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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. Well, this week I'm a bit sad.. Why? It was because only 8 people wishing my birthday this year.. huhu... Other two which is I assume them before as my lover & sweetheart before? Both of them not wishing me and I know the reason why I should forget about them.. I always remember them but they're not remember.. haih.. It's make me really sad but I keep smile.. 

The right side is me ~

Huhu.. My three ex girlfriend wishing me on my birthday.. Even they're ever hurt me but at least they remember my special day.. huhu.. So, once 12am tonight, I will forget about them.. I know it's waste my time.. It's more better if I remain with my family, friends who close to me and the one I love from my heart... I've been thinking before this.. 

Deicde something

I will make my own will start 12am tonight.. Actually, I asked my heart before but my heart give answer that I told just now.. I hope I make a right decision for my whole life.. InsyaAllah.. :')

By the way, seems like today is last day for whole year of 2014.. I want tell you about whole 2014.. First, it's about my final project on diploma before.. Well, I got too many challenges on final semester before I entered degree.. 

What kind of challenges? Friends, study and money... Friend? Yeah, friend.. my friend, arjuna & azlan was drinking alcohol before when I'm at hostel.. After that, I afraid they will make me involved to them.. I decide to stay with my aunt at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.. So, I used KTM went to college back to back.. It's make me tired for study but alhamdulillah, there's no final exam.. It just only final presentation.. Lastly is money.. 

Before presentation, I have to printing my design for present to all my lecturer.. Alhamdulillah, my parents situation & the happiest moment which is I got A- on my final project.. hehe... 

Message for them

Thanks to my friend, Sasi Segaran who help me when I'm troubled.. I won't forget her step sister, kisan, also help me.. Both of them really make me happy and I never forget them.. I hope when I'm working, we still contact each other in the future.. :)

Once I got my result, I used to stay at my hometown at sabah for 3 months which is june until august.. hehe.. Why? I have to rest my mind because I continued my degree right? Hehe.. In 3 months, I helped my dad to create logo for his business company.. Permata Indah.. Please don't copy this logo ya.. hehe

There's a reason I take graphic design because I can create business such as logo, website and etc.. After that, I have Photoshoot for my cousin's marriage.. My cousin's marriage have 3 places which is tawau, KL and Putrajaya.. My cousin happy with my photoshoot because of the picture so clear.. 

This is my cousin, girl one
Well, I used 50mm for shoot and sometimes I used 18-55mm for group photo with wide angle shoot... On September, I continue my studies through degree as graphic design student.. Then, like I mentioned, continue shoot for my cousin's wedding.. I asked my dad to bring my camera with flash.. hehe.. In month of September, also have special scene.. Hehe.. What is it? On 30th September 2014, I coupled and make love with physiotherapy girl.. 

Alhamdulillah, I stay with her for 3 months now because yesterday is our monthsary.. I hope both of us stay together until at the end of my life.. InsyaAllah.. :)

By the way, I think you all want to know how I meet her right? Firstly, she added me on BeeTalk.. 

For the first impression, she assumed me as model for magazine because I make my profile picture which is astro magazine.. 

When she ask me whether I'm study or not, I said I'm study at KLMUC and she's surprised.. haha.. Funny right? She's not believed and she want to meet me face to face.. When she meet me, she feel different.. Something like she want to stay with me forever..

Her expression to me

She told me that her past was bad one because her ex boyfriend was sucks.. huhu.. When I knew about her past, I feel like I want to kill that person.. Huhu.. For now, the vengeance still on fire in my life.. 

Inside me before ~

Well, seems like myself is complicated, I have to change myself for becomes always calm.. What past is past right? Just don't bring back.. What I need to do is focus on my dream become designer and make my parents, friend and her happy with me.. 

My personality right now, calm..

What I have to do is just ignore him.. I know, someday Allah s.w.t. will give punishment to him.. Anyway, I'm with the physiotherapy girl, story of us, Alhamdulillah, I'm happy with her and I can focus on my study.. I've told her before after we make loved which is I have to focus on my future for make my parents happy.. 

She said she can accept that, as long as I'm still love her.. Of course I love her, love her sincerely from my heart.. I hope both of us stay together and I need all of you out there pray for us ya.. I also need all of you support me and I promised I won't forget you all.. InsyaAllah.. I will invite you all to my wedding.. hehe.. Amin ya Rabbal alamin.. :')

I think that's all for the end of 2014.. Wanna know my aim for 2015? I got 4 aim for next year.. Firstly, I want to study smart for this degree season.. Secondly, I want to make my parents and friend happy..

Thirdly, I want to avoid for think about death because I'm still have mission that need to accomplish.. Lastly, I will added more love and affection with sincerity to my future wife, physiotherapy girl.. That's my aim for 2015.. InsyaAllah, I will accomplish that aim!

That's all guys.. Thank you and Happy New Year 2015 :)

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