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Assalamualaikum and hola hola everyone... How are you all for this month? Well, I'm sorry for not updated my blog for a month ya.. I just want you all remember a person who sucks in this world.. His name is Fadzli which I mentioned before.. I don't know why he's life become very sucks until his father involved in Facebook because he make himself involve in politics.. Hahaha.. 
For him

Serve him.. He already make my future wife suffer, now he want to make my country, Malaysia, suffer like he did to my future wife.. Malaysian citizens suddenly become sucks and no use critical thinking of their brain to think of future.. GST? Yeah, it's GST stuff who make them become sucks until they said this month of April is GST Month.. 

It's really sucks and I feel shame as Malaysian.. That's bad story, the good story is, I am Graduated! Oh yeah! Graduated as Diploma student at KLMUC.. hehe.. I'm sorry because I haven't captured the Diploma certificate but if you want to see my certification. 
Me with Kailash :D
Just keep visiting my instagram which chopped off at the right side of you all.. I'm not trying to promote my Instagram but it just information for you all here.. You want to know everything? I will tell you now but make sure you're not boring with my story. InsyaAllah, I will make it interesting to you all.. 

I think first of all is about happiness.. What kind of happiness I get this month huh? First of all, it's about my graduation ceremony on 4th April.. I'm very happy because my family, including my grandmother also come to my graduation ceremony.. Seriously, I'm happy until I nearly cried.. My friend, sasi and my future wife, ila also come to my graduation ceremony..

With special one, Ila

It's Ila with Sasi :')

My Whole family including my aunt.. My brother not here
I don't know how should I thanked them, what I can do is smile and crying out as happy..I also happy some of my friend who same class before, graduated with me but they're not same in the morning but they've on afternoon after having hi-tea.. After I Photoshoot on books background with family and friend, I'm not met with them plus it's difficult to finding them because Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) is too big even you see it on outside is small architecture.. 

Putrajaya Internation Convention Centre (PICC)

I just met them when I try to collect the gown in KLMUC Management at Menara Tun Ismail Mohd Ali (TIMA).. The second happiness I have is I got 4 types of flowers and 2 toys for decoration.. All of them from my mother, aunty, sasi, ila and 2 kids which is my aunt's daughters.. I feel glad to myself for getting this kind of family in my life.. 

From upper left, from mother and Ila.. From below left, my sister, small cousin and sasi :')

I hope this kind of happiness will comes again when I graduated as Degree student from KLMUC and I hope my grandma will see me graduate again.. I also hope my aunt will come to my graduation.. I promised to Sasi and Ila that I will come to their Convocation next year.. InsyaAllah :') 

Sadness story huh? Well, my family and grandma was flew to Kota Kinabalu 4 days ago and nowadays I wonder why the time is running too fast.. I think this is the challenges to me for my future ahead.. 

I miss them :(

I want to spend more time with my family and you all know that I was younger one plus need love from my mother and father.. Since I got a girlfriend or future wife beside me, my happiness become more bright.. But... She's not here now because she's practical and she's stay at her aunt's house at Setia Jaya, Klang.. She just off day of practical on Friday only.. 

For her
Now I can see that she had true love with me than the sucker guy.. For now, she's at Klang and for now, I'm just forever alone at college, otherwise I got my friend, sasi, who always with me but I just need him focus his Final Project.. I'm just met Sasi two days ago and everyone feel awkward.. Why? Well, Suddenly Sasi just alone for 2 days without me and his friend ask about me.. Haha.. Funny right? When I always with Sasi, his friend shows their ego towards me.. 

When our friend seeing sasi alone..
When I'm Missing In Action (M.I.A) , they ask about me.. In this Malaysia, I only have friend just Sasi Segaran who close to me and my future wife which is Nur Aqilah.. My old friend? This is make me sad.. On my graduation, what i know from my batch is Maizatul Amirah or Mira, Amirul Farhan, and Farid who takes Culinary arts.. Others? Alan? Sanni? Nazrul? Adam? Arjuna? Lan? and Richard? All of them are not going to Graduation.. Alan and Sanni is stopping study at KLMUC.. Arjuna? Also sucks because last minute stopped study.. 

My expression when I lost my friend

Adam is extended his semester, same with Lan.. Richard? Not coming to the convocation... Lan? He don't have enough money for registering convocation..For the first year of Diploma, I thought I can Graduated with them but my dream is just fake.. Huhu.. My Secret lover before my future wife? She wished me? Oho.. I already deleted her from my world.. She totally forget about me.. I'm sorry Capital N.. 

For you capital N and my friend at Sabah

You're always make me happy but, now I'm sad because you totally forget about me... My friend at Sabah also forgetting about me because I don't car to go out with them.. I know they come from rich family and me just low profile to them.. Thank you very much guys.. I hope you guys will see me as Designer out there and you all feel regret for throwing me from you all life.. I will become Designer, InsyaAllah, I will prove it!

For now, I'm just focusing on my 2 subject which is Packaging Design & Photography In Communication (PhotoCom).. First of all is about PhotoCom, this subject has too many advantage for me.. Why? PhotoCom has manipulation after we shoot the subject.. When we should the subject, we must create something interesting on that picture by using photoshop. 


Everyone knows that I'm professional in Photoshop, so this is kind of advantage for me.. I just need place to shoot the picture.. You all want to know the title of the assignment? First is Black and White, second is My Song, third is Editorial Photography, fourth is Fashion Photography, fifth is Food and Beverage Photography and last is Photo Essay.. I've done the first assignment and I haven't done with second until sixth assignment.. Nice right? Huhu... 

Example for Editorial Photography

Example for Food & Beverage Photography

Example for Photo Essay

Seriously I just need more time to shoot that.. Sometime weather here in Kuala Lumpur or KeHell, Malaysia, is complicated weather.. Sometimes it's cloudy, sometimes sunny and sometimes it's raining.. The submittion is on 23rd April and I only have 12 days to go... huhu... I always pray and I  hope I can make it before 23rd April.. So, as usual, I want you all pray and support me ya.. 

Pray for me :')

Same with packaging design, my lecturer suddenly gives us directly third, fourth and fifth assignment... huhu... Third assignment is company background, fourth assignment is proposal and fifth is 20 (twenty) sketches.. huhu.. Tough right? I think this is situation when you're on Degree which is you have to be clever arrange and manage your time for making assignment.. 

I think this is my advantage when she's on practical.. Why? Because I can do assignment anytime, it's doesn't mean she's disturb, but it's something it will make her boring.. I just want her understand only about my situation as Degree student.. 

I'm sorry dear
She's practical for 1 month and half, she free on friday and I have to make my time to finish my assignment.. InsyaAllah.. Everyone out there, please pray for me ya.. Don't worry, I never forget you all who always pray for me.. Like I said, I always be there for everyone.. :)

I always be there for everyone

Well everyone, I think that's all for today ya.. I'm very sorry if I seldom to update this blog.. Like I said, I have tough situation as Degree student.. I think this is kind of situation when my brother and sister when they're on Degree before.. On this Degree, I cannot give up and I have to make my father and mother smile... This is my aim for my degree.. As usual, my dream become Designer hasn't give up yet.. Hehehe... For those who keep visiting my Blog, thank you very much ya.. I really appreaciate that..