.. She already out of my list.. Why? She already throw my ring that I gave.. 

So, I don't care at all.. About my partner now, alhamdulillah, we can be together.. Even we seldom to contact each other but our heart always connected.. Hehe.. Seriously, even I like to make conversations with girls, my heart won't change at all.. Is this call fate? 

I always pray for that.. If I married with her, alhamdulillah.. If not, maybe I got another partner right? I hope that she will my future wife once I got work as Graphic Designer.. I pray to Allah s.w.t. for our marriage.. Amin ya rabbal alamin.. :)

By the way, I have good story to you all.. What is it? I got work? No.. I got new car? No.. I got new handphone? Absolutely no.. Hehe.. So? What is it? Actually I got continue my studies through degree!! Hee..

Alhamdulillah.. I got continue degree this September.. I don't have to think that more because my name already registered.. Sometimes I feel don't want to stay at KK, but when I think back about my family, I must go back because they still here at hometown..I don't want to be like my friend who taking bad stuff like ganja and sucks one.. huhu..

I feel weird when people from sabah come to Kuala Lumpur(KL), they become KL people.. Something like they already forgot about their birthplace.. I feel disappointed.. Even I stay 2 years and half, my sabahan language still stick with me.. Seriously, my friend, arjuna and azlan was sucks one.. Why? They're easy to get attracted from KL's people.. 

I'm not try to defend our Sabahan but please remember your birthplace.. This week, arjuna going back and I'm not gonna see him.. Sorry arjuna, you're from different type.. I hope Arjuna will be realize and change his attitude.. :3

Everyone, tomorrow I'm going to Kuching, Sarawak.. Follow my parents.. Just only 1 day.. After that, the day after tomorrow going back to KK.. We going to kuching is for layer cakes which my father order from kuching.. 

Kuching, Sarawak

This is my first time going that place.. Maybe I will shooting something interesting there.. Well, my DSLR always with me.. It's something like my partner.. hehe.. In the morning tomorrow, we will take Airasia which lower cost.. Anyway, looks like this Sunday is Ramadan Al-Mubarak.. 

So, I'm here volunteer to wish all of you here, Happy Ramadan Al-Mubarak ya..I'm sorry if I always talk about nonsense stuff.. I'm sorry if my words is bad.. Overall, I hope this year, Ramadan will be good than last year.. InsyaAllah.. :)

I think that's all for today ya.. Hehe.. I don't have time to update this more.. Well, I already become assistant to my dad.. Hehe... Since Ramadan Al-Mubarak held on 29th June, Sunday, I hope I can do best for my fasting month.. Same goes to you all out there ya...

Once again, Happy Ramadan Al-Mubarak :)

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. It's been while right? I don't post here for 7 months huh? Hehe.. Well, I've been busy with non-stop assignment at my college..Huhu.. You know what? I've been gone through with all challenges in my life last year, my 8th semester.. Why? There's got 2 problem which is choosy lecturer and high perception..

Too much problwm

Let's start with choosy lecturer..Actually this subject is packaging design and lecturer is girl one.. huhu.. It's tough when she don't like our design.. She always reject, reject and reject.. At last, she approved my design with forcing herself.. Pity me right? Huhu..

Reject again.. :3
Something like she aspect us to do the best one.. In the end, alhamdulillah, I got C- on that subject.. huhu.. One of my friend, got failed in that subject because I saw her packaging design was terrible one.. Meaning to say. She need to repeat next semester.. That's the first one, second one is Digital Effects and Composition.. The one that I told you last post right? He also aspect us professional multimedia student, but I'm graphic student.. I just only know about editing and manipulating picture.. Then my lecturer said I'm sucks.. 
Sad :3

huhu.. In the end, I just create what I know and sent to him.. At last, I'm not fail and I got D.. Pass.. Alhamdulillah.. hehe.. Last semester, I got 3B+, 1C- and 1D.. just like I said, at least I'm pass the subject but consequence is my pointer is going down.. I hope I got three pointer this year of 2014..

Wait! Three pointer? 2014? What's the meaning of this? Ah, ah, ah.. I got another semester which is just finish last week.. You know what is it? It's Final Project for computer graphic design.. hehe.. This is really tough one because final right? Huhu.. Alhamdulillah, I can manage my spirit and I ever feel want to give up but my friend, Mira, won't let me.. She's the one who make my spirit become strong after she mention about my family.. hehe.. 

Thanks to her.. Special thanks to my friend which is Adam, Sasi, and Ina.. Eh? Sasi? Ina? Who are they? Both of them is my new friend starting this year.. Thanks to them.. About my final project, we got 3 choices which is Ice cream, Restaurants and Elementary schools.. I choose restaurant because I ever know the design.. First is about the logo.. I sketch up 10 logos for lecturer to choose it.. Finally, my lecturer choose the one for me.. 

My logo on Final Project :D

She ask me to trace at Illustrator, I do it but I converted into photoshop.. After that, my lecturer ask to do stationary which is Business card, letterhead, envelopes and etc.. First I sketch, she just reject because I don't have master design.. I don't understand about master design but what I understand is design must be permanent, so it's easy to design all stuff.. No need to be different.. 


Alhamdulillah, I finally created all design with my own efforts.. On presentation which is held on 20th May 2014, I perfectly presented and I describe all design including concept, target audience, tagline and logo.. I'm sure I will get A+ for this Final Project.. I will! InsyaAllah.. All I need is everyone out there also pray for me ya.. Hehe..

By the way, I already mentioned about my friend which is Sasi and Ina right? Hehe.. First is Sasi, his full name Sasi Segaran.. He's Indian guy.. Friendly one, sporting and happy go lucky like me.. He's the one also advise me to not give up my final project.. He gives me idea to design my final project stuff and he make me enjoy the final project... Hehe.. 

Sasi Segaran
Thanks to him because I managed my step into final presentation.. Second one is Ina.. her name is Syaliena.. She also give me ideas, perfect ideas.. Why? Well, my design is completely different from others.. She also give ideas for the poster of my final project.. Thanks to her.. Ina and sasi, their idea that combine into my ideas.. 

Thanks both of you.. I won't forget, my old friend since 1st semester, Adam.. Hehe.. He also give spirit and give advice to me.. Sometimes when I think about my ex, he's the one who advise me to stop thinking about that sucker girl.. Huhu.. Thanks to him..

4 of Us.. from left.. Adam, Ina, me and sasi

See? Our photos 4 of us together at college.. I hope our friendship will be forerver until end of my life.. :) Oh? Arjuna and Azlan? They're totally out of my list.. Why? Both of them are sucks because they take stuff that can make themselve sucks.. They still my friend but not close like Adam, Sasi and Ina.. Hehe.. Both of them still at KL and I already going back to KK plus waiting for my result.. I hope I got A+ for my final project..

My life? As usual, I'm the happy go lucky one and abstract person.. Random.. Haha.. While I'm doing my final project, my ex, disturbing me.. I think you all know who is she right? I angry to her because she disturbing me.. What I hate is, after I mad at her, she's text my sister.. That's the one I hate most..

She trying involving my family members.. Alhamdulillah, everything has solve because I already told my parents about my past life.. hehe.. So, I think this June, I won't search for her anymore.. If I search for her, my brain and body become sucks.. There's another one girl, also from sandakan, her name is Siti Sofiah.. She's also my ex, why become ex? It was because she assume me as brother to her.. 

Like brother and sister

Until now, we rarely contact each other.. Actually guys, I got girlfriend but she's also busy and sensitive one.. My friend shocked that I got girlfriend.. haha.. I never told them before.. Wanna know who is it?

It's secret.. hehe.. After we confirm our relationship, InsyaAllah I will tell all of you out there.. hehe.

I think that's all for my post today.. I bet you all miss me right? Hahaha.. Actually I got no time to think about how should I post.. My brain full with assignments.. huhu.. 

Relax time
Now, I'm at my hometown, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. InsyaAllah, after I got my result, I will continue my study as Degree student at KLMUC..InsyaAllah.. :)

Last post? What do you think? Haha.. I think not.. But maybe yes.. Only Allah s.w.t. knows my heart.. So, that's all.. See ya.. ;)