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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. Well, all of you out there sure fine right? Alhamdulillah.. It's same with me.. This week I'm very happy, why? I have my friend, sasi & my lovely future wife, physiotherapy girl right? hehe.. Both of them make me really happy this week.. Once again, alhamdulillah, until today, we haven't quarrel each other...  Mostly, I'm really happy with my future wife because she's understand how I feel and she's really know what I feel to her... Overall, I really appreciate how she treats me as her future husband...

For her ~ <3

By the way, seems like today is 30th November and I want to wish something for her.. Hehe.. Happy 2nd Monthsary! For her, I want to say thank you for stay with me until now.. huhu.. I know sometimes I feel myself is sucks but don't worry, i will try best become perfect in your life while I'm making my family & friends happy too... Actually, you're the last person that I will make you happy in my life.. I love you sincerely from my heart.. This quote is for you.. ~

 The two last quote, I really mean it for you... I hope you understand what my heart feel about you.. Seriously, I never think to leave you alone.. This december, you will go for practical right? Actually, I'm really worried about you dear.. huhu.. I wish I could stay with you until revision week holiday.. huhu... Hope I can have time to meet you if I'm still alive in this world.. huhu.. Lastly, I love you so much and I miss you very much... Wish you happy be with me... To all my audience or visitors out there, I hope you all can pray for our relationship ya.. I really mean it.. Don't worry, when it times come for our wedding, I will invite you all.. InsyaAllah.. Just pray for us ya.. :')

I think that's all for today, the last day of November is the monthsary of our relationship.. hehe.. Easy to remember right? I hope both of us can maintain our relationship until we getting married each other.. InsyaAllah... :')

Nor Azri Bin Mahmud 

Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and halo halo everyone... how are you all out there? Rarely post right? Hehe.. Miss me? Not? Oho.. I'm sad.. huhu... Actually I was no idea what should I share.. Sometimes I want to share everything about me here, except privacy one.. privacy? 

Privacy of Mine :D

What kind of privacy I have? Well, that's only me know about that.. If you all want to know, just ask me directly.. hehe.. You know I have a lots of social networking.. 

Ask me Personally

Depends what kind of privacy that I should tell you later if you're asking me personally.. hehe.. By the way, I already moving to new hostel which is PV12 at Setapak, near Wangsa Maju.. hehe.. Wangsa Maju?? Yeah.. Easy for me go airport.. hehe.. What is differences between Putra Majestic and PV12? Well, the good one about Putra Majestic is near college and the bad one is too many Indians.. huhu..

PV12, Setapak


PV12, the good one is near LRT and KL Festival City.. The bad one? far from college.. huhu.. Even I want to meer my lovely one, I feel pity for her because she waited for me..It's takes time which is 30 minutes to 1 hours to arrive at college.. Depends on the traffic.. Overall, this PV12 have nice environment.. :)

Well everyone, seems like we're in November season right? I got 2 days left for December season.. So how's your November? Fine or sucks? Like me is 50/50.. why? Well, I have a lot of assignment which is need to focus..

Do Assignment
Image Manipulation, 3D animation and History of Graphic Design.. Why this 3 subject? It's important for me because Images Manipulation is favorite one and 3D Animation make me interested on that subject but it's a bit complicated.. History of Graphic? Oh? That one theory and everything is fact.. Other 2 subjects? Graphic illustration 1 and The Percepts of Islam? This 2 subject also important, but I can do it.. InsyaAllah.. hehe.. All I need is supported from you all out there.. For you all information, I've registered my subject for next semester...

Subject for next Semester
As you above,I take 2 tough subject which is Animation Technique & Packaging Design.. I have to repeat because on diploma, I got C-.. huhu..Pity right? About Photography in communication, I know that I can do it.. I can score on that subject photography.. Overall, I must focus first about this semester.. First is 3D Animation, 2nd is History of graphic and 3rd is Image manipulation.. I want you all out there pray and support for me ya.. :')

As usual, you all know that I love someone which is last one after my parents and friends right? Who is it? Aik? Forgot already? Hahaha.. It's physiotherapy girl one... Name? That one is secretly.. hoho . if you wanna know her name, ask me directly.. By the way, about our relationship is 2 months start tomorrow, alhamdulillah..

I'm trying to make a proud because we have too many challenges out there.. What kind of challenges? Both of us which got ex girlfriend/boyfriend at our college.. huhu.. Why challeges? Well, both of us NEVER try to get attached with our ex anymore.. That just history.. Now both of us focus on our new future... Tomorrow is the day which is our 2nd monthsary.. Alhamdulillah, we managed our relationship in 2 months.. hehe..

Our 2nd Monthsary, Alhamdulillah

Story? Seems like I have to control myself for looking at girl.. hehe..She's jealousy.. I know she love me but don't worry, I will change my attitude for her.. She's also try to change herself.. Both of us have matching problems, we try our best to change it.. For you all information, I always pray for our relationships will long lasting until we stay together forever.. InsyaAllah.. I wish I can share what kind of activity we do, but I don't like to share..

Our Private Life is Happy Life :)

It was because privacy of us.. hehe.. Problems? Alhamdulillah, we have matured friends, Sasi and he's the one who try get along both of us.. I just having bad perception but anyway,that's my fault.. On Wednesday before, I go out with my love and we celebrate early our 2nd monthsary.. We having time so much even my mother come to KL... Hehe.. InsyaAllah, I will introduce her to my mom...

I hope my relationship with my love physiotherapy girl will long lasting.. All I need is supported and pray from you all out there.. Don't worry, I won't try to avoid or ignore my dreams as Designer and make my parents happy with my future.. I managed to balanced.. Alhamdulillah.. I just need you all pray for me.. :')

Actually today I'm stay with my parents at hotel until Monday morning.. My parents come to KL because they want to visit me and want to know whether I'm okay or not.. I have sucks conditions right now, but alhamdulillah, I'm okay now with praying.. I have to maintain that.. Weather nowadays is complicated.. why?

Complicated Weather
Sometimes it will rain and sometimes it will hot day.. huhu.. Well guys, today is 2nd last day for November.. I want to say thank you for you all out there who keep visiting my blog and supporting my life in this world.. I appreciate it.. One more thing, I know my ex, and other girls that I ever love before visiting my blog.. You all still my friends and don't worry, I'm not forgetting you all but I just change my life into new one..

I will not close once more, we just normal friends.. I hope you all pray for my happiness ya.. I just less contact to you all.. I know some of you will search for me if you're feel bad.. Don't worry, I always be there for everyone.. :)

By the way, Alhamdulillah, I'm totally happy with my new life now.. All I need is keep protecting what I have now and make it strong for our future.. InsyaAllah.. Once again, I love her so much and I hope you all pray for us ya.. InsyaAllah, I won't forget you all.. Once again, thank you so much.. :)