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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. It's been while right? Actually I want to post at the end of July but I was busy that time.. Huhu.. That's the last week of Ramadan right? I'm busy for helping my dad which we going to Sarawak and taking Kek Lapis.. 


After that, I last contact with one girl which is older than me.. I used to call her sister.. She's the one that I ever love and we coupled before but it's not long enough.. Why? Yeah, she's the one who wants break up.. I showed how I love her but she's not.. 

I know we're long distance relationship but I think she's not ready.. She have bad past life.. I can't say here because it will make her dignity goes down.. I hope you all understand what I mean right? hopefully she will have great future.. 

Pray for her ~
Let's pray for her.. Huhu.. By the way, you all know the girl that I love which is her ex boyfriend make her cry before? I wished her birthday on 29th July and I don't give any present for her.. I just create birthday card for her using my own creativity and I made it..

My own creativity

I know she's happy with my design.. I sincerely create for her and I hope she always happy out there.. InsyaAllah.. In July, I don't have any bad case happened to me.. Everything is going very well.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

Last trip going to Kuching, Sarawak, which on 19th July and going back on 20th July.. It just only 1 day.. On night 19th, the boss came to us and give kek lapis.. 

As usual, our people at Sabah always make last minute choice.. Why? 1 week before Raya, they want kek lapis but it's limited stock only.. My father worried about kek lapis is not enough but it's more than enough.. We will have them purchase on what stock we have only.. Many of them love kek lapis that my father business because it's delicious.. Overall, alhamdulillah, my father business successfully done.. By the way, on Raya season, for me, it's not happening at all.. On first Raya, we going to our relative house at Papar.. That uncle is from tawau and he's very best buddy with my dad.. hehe.. 

How is it? :)

Now, both of them have business which they called "Indah Jadi" and the logo which I'm the one who create for them.. 2nd day of Raya, we going to sipitang which my parents friend from Mekah and 3rd day of Raya we the one which is Open House.. hehehe.. Alhamdulillah, there's a lot of my friend come to my house.. Same with my brother, sister, mom and dad.. Hehe.. It's make us more happy then.. On 6th Raya, I got 4 of my friend make open house... I'm with my brother went together each house.. First is not open house, but it's my friend's marriage near my house.. 

Beautiful right? :)
Taman Pasir Putih and it's my old friend from Primary School which is girl.. Second one is my father's friend at Lok Kawi.. Third one is my senior from secondary school and last one is my close friend since kindergarten.. His name Hanifuddin and he study at Uitm Kota Kinabalu Sabah.. Overall, first week of Raya very happening and I was happy because I meet my friend which same secondary school with me.. :D 

First of all, I'm sorry because I seldom to update my blog.. I know some of you always visit my blog, even my enemy also see my blog because he want to know my story..

I don't care, it was because it's my blog at all except about my family, secret lover and another privacy that I won't share here.. I know the limits.. Last time, I just post by following my feelings and I quarrel with my close friend.. For now, alhamdulillah, we are okay now since I ask apologies from her... Hehe.. Mention about friend, I have 2 friends who become my enemy now.. 1st my close friend from secondary school, he's love game.. We're close before but since I'm study at KL, he's not the one which I know last 4 years.. I wonder why he change and one more thing, he's got crush and his crush from our school.. From what information I got, that girl only want his money.. Err.. I just got info like that from my friend which study at Uitm now.. I wish my friend realize about that and leave that girl.. huhu.. Even he's not talk to me but I care him as my friend.. 2nd one is also close friend and this one a girl.. This one I didn't realize when I have car, she used me to take her go shopping complex.. I realize this problem when I accident on last March.. Why? When I don't have car, she's M.I.A. (Missing In Action) and I ask her come to my open house on Hari Raya but she's not coming.. On 22nd August, I saw something from her facebook that make me not believe her anymore.. What is it? She's graduate and she even told me about this graduation.. 

For me, at least share to our friends and ask for wished.. Seriously, I don't trust both of them even both are my best friend before.. I know, someday, both will search me for help.. I know that.. My only friend at Sabah is Omar Willie which from secondary school. He's the one searching me and we outing together for Photoshoot.. At KL, I got Sasi Segaran, Adam and Syaliena.. 

That's them
Four of them seems my Best friend forever.. Last time on final project, four of them is the one who support me.. Alhamdulillah, I got A- on Final Project.. Hehe.. I hope Omar, Sasi Segaran, Adam and Syaliena will be my close and best friend forever...InsyaAllah.. :)

Two days ago, I was quarrel with syaliena, Adam's girlfriend.. It was I took both of them picture silently.. If you all saw that picture, something like both of them on kissing.. Haha.. See? How evil I am.. From what I got info from Adam, both of them is talking and ina(syaliena) is not clear what adam said to her.. So, adam whispers in her ear.. That one is true but everyone imagine both of them kissing.. I was feel guilty... Now, alhamdulillah, our problems has clear.. hehe.. Anyway, I won't stop being Paparazzi because that's my personality once I got camera.. 

Hehe.. Overall, that's my part time job but as usual, I'm just passing through Designer, remember that. Yesterday, I feel awkward when I see ina because I afraid that she still hate me but sasi said, past is past and the past should be leave by us.. No need to think about it.. For your information, I already at KL since 3rd September because I continue my degree at same college, KLMUC.. 

I don't want this college because their management was sucks but because of my friend, sasi, I'm continue study at KLMUC and it's also my father's request.. It can transfer credit which I study at diploma before. Duration studies? Still same, Two years and half.. Additional, I take Muet.. huhu.. Why? It was because JPA requirement for taking degree in graphic design.. 

Not for multimedia and I was shock.. huhu.. In three semester, payment for the studies handle by my father.. Meaning to say, I have to study smart and hard for this Degree.. I want to protect my parent's smile.. That's all.. All of you, please support and pray for me ya.. 

Don't worry, once I success, I won't forget my visitors in this blog.. InsyaAllah.. :')

I think that's all for today.. First of all, I'm sorry because I seldom to update this blog since last December because I'm busy with my tough subject.. Huhu..I focus on that.. I hope you all understand ya.. huhu.. For now, InsyaAllah, I will update new story for my degree story to you all..
Thanks for keep visiting my blog. I love you all :')