Nor Azri @ Alek
Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone.. Miss me? It's been 1 month I haven't post right? Don't worry, it's only a month, not two months.. 

Well, how are you guys out there? Is it fine? If you all fine, then alhamdulillah.. If you're all not fine, it's okay.. Just keep calm and be awesome like me.. I'm not fine at all for 1 month.. Why? I just want you to know that I've hate somebody here in this world.. Want to know who is it? I will tell you later.. Beside hated, I also got happy moment.. With who? As you know, my lovely one.. I also happy with my result.. My result has been shown last week.. hehe.. 

My result for last semester

Alhamdulillah, everything is satisfied.. For this 2nd semester, I got 3 subject need to score which is packaging design, animation technique and photography in communication.. Another 2 subject which is English language I will make average score.. 

I have night class ~

InsyaAllah.. Everything will depends on my efforts.. I will keep this on my mind, "I study for my parents, love one and my future.. I want them to be happy see me as successful designer..".. So, I think you want to know about my hatred and happiness right? This is introduction for me... I hope you will enjoy about what I want to say it now.. :)

Hatred huh? Yes.. I have hatred for someone who has been hurt my love before.. Want to know his name? Fadzli Abdullah, that's name of him.. His face like serial rapist..

Mark this guy!

If you see this guy name, you must be careful and especially for girls.. Why? Including my love one, there's one girl with him and they're intimated.. He will try make you suffer and he decoy or trap you by using your unproper picture like nude one .. About my love one, both of them intimated before and Alhamdulillah, my love one not pregnant because of him.. Seriously, if I see this guy, I will kill him!

I know this is kind of embarrassing to share but this is for everyone information, especially for girls.. I seriously hate this guy because he trying to make girl suffered.. If I meet him, I'm surely kill him and make him feel my hatred.. 

My Hatred to him

Thanks to Allah s.w.t. because last semester, I'm not meet him and I just saw him in lift at Menara Tun Ismail Mohd Ali which is KLMUC new building.. For this semester, he's practical.. I know Allah s.w.t. don't want me lost control of anger because of him but when I see my love one face, I'm still can see her suffering and sadness.. 

I pray to Allah s.w.t. will give him suicidal and suffer like he have done to my love one.. I hope he will not happy with his life..

Well, Alhamdulillah that I'm happy with my love one now.. We have been together in five months.. Seriously, I feel better after see happy with me.. Actually, I've been thinking about her with fucking Fadzli Abdullah.. Something like I want to change herself in past, but I can't.. I know the reason why Allah s.w.t. allow both of us meet together in this world.. 

For my love one
As Allah s.w.t. knows I'm a person who lovely one, caring, forgiving and sincere.. As you know, my past give me a lot of lesson for make me move on through future.. Once I broke up my ex-girlfriend at Tawau, I surely feel sad and disappointed because no girls can make long distance relationship.. So I try to keep move on and focus on my final project on January 2014.. 

For my friend
Thanks to my friend, Sasi Segaran and Maizatul Amirah who try to give me spirit for not giving up.. At the end, I got A- on final project.. I continue my degree on September 2014 and I'm starting meet my loves one on 28th September.. We starting make relationship on 30th September.. Once again, Alhamdulillah, I feel better more than before because she's already meet my parents.. 

For my love also ~

For now, I must create smile for her and I want to see happiness from her even she's sad, I try to make her smile.. Everyone knows I don't like people being sad.. I know there's got many challenges or test for ourselves.. 

InsyaAllah I will try to fight, plus keep calm and be awesome.. So, when she's in despair, I will be her final hope.. I just passing through Designer in this world, remember that! I hope she's get more happiness when she's with me.. Amin ya rabbal alamin.

For now, I set up my life is 70% for studies, 15% for family & friends and 15% for my loves one.. Seems like I want to balance between the three of them in my life.. Well, I don't want see everyone being sad.. I want my family, friends and love one happy.. 

I want them smile like this

Enough about my past and I don't want to repeat same thing again.. For this degree, I want to get three pointer and maintain the best.. Even I got low marks, at least C+.. One more thing, I got sucks friend at my hostel and they looked down on me because I'm from Sabah, they're from KL or KeHell.. I know they got a lot of money and I don't have enough money.. 


Don't be arrogant and sarcastic.. You will get sucks at the end.. That's why my mother always told me to keep ignoring them but I can't stand it.. This is kind of challenges for me having sucks friends.. What I can do is keep more patience and pray to Allah s.w.t. for support me..

I also want to change a bit more about myself because sometimes I think negative and suddenly I cry.. See? How crybaby I am... I crying because I'm still spoiled one.. InsyaAllah, I will try my best to make sure I can do it for myself, my family, friends and loves one.. 

I think that's all for first post on February.. I got a lot more story to share but I afraid that you will be boring.. Everything shows same thing right? Haha.. One more thing, I think you will look down on me because my English was sucks right? I got a lot of wrong pronouncement here.. 

I'm being like this now

For your information, I try my best for improving my English one and I got MUET test on Wednesday which is 11th February.. Wish me luck ya.. 

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog..