Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. How are you all this week? This is the 4rd for July.. I'm sure that you all will be fine, especially for Muslim people.. Why? Well, this is our month which is Ramadan... I know all you can fasting very well, for mens.. For girls or women? 

I know you all got time to off day right? Hehe.. That's the best for girls, not mens.. hehehe.. Actually, last week is last trip to Sarawak with my brother and father.. Last week also my bad luck.. 

Why?? My lovely long-shirt which is Padini brand left at hotel.. Huhu.. It's mine since I'm on form 5, 2010.. That's shirt are fit to me which means I become more bigger.. Huhu.. I have 2 more long-shirt at home.. 

I left my long-sleeve T-shirt

Next time, I hope I won't forget at all.. I was thinking about what I am doing until deactivating Facebook and seldom for Wechat.. I'm more on Twitter now.. Deactivating Facebook??? What happened? I will tell you later.. Big story ya.. ;)

One more thing, we flying with MASwings which is small aeroplane to Kota Kinabalu (KK) last week.. They transit to Mulu,Sarawak and then depart to KK.. This is my first time take off with this kind of aeroplane.. Hehe.. 

Opinions?? Not bad, it's kind of classic.. Aeroplane nowadays too much improvement will high technology.. This plane just a little bit improvement.. hehe.. 

Have Improvement ;)

Weather is bit cloudy and overall, good one.. I think everyone is thinking what I am doing at Sarawak right? Am I mentioned before? I'm not remember at all.. Actually my dad order Kek Lapis or Layer cakes which is originality from Sarawak.. 


My father business Kek Lapis since 2009.. There's many customer ask for when comes for Ramadan, even non-muslim.. Hehe.. We sell for everyone, no matter what kind of religion they have it.. Now, alhamdulillah, there's many people buying to my dad.. Hehe.. Me?? I just designed the catalog only.. How's the design?? It's secret one.. 

Sample Only :p

I'm sorry guys, I can't share because I afraid somebody will copy my design.. Just simple one.. hehe.. I hope everyone not think negative to me because I know there's many replicas out there.. I wish I can show but too bad.. I just can share story here.. Sorry ya.. :)

Anyway, just now, I'm mentioned about deactivating facebook right? Yes, I am.. I deactivated my Facebook because I have uneasy feeling.. After that, my heart told me to deactivate Facebook.. My heart? Not my girlfriend ok, it's my heart which inside my body.. 

Well, everyone knows when we listen to our hearts, everything will be fine.. InsyaAllah.. Hehe.. So, I followed what my heart said to me.. Even Wechat also I seldom to update or post status.. I just keep on eyes to my friend which is still active on Wechat.. 

I'm more on twitter ;)

My friend feel weird that I haven't online.. haha.. Like I said, I'm more to Twitter.. My heart said Twitter is more fine than Facebook.. I just feel disappointed for my friend which is Ex-Maktab Sabah.. 

Disappointed Face

Why?? They're forgot about me and they never ask me out for Iftar with them.. Last night, I saw their picture including my close friend.. My close friend also has changed.. Like I set to my brain, people can change.. Everything has changed without our sense.. 

Maybe this is got some reason why I interested in Design, so I can get job outside from KK City.. It doesn't mean I forget them, I just want them feel weird why I work far from my hometown.. All I worried is my family here at Sabah..

Feeling Worried

As my dad said, don't worry because I'm still have brother and sister that can take care our parents here.. I hope brother and sister can take care of our parents here, plus it can make their always smile.. :)

Another thing is, I will continue my further study which is degree at same college.. I think you all know where is it right? Forget? KLMUC.. Everyone feel weird why I'm still studying same college..

It was because I want to save time for my study and I don't want to waste time for another college because I got basic from my diploma.. I'm trying to make myself arrogant but it's true.. This is my perception, I don't know about all of you out there.. I just followed my dad and sometimes when we follow our parents guide, it will make good stuff happening.. 

It's different story if I took matriculation before, so I can accept that.. Actually, overall for me, no matter what university that you studied, as long as you can focus and success, it's more than enough..

If we follow our hearts, you will be guiding truth one.. InsyaAllah.. I hope you all following your own heart and never try to give up what you want to be in the future.. ;)

I think that's all for today..Well, we got 3 (three) days only to Eid which is Hari Raya Aidilfitri that celebrate with our muslim.. Don't worry, this is end of July post.. InsyaAllah, on august, I will post again with different story ya.. I hope you all out there will be having fun and smile with family.. ;)


Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. How are you all today? Fine or not? If fine, alhamdulillah.. Some of you are not? So, better check which one is make you not well.. If you're sick, then take medicine ya.. hehe.. So, to Muslim out there, how's your fasting? Today is 3rd day right? Hehe.. If me, I can go on.. It's more better than last year.. I'm fasting with calm.. 

Alhamdulillah.. hehe.. So, what's history about June? Nothing much, but the happy moment is I got excellent result.. hehe.. The bad moment is my Ex make quarrel with me about small matter.. That's not important, what important is my future.. Her future? She can go on by herself then.. Just let her be.. From what I got info, she's here at Kota Kinabalu(KK) Sabah.. I don't know what she's doing here but I just make nothing happen to me.. After that, she's at Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, 

I'm Surprise.. It's not important, all I know is think about my new design for Raya Card.. I wanna create something new and different from other design.. I hope I can manipulate and create new design this year.. InsyaAllah and I need everyone pray for me ya.. :)

So, everyone knows that we already on July right? What is special on July? I don't know about you all but me, I know it.. What is it? Yeah.. Got somebody birthday on this month.. hehe.. 

Someone that I love before but now, we just friend, close friend.. We seldom to contact each other because got a bit misunderstood.. It was because my fault at all.. 

I don't care about it, all I need is focus on our friendship.. InsyaAllah, on her birthday, I want to make something special to her... what is it? I'm still thinking about that.. Video clip? A design? A sketch? Oh, not sure yet.. Just wait and see.. hehe.. 

I must pray and need support from all of you to give me idea...Hehe.. I hope I can make her happy.. As long as she remember me, that's enough.. 

When idea comes... ~

Actually, I just want her see my present and then she remember me.. How is it? Awkward right? Hehe.. Since 2012, I'm surely don't know how to make people becomes happy.. Because of my ex, I feel like I was back to basic.. huhu.. 

It's okay then, I take that as my reference for future.. I forgive her then and I hope someday she realized.. :)

In this Month of July, as usual, I just keep myself at home and nothing do.. I want to go out, but I don't have transport.. Huhu.. I just getting jealous of my friend that got cars and go Bazaar Ramadan..

My dad said that I will drive after I finish my studies as degree students.. huhu.. I'm okay with that but a bit boring right? Why? Just like I said, when I got camera, I feel like I want to go out everyday to shoot somewhere that can make story.. 

My old friend said, "Each photo, have time.".. What do you think about the quote? For me, sounds funny.. Of course got time right... Like me, "Each photo have their own arts and story..".. Sounds great right? Haha.. I don't know because it's depending on customer or clients of what their comment later.. Hehe.. 

I wll become like this.. InsyaAllah.. :)
I know I'm not professional yet, that's why I learn about photography.. Maybe everything got their own reason why I took this road as Designer.. Only Allah s.w.t knows my future.. I always pray to Him.. InsyaAllah, I hope my future will bright as Malaysian Graphic Designer.. Amin.. :)

Well guys, I'm still think about my old friend at Maktab Sabah.. Why? They're suddenly missing in action(M.I.A.) since I don't have car... When I got car, they always ask me to go out but now? They are gone.. 

I just only have 1 friend from maktab sabah.. It's Omar Willie which is my close friend since we're on secondary school and now, alhamdulillah, we still contact each other.. Some of my friends already M.I.A. and when I know, they already get married with same age as me.. 

Friends get married

I think they already tired with life as single teenagers right.. So, they want to get someone that care for them.. It's not all of them, few of them going overseas for continuing study.. Abroad study right? Business course.. hehe.. Honestly, I'm the type that can't forget my friend who good to me.. 

If someone trying to make bad to me, I will forget them.. Hoho.. Overall, I'm good boy that never try to make them hate me.. They're only one who try hate me.. I don't know why.. huhu.. Maybe they got their own reason.. Huhu.. I hope I will try to resolve this kind of problem.. So guys out there, please pray for me ya.. :)

So everyone, I think that's all for today ya... Actually, this post will be posted on 1st july but I feel lazy to post it... Haha.. A lot of story right? Well, I just share to you all because I don't have anyone else more except all of you which is my audience..

Thanks for visiting my blog ya and pray for me with my future... :) Thank you..